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Dear players!

Escape from Tarkov closed Beta preparations are is in full swing, however, our current work is not limited only to the tasks related to the closed Beta.

And now, we are pleased to announce one of the features of the game, which was been already mentioned in the early stages of EfT development of EFT - the Hideout.

The process of escaping from Tarkov is not as quick as it may appear from the outside. Our characters need some place to settle down to gain strength, store supplies, stash discovered gear and weapons. In other words, regroup before setting out to achieve the main goal of the game.

Player begin the construction and arrangements of Hideout from the scratch - initially it is found as an abandoned and cluttered up bomb shelter without any means of of life-sustaining. Consistently building and improving the Hideout modules, such as the power generator, water collection system, ventilation, medical treatment facility, recon center, heating, bathroom and many others, players improves various parameters of their characters, such as out-of-raid health, hydration and energy regeneration speed. The player also gets special opportunities for the production of medicines, ammunition and other items from various resources. Recon center improvements provide new opportunities of working with merchants and playing as Scavs and much more.

Each module, there are already over 13 of them in production now, has unique bonuses, and requires a unique scheme for building. The player will need different resources, access to a variety of merchants and necessary skill levels to unlock the module installation capabilities and the possibilities for their improvement.

To maintain the Hideout operational condition, the first thing player will need to install is the generator, which consumes fuel. With a lack of fuel, production and regeneration of characteristics will be slowed or disrupted. It should also be noted that the size of the cache will directly depend on the level of Hideout cache. Players with a Limited Edition of the game will receive the cache of maximum, third level. 

In addition to the basic modules of the Hideout, the player will be able to install elite modules that drastically improve living standards and security, accelerate skills leveling, allow producing unique items and resources, and simply add warm feel and comfort in your new home.
What is worth noticing separately is a full-fledged shooting range, where you can test your weapons.

The Hideout will be an integral part of the game, which will justify all out-of-raid processes that happen to character - restoring health, size of caches, access to new services of merchants, objects research and events in the world of Escape from Tarkov.

This major innovation is being developed in parallel and independently from the main course of the company.  We plan to launch the Hideout in open beta testing.

Stay tuned!























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love it 


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great now I'm going to have a Hoarders Paradise...

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Posted (edited)

Yea this looks absolutely crazy. Bringing a whole new level of needs to the game. Love it. 

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Glad they outsourced it though so they can deal with some of the issues with servers and working to upgrade to the engine. I can't wait for the noob harvest(the beta) to begin. 

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Hello Escapers!

Recently we announced a future mechanic within Escape From Tarkov, "The Hideout" that will be playable in the future Open Beta of Escape From Tarkov.

Many of you had questions concerning the Hideout, and we are happy to provide to you a compiled list of questions and their answers from the Developers! We hope you enjoy these answers as much as we enjoyed reading them! Thank you to everyone who submitted a question in regards to The Hideout and your continued support for Escape From Tarkov and the Battlestate Games Development Team!

Many thanks go out to @Blackb1rd for providing these questions our community asked in regards to the newly announced Hideout's Feature. Additional thanks goes out to @Olloch, who helped curate and format the questions to assist in their readability.


Questions from Hideout Announcement

Q: Can we bring/invite other players to our hideout?

A: This is very possible in the future, and our Development Team will look into being able to share your own personal hideout with other players!

Q: Will the hideout get attacked by SCAVs or other players?

A: The Hideouts will be located in a secure zone within Tarkov, and will not be at risk of assault by Scavs or other players.

Q: You mentioned upgrade security, what does that improve on?

A: You will be able to reinforce the hide out’s entry door and install security cameras.

Q: Does this mean we have to scavenge for fuel just like loot in order to keep the generators working?

A: Yes. Players will need to scavenge fuel to keep their Hideout generators replenished and in working order.

Q: Where will be the hideout located? Somewhere on the map or in a separate instance?

A: The Hideout is located in a separate instance from the rest of the game, being an area to relax, recuperate and re-arm between raids.

Q: Is the hideout going to be accessed through the main menu just like the traders and stash?

A: Yes, you will be able to enter the Hideout from the Main Menu.

Q: Are there going to be SCAV guards on it?

A: At this time, No. But we do plan to add a cool feature in regard to Scavs in relation to the Hideout in the future. Stay tuned for future details!

Q: Will we have the option to upload custom art/pictures for posters? It would be nice to make our own art for graffiti too!

A: This is great idea! We will take this idea into consideration amongst the Development Team and will see what is possible!

Q: Does the hideout replace the stash?  Meaning, will the hideout mode serve as a replacement or 3D alternative to the current character inventory screen?

A: The Hideout will not completely replace the current inventory/stash/trader screens, and is essentially a visual representation of your Stash. You will be able to access your stash from within the hideout, but it does not replace the Stash completely.

Q: Can I walk around in the Hideout?

A: Yes, you will be able to move freely about your Hideout

Q: When outside of a raid will the character automatically be sent to their hideout or will it be another option in the main menu?

A: At this time, returning to the Hideout will be optional, selected via the Main menu at the end of any raid.

Q: Do we have to go to the hideout to mod our weapon? How does it defer from the stash in this regards? Is it a replacement or addition?

A: The Hideout is a visual representation of the Stash. It is an additional option that players may use, but does not outright replace the Inventory/Stash menu.

Q: Do I equip myself by going to the shelves and take whatever I need? No more menu equipping or both are going to be available?

A: No, you will not have to equip yourself from the shelves.

Q: How would this work alongside with the clan system? Can we have clan hideouts with the common clan stash in there maybe?

A: This is a great idea and is very possible. We have planned to have this in Escape From Tarkov, and will announce more details when the time comes

Q: Traders; Will we be able to use the computer or the laptop (as seen in the pictures) to communicate to traders? Then how will our items be delivered to us?

A: You will not be required to access Traders via the Laptop to trade. You will be able to visit the Traders via the traditional Traders Menu currently available in the Alpha Test.

Q: How would the 'ammo creation' be done? Would the ammo be of a certain quality, or is it determined by skills and the modules? And how about the medicines?

A: You will need to collect resources, such as gun powder. When you upgrade the workbench within the Hideout, it will unlock additional crafting blueprints. Crafting ammunition will take time, and to decrease the amount of time required, you will need to progress in related skills. Items such as MedKits will require alternative components, such as a Medical Resource. More details regarding our crafting system will be announced in the future.

Q: Will there be a community hideout where there is only one per free roam server?

A: At this time, no. There will not be a community hideout in the free roam map.

Q: Will our hideouts be part of free roam mode? - So will we be able to find other player's hideouts within the map/server?

A: At this time, no. Hideouts will not be implemented into the free-roam map as they are separate from all raid/free-roam instances.

Q: Furthermore, will separate item classes have their own containers? Weapon crates or weapon racks, then fridges for food and water and refrigerators for keeping medicines cool, clothes racks, a rack to hang up all our body armor? - The list goes on...

A: No, there will not be separat containers for items based on item types. The Hideout feature is not intended to be a replacement for the current stash system, but a fun feature for our players to enjoy.

Q: With the firing range, will we have to use ear protectors, since it is indoors? This would not be realistic without it.

A: At this time we currently have Ballistic Ear Protection ingame. It is up to you, the player if you wish to equip them or not through the Stash system.

Q: How do we 'unlock' the hideout, do we find a large empty bunker in game? Or do we buy it from a trader? Or is it just given to us at the start?

A: At this time there is no details or decision on this. It is very possible that the Hideout will be a very special quest reward.

Q: How extensive will the customization of our hideout be? Can we buy 20 desks from a trader, just for the sake of it? Or is it a set template to just upgrade to?

A: Customizability will be slightly limited. As this is to be a supplementary feature and not a core-gameplay feature, it will be limited to a preset-configuration with various upgrades available.

Q: Will there be precise object placement within the respective zones of different purposes. So can we choose where we place each of the targets within our shooting range, or is everything going to be a set template which we cannot alter?

A: There will be no precise placement of objects within the Hideout. The Hideout is a place to rest and relax on your quest to Escape from Tarkov. You are not intending to reside there long, as you are trying to escape!

Q: Can we please have a music player in our Hideout? Maybe even add our own by having a playlist in certain folder of the game like some games do.

A: This is a great idea. We do plan on there being a music player, and it is very possible we can implement this feature with music folders.

Q: How many modules will you be able to employ simultaneously? A specific amount we have to choose from or all of the available ones?

A: No. The Hideout essentially will have a tree of unlock-able modules and upgrades, but you will not have to weigh decisions of which upgrade to utilize. Fully upgraded, the Hideout will feature all available modules/upgrades that are available.

Q: Will the modules be tiered and have a cool down?

A: The modules will be in a tier-based system.

Q: Will there be rare modules?

A: Yes, there will be rare modules called ‘elite’ modules.

Q: What and how many types of resources do we have to gather for the hideout? How does this work?

A: You will need to gather many different items. Every module has prerequisites - 5 tool sets, 4 car batteries, and level 5 Intelligence skill for example. You will need to meet this requirements to start construction.

Q: Will each Hideout be the same, or will they be different? If so, in what way?

A: All Hideouts will essentially start with the ‘basic’ setup, and will be customizable through the player’s choice in upgrade/modules to install.

Q: Always loved housing mods in Fallout that actively displayed the items stored there such as weapons on wall racks, food and drinks on shelves. Would this be something we can expect to see in EFT?

A: We are considering this feature.

Q: How much interaction can we have with the environment? Like: sit and watch TV, repair weapon, etc.

A: These are great ideas! We will consider them and look into implementing them in the future.


Other Popular questions

Q: In the interview with COO Nikita, there was an answer given that there would not be any belt fed machine guns. But there were mentions of RPK before and we have seen it on videos of the studio. We also have a skill tree for it. So are these machine guns never being added or just not at this moment? And maybe do we get drum-mag ones and not the others? Can we please, clarify this more?

A: There will be belt fed MGs; We did not say that there would not be any belt fed machine guns, only that it is tedious to implement at this time.

Q: Will there be an update or two before the closed beta? Or are we waiting for the closed beta to start? If it is possible to talk about this now.

A: Yes, there will be an update before the start of closed beta testing.

Q: Will stash and secure container upgrades be available with the closed beta start? If not, when do you plan to add those missions to upgrade this features in-game?

A: No, as we announced in the Hideout Announcement, the Hideout Feature is planned to be implemented in the Open Beta of Escape From Tarkov.

Q: Does the use of Sweetfx get a player banned? I would like to use it for tweak of the game look and mood of it on my liking. This is also allowed in other games. What is the stance of BSG on this?

A: No, SweetFX will not be detected and flagged as a cheat by our anti-cheat system. We are constantly making improvements to help catch and ban any player who wishes to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Q: Does any use of macros get a player banned?

A: At this time, no. We do reserve the right to change this decision at any time. However, use of macros may/can cause unforeseen issues within the game, and it is not recommended to use them. 


Other questions that came up related with the Hideout announcement Information

Q: How do you plan to let death affect the game? If you die, do things like Radiation and other negative effects go away or do they stay?

A: We are considering the possibility of Radiation and other negative effects staying with the player after death.

Q: Does your health that you came out from the raid gets patched up right away just like the armor repair or do we have to take a time off and rest, etc? How does this work?

A: You will need to take care of those things in between raids. They will not be automatically fixed after every raid.


Again, we would like to thank everyone who submitted their questions in regards to the future Hideout feature coming to Escape From Tarkov. More will be announced and released in the upcoming future, so be sure to stay tuned for any and all Project News!


Here are some additional Questions and Answers:

Q. Will there be a link/tunnel between one hideout to another? 

A. Oh, no!

Q. Will there be interaction with the hideout environment?

A. Yes, we plan to add various kind of interaction with objects in the hideout.

Q. Will certain items be placed only in certain places? Like: food in the fridge and so on?

A. No, it won't be like that.

Q. (Similar to the question on the top post) - Will we be able to do something like a home decoration by moving things around?

A. Sorry, no!

Q. How does the treatment of the character inside the hideout work?

A. The treatment comes automatically. Regeneration is caused by the modules installed in the hideout. 

Q. Where can we find fuel for the generator?

A. You can find them in raids and also purchase them from traders.

Q. Is it possible to replace the fuel with batteries to get the generator going?

A. No, you cannot but you will need the batteries to build it.

Q. Will the appearance of the hideout vary on holidays? The general theme.

A. Possibly. We will see!

Q. When shooting in the shelter, does your ammo gets used up? For example: when using the shooting range.

A. No or else no one will use the shooting range.

Q. How does the fuel consumption work in the shelter? Does it get consumed when in the raid, menu, out of the game, etc?

A. It is consumed all the time, but if you do not want it consumed - you can "pull" the cans from the generator slots and then place them back when needed. You can manage your resources that way.

Q. Will alpha testers get something special in the interior to signify them?

A. Most likely, yes!

Q. Does the hideout operate in absence of resources?

A. Yes, it will but it will be very less productive.

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On 6/14/2017 at 8:50 PM, Gandalfthewhiteguy said:

Glad they outsourced it though so they can deal with some of the issues with servers and working to upgrade to the engine. I can't wait for the noob harvest(the beta) to begin. 

:D "the noob harvest" That's always nice.

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Get Ready for new Update....after this they plan to roll out Closed Beta!!

[Dear friends! We are glad to present to you the preliminary patchnotes of the last update before the Closed Beta Testing stage launch!

We are planning to install it on the Escape from Tarkov alpha testing servers in the next few days.



The project has moved onto DirectX 11 technology and Unity 5.6 engine version.

It offers numerous opportunities for the development of the visual aspect, optimization and new functionality, but can also result in some visual problems.


The game profiles will be reset!

A new launcher, including:

  • Completely new design
  • Displays the latest news and videos on the main page
  • The news tab, where you can read all the news from the website and rate them
  • Shows important and critical alerts on the main page of the Launcher
  • Setup of automatic launcher and game updates, actions on game startup and minimizing
  • Useful links to sections of the website and profile



  • Insurance System

- Before entering the raid, or in the stash, you can choose the equipment to be insured for a single raid.
- Insured equipment is returned only if it wasn’t retrieved from location by anyone.
- Thus, insurance does not allow creating duplicates or make money on insurance.

  • Ability to enter a raid on convenient time
  • Time is now displayed in 24-hour format
  • General chat
  • Added interface adaptation for different resolutions
  • Added new running animation for pistols, throwable and melee weapons
  • Added new items, medicine, containers, future quest items
  • Added new visual and sound effects on shooting, bullet flyby and bullet hit



  • Added H&K MP5 and MP5SD modification Kit


Weapon modifications:

  • MFI HK Universal Low Profile Scope Mount Adapter for HK systems with a Picatinny rail
  • Cobra EKP-8-02 reflex sight for Picatinny rail
  • Cobra EKP-8-02 reflex sight for dovetail mount
  • Axion dovetail adapter
  • Viking Tactical UVG tactical grip
  • Troy M7A1 PDW stock
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 reflex sight
  • Aimpoint Micro T-1 sight installation adapter
  • TAPCO SAW-Style pistol grip for AK
  • UBR GEN2 stock
  • MFT BUS Stock
  • PWS CQB 74 5.45x39 Muzzle brake
  • PWS CQB 5.56x45 Muzzle brake
  • Hexagon AK-74 5.45x39 sound suppressor
  • Hexagon SKS 7.62x39 sound suppressor
  • Hexagon AKM 7.62x39 sound suppressor
  • UTG SKS SOCOM Rail mount



  • UMTBS Scout Shooter 6sh112 chest rig (no dedicated model yet)
  • Alpha chest rig (no dedicated model yet)

Loot items were not included in the list, just as various items of barter and quest items.


Implemented optimizations:

  • Animation system
  • Game interfaces
  • Frame rendering method redesign
  • Optimized the object loading speed


AI Improvements:

  • Added ability to use running
  • Bots now use automatic fire on weapons that have an automatic fire capability
  • Added ability to throw grenades, on condition of grenade availability in the pocket
  • Added new patrol zones in the Woods and Customs locations
  • Random bot still stops while on patrol
  • They will hide if their opponent has advantage and attack if advantage is with them
  • Targeting priority depending on gear



  • Bug that could register the damage to character twice with one bullet
  • Bug that damaged both legs on hit to one of them
  • Bug that allowed going prone inside the location walls
  • Bug occurring when using Reload button from the context menu
  • CTRL+click ability to drag dealer’s items for sale to the dealer which broke the trading screen
  • Bug that allowed items assigned to the Quick Access and moved to stash afterwards to be used from other places
  • Bug that mismatched the first-person Scav player hands with the rest of the Scav character
  • Bug that caused the light from a tactical flashlight to blind its owner, as well as bug that caused laser designator flare to appear even when the beam was not directed at eyes
  • Bug that displayed buttons of map marker creation or modification
  • Shell shock on grenade explosion is now reflected correctly



  • Changed the knife hit mechanics, now if the blade comes across a character or an obstacle, the touching moment is considered a blow
  • Changed the balance of drugs, medicines and added a new first aid kits
  • Changed the balance of the economy, now traders mostly rely on barter
  • Added a new trader who buys and sells for dollars according to exchange rate
  • Changed Scav backpack size from 4x4 to 4x5, increased its base price
  • Changed the number of cells occupied by "fishing vest" chest rig from 3x3 to 2x3
  • Number of cells available in the "fishing vest" rig changed from 2x1, 2x1, 1x1, 1x1, 2x1, 2x1 to 1x1, 2x1, 2x1, 1x1
  • Removed the Saiga slide stop. The model presented in the game does not have a slide stop.
  • Added the player characters collisions with each other

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oooh better get spending all that cash then

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Invest in Pom Juice and gold chains while you still can.

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WAY on top of that Pom Market!

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             BUY! BUY! BUY!




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Sad news everyone. 



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