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Maverick V6

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Maverick V6

Dear, Friends!

October 14-15, 2018 We will be celebrating FOUR YEARS of Battlestate Games with an Anniversary SALE! 25% off all kinds of Pre-Orders.

Starts: October 14 at 00:01 MSK

Ends: October 15 at 23:50 MSK


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Maverick V6

Ammo case: - Barter for 5 Gunpowders moved to 1LL Mechanic - You can buy it at 2LL Mechanic for the old price

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Maverick V6

We're glad to present you the Russian-language podcast "TarkovTV"!

On Friday, October 12, at 19:00 Moscow time, on the official channel (link: https://www.twitch.tv/battlestategames) twitch.tv/battlestategam… will be a live broadcast of the podcast with BSG COO Nikita Buyanov, Lead BSG animator etc. Leaks!

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Maverick V6


Today we have had a very successful first EFT Russian podcast on Battlestate Games Twitch channel (<<<Click for the video). As the tradition of our podcasts, it presented many leaks of future EFT contents which you can find below.

Enjoy and let us know which ones you are most excited for. 

















































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Maverick V6

More info translated from the recent Russian podcast that aired on 10/12/2018:

Posted by



This is summary about First Russian Podcast. I’m not well enough in English, so my apologies for any mistakes, you can find.


New format of podcast. Nikita plans to invite programmers from dev team to talk about their work.


HK 416 is almost ready but not in 10.5 It’ll be in 11.0. Same ergonomics as M4 but more reliable. Kiba likes it. It’s AR platform so it will use mods from M4 (work in progress). In the beginning standard HK 416, then they will add mods for it.


Nikita wants all weapon mods to be added in EFT, but not all guns.


Main priority is fighting against lags, freezes and cheaters. If EFT was a single player game, it would be ready year ago.


10.2 delayed because of invisible players from spawn points. They appeared then dev team optimized spawn points to decrease freezes.


Monster silencer was reworked and ready, will be added later.


Will be new thermal scope form ARMASIGHT


In 11.0 will be added store for clothes. In EFT there will be no PMC in underwear, Nikita said that PMC in EFT are born in trousers.

In EFT there will be different camouflage, but only upper and lower parts, without detailed customization.


New grenades and grenade launchers are ready but there is no date, planned.


Everyone who bought EOD and played from alfa test will get some bonuses, they didn’t decide which one, maybe some unique customizations.


New character animations are ready on 99% (need to implement)


Dehydration should not dry up arms and legs into black. Nikita said that they’ll deal with it.


They planned to use consumables right from the ground without loot it and use from inventory


Loot is growing on locations, they want to change it and Flea market is part of this. There will be some kind of unite system (traders, loots spawn points) If you take loot form its span point too often it will decrease amount. Traders assortment updates once per hour, then it’ll be once per two hours, once per five hours and then once a day. Dev team will look how will it all works and if something goes wrong change it.


Healing and eating in Stash are almost ready. It’ll change game seriously. (You’ll have to eat and heal after raids) Will be implemented gradually.


Working in parallels on new location – Military Base. They demonstrate different fortifications concepts.


In Arena there will be BAY 5 map (form Contract Wars)


Prices will be changed. After adding new weapon/gear all prices will be rebalanced. For example, then they add HK 416 the price for M4 will decrease and price for HK 416 will be like M4 right now. Same deal with the characteristics.

Kiba said that he wants rail system to be very flexible. He wants ability to move attachments across every notch of the rail.


They are working on Vulcan-5 helmet. It has 5 class level in real life. It can handle with 12.7 but your head will be like a jelly.


They will add more civilian weapon (two barrels shotgun, carbine, civilian AR-15). Scavs will have more civilian weapons.


Nikita said that they want to add a clap for grenades detonators like in real life. (before explosion the grenades have loud clap)


Wipe will be total except weapon mastering.


OBT is planned in this year, plans didn't changed, patches 10.5 and 11.0 will be before New Year.


On the screen from BSG Office we can see work on P90


Blunt damage will be totally reworked. Armor also will be changed.


They have couple models for multitool but it affects many of game mechanics so they delaying it


Streets of Tarkov will be added almost in the end, there will be entrance in Laboratory of TerraGroup. In game you’ll have to find it and there will be quest for it. (leaks form Nikita) Labs will be added in 11.0


10.2 will include fixes for sight and scopes (zeroing and that staff)


Dev team have prepared many car models for Streets of Tarkov, after it they will be added on other locations. Right now models have big effect on FPS.


BSG always fights with cheaters. All last technical updates were about this problem. Everyone who used or using cheats will be punished. They tried every anticheats on market and decide to create there one. It constantly upgrades. Some game crushes were because of it. Nikita hate cheaters and EFT is skill based game and it must be fair. Updates delayed because of cheaters and bug users. Last one instead of creating bug reports, are recording videos and share it. And dev team has to do emergency fixes and, in result, the update moves in time.


Laboratory will be ready in 11.0 and there will be no regular Scavs, only Scav Raiders – group from 3-4 units, and their goal is to seek and kill every intruders.


Lab size is like three Factories. High-end Lab and there will be appropriate loot. Nikita wants to test some new mechanics on Lab (key-card)


They want to add reload interruption and fast switch to sidearm.


They do all that they say, but not always in time. BSG team is already over 100 people.


DTK functionality is ready and need to be balanced.

There will be no KillCam in EFT, never.

10.2 patch comes with fixes on next week and it will prepare EFT for 10.5

10.5 will include MP7, Mosin mods, Flea Market, Raitings, Consumable and Medicine animations. After 10.5 they will focus on 11.0 which will be the biggest content patch.


Next podcast probably will be on English.

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Maverick V6

Escapers! Hotfix 10.2 is incoming! We plan to releast it soon. You can see the list of changes below. This is not final, it can be changed.



  •  Partial optimization of game RAM usage
  • Additional reduction of freezes on simultaneous spawn of multiple players


  • Fixed physics bug that allowed players to push each other through the level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug that allowed player to get into level geometry
  • Fixed physics bug with airwalk
  • Fixed bug with scope zeroing depending on the settings of the FoV
  • Fixed the invisible players bug
  • Fixed bug of players spawning too close to each other
  • Fixed bug that prevented Scav players from having a designated exit
  • Fixed errors that occurred when players with Mosin rifle were killed
  • Now, if the weapon muzzle has entered object collision boundaries (e.g. of an oil drum), the bullets won’t pass through from inside the object
  • An error that occurred if the player was killed while discarding a weapon
  • The sight reticles now behave correctly on the weapon tilt
  • Fixed bugs with door synchronization
  • Fixed icons for MPX magazine and glass lenses
  • Bug that made it impossible to select another quest at the end of the current one
  • Removed flaring on the Eotech Vudu sight
  • Fixed bug that displayed negative exit counter for the Scav players

Fixes to locations:

  • Fixed the collisions of the staircase railing at the health resort
  • Fixed bridge at the Customs, now dead bodies do not fall through it
  • Adjusted culling (hiding objects outside FOV) at the Customs in the area of the customs terminal
  • Closed collision hole at the Interchange
  • Closed collision hole in the rocks at the Woods
  • Adjusted Customs to eliminate the potential spots of bug-using Scav boss kills
  • Fixed the invisible wall in the health resort at the Shoreline
  • Adjusted the Interchange collision geometry


  • Now you do not immediately connect to global chat on login, it’s optional
  • Now the lobby screen only displays players looking for a group. If you want to find a group, you will need to click "look for a group"
  • The muzzle devices are now recognized when touching the walls and obstacles
  • Adjustments of the Sniper Rifles skill leveling


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