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Maverick V6

EFT News!

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10 hours ago, Maverick V6 said:


There is a high chance that stash sizes for all versions of EFT will be increased in 0.9 patch!

Literally just upgraded to EOD last night for the stash size. 

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Maverick V6

This is a brief video report about our recent visit to the Central Scientific - Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, where we have recorded the reference footage and sounds for implementation of their weapons in Escape from Tarkov.



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Maverick V6

Dear players, the interim update we have recently announced will be divided between two patches, 8.5 and 8.6. Today we are glad to introduce you the first interim patch There will be NO WIPE with this update.

Attention, we are starting game update process! Game wil not be available during update. Approximate time of update is 1.5 hour!


  • Anticheat system update
  • Fixed pistol container glitches
  • Fixed secure container glitches
  • Fixed item transfer hotkeys
  • AI Scavs now don't snap shoot at players who took cover behind a wall
  • Selling non-empty containers is now prohibited (including barter)
  • Quest changes:
  1. In quests that required long item grinding, added ability to turn them in partially, not all at once (with few exceptions).
  2. Removed all timed conditions, difficulty adjusted by increasing current task requirements.
  3. Heavy armor Ragman quest conditions were toned down, now you need to bring one piece in mint condition and one under 50% durability.
  4. Introduced the dogtag level limitations to some of the quests that previously allowed any dogtags.

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Maverick V6

Dear Escapers, 

We are excited to show you more of the upcoming content coming to Escape From Tarkov. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is for your enjoyment. Thank you for your continued support!


SA58 Setup

SA58 Stripped


SA58 Marksman

Water Bottle Animation


PWS_compensator.jpgsliv goda.jpgSureFire WARCOMP.jpgtac dynamics skeletonized grip.jpgVertgrip_keymod.jpg

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Maverick V6


We uploaded a couple of fixes to game servers:

- Items not in hotbar upon spawning in raid.

-Bug, for money quest. Now, it only takes what is needed.

-A client side fix (interface view, locks) will be added with one of the NEXT patches.

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Maverick V6

Dear Escapers!


Launcher Update now available!

  • Added translations for buttons in License Agreement
  • Improved download stability
  • Added a dialog for handling network connection problems or other download issues
  • Fixed rare bug with "Pause" and "Restore" states
  • If the game is removed while the launcher is open, the Play button will change to Install
  • Current date validation in the bug report window
  • Visual correction of the downloaded files counter
  • Option to show the entered password in the authentication dialog
  • Added automatic crash dump collection when sending a bug report or a crash report



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Maverick V6

A Statement made by Klean:

Hey all,

I haven't had a presence here on the forums in quite some time but, today I would like to inform everyone that I will be resigning from my official position at Battlestate Games. Lately I have been finding it very difficult to be able to stream, be myself, and enjoy my favorite game with my community on Twitch while also being an official rep for BSG. I can’t say the things I want to say, act like myself, or be the content creator people enjoy watching without being judged for “being in an official position with BSG”.

I am aware that the community and I don’t always have the best relationship—I’ve made mistakes, learned a lot, and grew from it all. I came into this job at BSG starting as one of their volunteer emissaries, streaming for them in order to inform people on Twitch about a game that I was extremely passionate about, even during times when the game’s population was so low that I was literally one of the only people playing on every consecutive raid I would queue into. From there I eventually started to reach out and get content creators to play the game in order to grow EFT’s community and enlarge the player base. BSG recognized this and saw that I was growing their community and getting the game a ton of exposure by networking with content creators, and wound up bringing me into an official position. I’ve had zero prior experience in the marketing/PR aspect of the gaming industry, and I know that has been demonstrated to you all time and time again (and I thank those of you that have taken that ride with me along the way). With that being said, I have gotten some of the biggest names on Twitch to play EFT (Timthetatman and Shroud to name two), and the player base has grown as a result.

Over time, being affiliated to BSG and also being a streamer started to have its’ negative drawbacks—I’ve started to find myself in a bind where I’m fighting with myself (Klean the steamer) and my job (Stefan Habib BSG PR). I can’t say the things I want to say about EFT or BSG, or in general, without people saying “You can’t say that you’re an official PR rep for BSG”, even though what I say is within my own Twitch channel, which is not an official outlet for BSG. My job from the beginning was to grow this game’s community and ensure the right information about it was put out there, but unfortunately there were too many times I was fed the incorrect information and I paid the price for releasing it, which has impacted my Twitch channel and career as a streamer in ways that I have not been content with.

Given the circumstances, I cannot continue to maintain this connection any longer. I want to be myself on Twitch for the people who want to come watch me as a streamer, not as a BSG PR rep. I know there are many people who have wanted to see me go, and I can see exactly why you would want me gone, so today I am making the decision to step down from my official position at BSG and focus solely on being a streamer and continue to grow the amazing community that we have built along the way. In addition, I will continue committing my time to the opportunities that the Black Site Team and community have been developing outside of EFT with many other games within the hardcore and survival shooter genre that I know you are all very excited to see, such as Ready Or Not, SCUM, Squad/Post Scriptum, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Ground Branch, Mordhau, among other great games we feel have a fit here in the Black Site community (we have a lot in store to bring you all here in the community so stay tuned!).

I’ve already spoken with the BSG team prior to putting out this statement, and they are fully aware of the situation—this does not mean I or Black Site will stop supporting BSG and the development EFT! The Talking Tarkov podcast will still continue, and I will still maintain a healthy and productive relationship with BSG, and continue to bring you all any news/content/information that they wish to relay to me. BSG and Nikita did not wish for me to leave, but I feel this will be the best choice for myself, the game, and all of you in the long run, and I want to assure you all that I want nothing but the best for EFT and to see it continue to grow into the game that you and I have always hoped for it to be!

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Maverick V6

We plan to start installing the update within an hour. Installation will take some time. During the update installation, the game will be unavailable.

  • Shoreline location optimization
  • Customs location optimization
  • Fixes of Interchange issues
  • New properties: armor materials and their repairability
  • New armor property - blunt damage (damage without penetration)
  • Minor Scav head LOD fix
  • AI spawn with visor down
  • Minor freezes, effects culling

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Dear Escapers! 

We're glad to introduce to you patch


  • Fixed visual issues at Customs and Shoreline locations
  • Additional map optimization for Customs and Shoreline
  • Fixed AI waypoints at Customs and Shoreline
  • One more update of the anticheat system
  • Increased client stability
  • Thanks 1

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