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Maverick V6

EFT News!

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Maverick V6

Those that are interested:

1) Playing as a SCAV is hopefully going to be implemented by the end of March. (Alpha)

2) Closed Beta is hoped to be launched early summer of this year.

3) Open Beta is hoped to be launched late summer.


**See Video Below for quick rundown of all the info recently disclosed by the developers**



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Maverick V6

^^  Edited original post...take a look.  ^^

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I'm excited to try out the scav-mode! It's also nice to know the timeframe in which they plan on starting the betas even though it's only a speculation. This game is fun and exciting, can't wait for the new content!

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Maverick V6

New major update is in the works for EFT! Lots of client and server stability updates (although it is already greatly improved). Better and full implementation of the dynamic weather systems.  New SCAV mod being introduced finally. A few Core skills being introduced. New Weapons. New maps very soon. Modification of the health, fatigue/stamina, negative effects from fractures, bleeding systems -- bringing everything closer to a realistic behavior model.  The game is already beautiful and well done. Our in game encounters will only get harder and harder as they improve the AI systems and now that more human controlled players will be engaging in each and every RAID. Check the EFT website for more information and or Pre-Order bundles if you are ready to join us on the streets of Tarkov.  



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Maverick V6

New Alpha patch update in bound very soon. NDA lifted now! Patch details:

We present to your attention the list of changes of the patch **, which will appear on Escape from Tarkov alpha test servers in the near future.

With the release of the patch will be held wipe.

  • Effect of tremor, which, at the moment, only occurs as a consequence of lasting pain and begins to subside only after the pain is relieved
  • New visual effect of bleeding
  • New visual effect of pain
  • Even after stopping the bleeding on a limb, it stays with "Wound" effect, which may cause bleeding again on repeated hits to this part of the body or when jumping or sprinting
  • Added fatigue from aiming down sights, depending on the weight of the weapon
  • Added hands trembling from exhaustion



  • SKS
  • MPX
  • DVL-10 Saboteur


Scav gameplay

  • The ability to choose playing as a Scav. Can be selected once per hour.
  • When you spawn as a Scav, you appear in the current wave of Scavs together with AI
  • Bots are neutral to the player Scav before the player attacks a bot
  • The player Scav equipment is randomly generated before spawning on location
  • On successful exit from the location it is possible to hand over everything looted as a Scav to your main character





  • Increase in stamina
  • Reduced power expense of jump
  • Longer breath hold time
  • Reduced breath recovery time




  • Increase of carrying weight capacity
  • Increase of sprint speed
  • Increase of jump height
  • Increased grenade throw strength
  • Increased impact force of melee weapons




  • Reduces chance of bleeding
  • Reducing the chance of death on the zone destruction




  • Reduces chance of fractures
  • Reduced base energy consumption
  • Reduced base hydration consumption


Stress Resistance


  • Decreased chance of getting a pain effect
  • Reduced chance of algesic swinging or hand tremor in normal or aiming mode




  • Increased positive effects of eating and drinking
  • Reduced rate of energy and hydration consumption
  • Reducing physical skills rollback rate


AI Improvements:

  • Silencers now affect bots’ hearing
  • Fixed bots not talking out of combat bug
  • Bots now pay attention not to the specific sound source point, but to certain radius around it
  • Improved algorithm for preliminary search of cover points
  • Changed the algorithm of player spotting, now it depends on the angle from the bot to the player, range, and player’s position
  • Added visibility factor for different positions (standing, sitting, prone)
  • Rewritten aiming algorithm, added ranging - i.e. with each new shot bot becomes more accurate than on previous one.
  • Bots now make extended use of covers when appearing out for shooting (moves laterally, or squats, depending on the cover)
  • Improved cover selection mechanism, for example:

    - The bot keeps a distance suitable for their weapons and selects the appropriate covers
    - The bot moves from cover to cover
  • Improved detection, that the current hideout is discovered
  • The AI skills now vary depending on location and difficulty settings
  • Using aiming mode when shooting from behind cover and in some cases outside the cover
  • Bots now use sprint rationally
  • Bots can now recharge mags with packs of cartridges



  • Fixed bug that prevented from unpacking ammo from ammo packages
  • Revised and corrected the pain effect for the character
  • Added probable causes of pain
  • Hits to character cause short-term effect of pain that subsides over time
  • Destroyed limbs cause lasting effect of pain that subsides over time
  • Dehydration and leg fracture cause permanent effect of pain that disappears after removal of the cause
  • Redesigned effect of anesthesia on medicine use. The pain effect does not disappear, but for medication effect time there are no fines and visuals of pain
  • The Customs location map now does not change its quality with the change in the texture quality settings
  • Timer to location exit now is not reset when the player changes the position
  • Fixed health amount display, for cases when a limb is destroyed (0 hit points in thelimb), but displays 39/45
  • Via CTRL + click a container or a backpack now does not pack into itself, disappearing from inventory



  • The effects of bleeding and fractures can now be removed on destroyed limbs
  • Bleeding rate changed, now health is decreased once in 6 seconds instead of 3
  • Chat menu block is now available on all menu screens
  • Weapons now cannot be reloaded from an unidentified chest rig,
  • Added aiming fatigue (stamina parameter spent). Character fatigue increase rate depends on the mass of the weapon.
  • The chance of bleeding redesigned, it is now higher with higher damage received on limb, depending on health of a limb
  • Stamina consumption depends on energy

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Just to put things into perspective, screenshots of the new guns:


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I love how they got the MPX with the aftermarket retractable stock!  Awesome.

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Maverick V6

Fingers crossed they still try to release the patch by today.


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Maverick V6

New Update is Live!

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Downloading it now! Hopefully spending all of Sunday in Tarkov.

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Maverick V6

Recent Q&A from Developers about most recent patch:

You stated on the patch notes as “The AI skills now vary depending on location and difficulty settings”. What do you mean by difficulty settings?

Depending on the location, the Scavs will become more advanced, with more powerful weapons and equipment.

“Added probable causes of pain”; How does this work exactly?
This is best explained during the game itself. The pain effects now work correctly, you need eliminate them with medications. They also can generate other effects such as hand tremor.

If I kill another player’s Scav, will AI Scavs attack me?
Yes, if they saw it.

The fully kitted out “Super Guns” no longer spawning or did you change their spawn location?
This should not be the case. If they still spawn, then it is a bug and we'll fix it.

Is it intended that we find weapons on the previous kitted out “Super Guns” spawn location that we cannot pick up unless we have a tri-zip because they are missing critical parts?
Yes, but in the future we may think of other ways to carry such weapons beside a backpack.

We are now gaining very high amount of experience points than before, is this intentional or a bug?
We’ll check.

Which skills are upgraded and which are not when playing as Scav?
Nothing is upgraded.

Can there be any fines introduced for killing Scavs while playing as Scav? Scav players often kill their own.
There will be fines. There is complete chaos going on in the game. In the future, AI Scavs will react much harsher to the killings of their own.

Will the Scav exits or exit timeouts as Scavs be reworked, so the people wouldn’t flee to exit with loot immediately after respawn?
Most likely, yes.

When the voice comms will become available in the raid?
In the open beta. Most likely even in the period between the closed and open beta.

Will the Scav spawn points be changed?
Yes, they will be adjusted.

When will the significant increase in optimization happen?
In the closed beta Most likely, to some extent even earlier.

Will the actions in Scav mode reflect on the overall karma of a player?

Is there a silencer to the DVL in game?
Yes, there is, but it needs some finishing up. Soon the silencer will appear in the game as well.

Will the skills be adjusted, because right now some skills can be upgraded to maximum over one raid?
This is a bug. This should not be the case. We’ll fix it.

Will the Scavs have distinctive patches?
They will have distinctive clothing items.

Are there any SKS muzzle devices now? If not, when will they be introduced?
Not yet, but will be added in the future. No time estimate yet.

Will there be any restrictions on the Scav mode, that would prevent such a phenomenon, when a player immediately after spawning in raid, runs to the exit looting everything in his path, rather than fight with PMC?
Yes, there will be changes in balance.

When will the after-combat and overall statistics be adjusted to really reflect the amount of damage, found loot, etc.?
Soon we will adjust it.


It is impossible to pick up things in the raid, while playing as Scav.
Already fixed.

Long exit from the game. When you press the "Exit", the game freezes and after approximately one minute, it quits to desktop.
This should not be the case. We’ll fix it.

Request: increase the timeout between games as Scav, loot farms up too fast.
Scav game cooldown was already increased to an hour. If someone still has a 1 minute cooldown, this means that it was granted for a limited period of time.

Sometimes Scavs spawn too late, when everybody has already been killed, you walk over the map full of corpses, some of them looted (mostly on the Factory map).
It's a question of balance, working on it.

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Maverick V6

Small Update being rolled out today:

We are starting the installation of the patch Alpha test servers of Escape from Tarkov may not be available in the next half an hour.

No wipe.


  • New main menu music themes



  • Bug that caused frame rate drop to 2
  • Melee weapons damage
  • Floor collisions in the sawmill building
  • Visual fixes of weapons materials, now they don't light up in NVG in the dark
  • A number of minor visual fixes on locations
  • Fixed several spots where bots got stuck
  • Numerous material fixes on locations
  • NVG backlight intensity decreased
  • Fixed several doors (issues on unlocking with keys)
  • Weather plan automation and fixes
  • Weapon rendering bug on factory location fixed

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Maverick V6

We would like to bring to your attention, a new artwork of private military company, USEC, from Escape from Tarkov!

The most active forces in the Norvinsk region are two private military companies, hired by the sides of the initial conflict. USEC, employed by the notorious Terra Group international corporation, vigorously engages in armed clashes, hindering the investigation of Terra Group activities, carried on by local authorities. Moreover, according to intelligence agencies, USEC provides armed cover to illegal work and research of the foreign companies.

Below you can download the desktop wallpapers in various resolutions. USEC forever!






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Maverick V6

New EVENTS to be added soon.

We are happy to announce that soon we are going to launch the Escape from Tarkov Alpha in-game events involving both organized squads of players and randomly recruited teams.

We present to your scrutiny several scenarios that the course of events is going to follow.

Developer hunt

A group of developers is deployed on the map, valuable loot in their backpacks and formidable weapons in their hands. They have a limited amount of time to escape from location through the waves of Scavs controlled by players. Players who want to participate are going to wait in line for their turn to jump into the game and hunt down developers and each other in attempt to grab hold of a valuable loot.


Up to three developers enter the location together with players. The devs are equipped with heavy armor and backpacks full of valuables, but armed with Makarov only. They proceed to walk out of the location, and players have to escort them to exit. At the same time the player Scavs are attacking the convoy, trying to snatch the backpacks with loot. If the convoy successfully reaches the destination - devs drop the backpacks as the reward to the escorting players.


Several players and one developer enter the map, and dev proceeds to plant - in some covert place - a backpack with valuable loot, consequently leaving the location, while the players' task is to find that backpack and claim whatever is inside.

These are preliminary conditions of these three scenarios. Please feel free to comment, express your ideas about these scenarios and suggest your own - we'll be sure to carefully consider all of them and think through the possibility of their implementation!

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Maverick V6

Alpha admission wave is coming to those who have a chance, but are not in yet!

We are glad to inform that soon we're going to let into Alpha even more Escape from Tarkov pre-order owners:

  • 30% of Standard Edition owners (this package has no chance of getting Alpha access yet).
  • Left Behind - 50% of owners
  • And everyone who pre-ordered Prepare for Escape Edition.

The currently existing chances of getting access to Alpha stay the same for now. We'll announce the wave start separately.





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Maverick V6

New Weapon, coming soon!

Name: Chiappa Rhino

Type: Revolver 
Country of origin: Italy
Produced: 2009
Variants: 20D, 20DS, 40DS, 50DS, 60DS
Caliber: .357 Magnum, 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, 9×21mm
Action: Double Action, Single Action
Feed system: Cylinder
Customization: All models besides the 20D accept flashlights on the lower end of the barrel via picitanny rail. The largest, 60DS, can accept micro red dots on the top via picitanny rail. 


The Rhino is the most innovative development in revolver technology in decades, if not since the creation of the revolver itself. Refusing to be constrained by tradition and previous design limitations, the Rhino has improvements that move the revolver forward into the 21st century. Unconventional in appearance and superior by performance, the Rhino fires from the bottom of the cylinder rather than the top. This dramatically reduces muzzle rise and recoil felt by lowering the axis of the bore almost to the palm of the shooters hand. An aluminum alloy frame and barrel shroud make the Rhino lightweight and easy to carry. Accessory rails on the bottom of the barrel shroud on the 4”, 5” and 6” barrel models easily allow mounting lights or lasers. The 6” barrel models come with both rails on top and bottom to easily mount optics as well as lights or lasers.The snag resistant “hammer” is actually a cocking device because of the Rhino’s innovative completely enclosed firing mechanism which can be fired either single or double action. A cocked indicator is clearly visible to indicate the internal hammer status. Another innovation is the hexagonal cylinder which keeps the revolver’s width to a minimum. Available in 2”, 4”, 5” and 6” barrel models in black or stainless finishes, all Rhino revolvers feature an easy to see fiber optic front sight.





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Maverick V6

We are happy to announce the start of Escape from Tarkov Alpha testing admission wave for those pre-order owners who had a chance, but weren't in yet! Today, the Alpha will be opened up for owners of the following pre-orders:

  • 30% of Standard Edition owners (ab initio, this package has no chance of getting Alpha access).
  • Left Behind - 50% of owners
  • And everyone who pre-ordered Prepare for Escape Edition.

The currently existing chances of getting access to Alpha stay the same for now. Admission will be gradually processed today to avoid sharp surges in server load. The provision of access will be over at 6 p.m. Moscow time. If you haven't received your invitation by that time, it means that, unfortunately, you were not included into this wave.

Best of luck with testing!



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Maverick V6

We are glad to inform that Escape from Tarkov is soon to feature special packages for Emissaries and Sherpas! They are meant for helping out newbies and other players, who, for some reason or another, have lost their equipment.

Emissary or Sherpa shall regularly receive from Battlestate Games a certain amount of packages (more or fewer depending on the needs) to distribute on their own accord. For instance, a Sherpa who has recruited a group of novices can give them everything they need to clear the raid, and Emissaries could reward or aid those they deem worthy.

Thus, our game anchor folks are getting a powerful and effective tool for interacting with other Escape from Tarkov players - first of the many to be announced later. The Emissary and Sherpa packages are not chiseled in stone once and for all - their contents may change, becoming more advanced or befitting particular combat tasks.

You can have a look at the contents of the first generation of Sherpa and Emissary packages on the screenshots below. And, as always, we would be expecting your comments - all of our ideas should pass the census of the Escape from Tarkov community opinion before appearing in the game!

You can learn more about our programs here:



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Maverick V6

Happy to inform that starting May 8 and till May 10 all Escape from Tarkov pre-orders get a 20% discount! If you have been planning to purchase the game but could not afford it - now is the best time to do it!

The discount is effective starting May 8 at 00:01 and ends on May 10 at 23:55 Moscow time.



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Maverick V6

Info on new Shoreline map scheduled to be released during closed beta.  


Dear friends! We are happy to present the screenshots and concept artworks of the new location, which is eventually to appear in Escape from Tarkov - the Shoreline.

The Shoreline is the second closest location to the military checkpoint at the port area entrance - the Tarkov evacuation point. It is characterized by a noticeably larger size than any other Tarkov locations, as well as varied landscapes and objects.

Its territory houses a partially abandoned village, modern private housing and fields, long shoreline with a boating facility, gas station, weather station, cellular base station and other interesting places.

Its main point of interest is the large "Azure Coast" health resort, consisting of several buildings with its own hydroelectric power plant. The main exit from the map will be located next to the main Russian Armed Forces checkpoint at the Port entrance.






















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Maverick V6

Coming soon to a Tarkov near you!

M249 SAW.jpg


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Maverick V6

We are happy to inform you that the first US "Escort" in-game event is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST (June, 2nd, from 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM MSK). The joint developer and Emissary team with backpacks full of valuable loot will try to escape the Scav players while being escorted.


For this event, our map will be Woods and it will be ‘’Escort’’ event rather than developer hunt in order to offer something new than the previous ones. To discuss how this works in details:

Up to three developers enter the location together with the players. The dev team will be equipped with heavy armor and backpacks full of valuables but armed with Makarovs only. They proceed to walk out of the location, and three players have to escort them to the exit. At the same time, the player Scavs are attacking the convoy, trying to snatch the backpacks with loot. If the convoy successfully reaches the destination - devs will drop the backpacks as the reward to the escorting players.

Everyone who has access to Escape from Tarkov is invited to participate. We will form several waves of players, and every participant will get instructed on how to join the event at the right time. The game rooms will be set up and ready beforehand and all players will have a precise list of rooms to join. The game will start as soon as all Scav players are in line to enter the raid.

To sign up for the Escort please leave your interest in the forum topic with your Discord username. Due to issues in the past, you can only sign up for yourself and others have to sign up for themselves as well so that our invite messages will get to you in time (No group sign ups). Make sure to apply only if you are completely sure you will make it.

Everyone that applied will get an invite link sent to them alongside full details about what you need to do once you get on the server, and when the event needs to be organized, it will be organized on a first-come-first-serve basis to ensure we have enough players on time or randomly select players from those present on the channel. So getting the invite link does not mean we will have space for you. All players would need to be present 30 minutes to one hour earlier to get you situated and start the event on time and end on time.

Each wave will consist of 15 players: 12 SCAVs and 3 escort PMC players alongside with the 3 on the dev team to be escorted. This will be held for 6 raid sessions that will last 20 minutes each with a 2-hour event in total.


Good luck and have fun, everyone, and let the fittest survive!

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Maverick V6

Dear friends!

We would like to share with you what we are working now, so you could have an understanding of what is going on inside the team and what goals are now set before us.


The project is constantly evolving and growing richer with content, so, in preparation for Closed Beta, it was decided to dedicate utmost attention to the project optimization issue. The key problems have been identified and work is underway to improve and optimize animation systems, equipment, internal system modules. In other words, we optimize the internal parts of the game, rather than graphics, because the graphics is not the main contributor to the load. Another important step worthy of being mentioned is the transition to a newer version of the engine, which, apart from the new issues, also opens a lot of opportunities for further, deeper, optimization.


The long-anticipated tasks are coming to Escape from Tarkov pretty soon, for testing with subsequent expansion and development. We are now implementing trader tasks/quests for making money, getting rare awards and resources. The quests themselves will vary from target neutralization, passing raids and searching and retrieving items to installation of beacons, gaining access to sealed areas, and finding special objects linked to the EFT story. Also, part of the quests will be dedicated to character leveling, trade, etc.


This innovation will definitely be successful with those who go to the raids completely equipped and are afraid of losing the hard-earned loot. For a small amount of money it is possible to insure the weapons and equipment, increasing the chances of retaining it. However, only a chance, because insurance only returns items that nobody has taken from the location.

Loot and economy

The next update will feature new barter loot, medicine and its rebalancing, new useful items, new points to loot at the current locations, quest loot and rebalancing of the economy. Economy rebalancing will affect whatever appears on the locations and the contents of the dealers’ stores. It will be setting the tendency for players to use the barter items in trade more often. Among the items currently in development it’s worth bringing to your attention the weapon and armor repair kits, melee weapons sharpening tools, new chest rigs, as well as 2x1-sized map case which can hold 4x4 cells of maps, quest items and keys.


Before long, we plan to add new weapon customizations, magazines, and the MP5 submachinegun.

New locations

As you may already know, the Shoreline location is now in development. It houses several different points worth visiting - hydroelectric power plant, weather station, health resort, village and various other objects scattered across the location. The location is projected to be twice as large as the Woods, but perhaps, not on release - in this case it will be smaller and expanded later.

General chat

We also implementing the General chat channels where you can communicate with everyone who's online in the game. Players will be able to share useful information and assemble for the raids.


A lot of them already fixed, and getting fixed every moment. Our goal is to make the game without bugs and freezes. All this and much more is now a priority to start the Closed Beta. Stay tuned!


23422017-05-30[17-45] (0).png

2017-05-29[18-32] (0).png

1232017-05-30[18-06] (0).png

2017-05-29[18-29] (0).png





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Maverick V6

Dear friends, this weekend we had a stream with the head of the Battlestate Games studio Nikita Buyanov. There were a lot of questions and answers, and for those who have missed the event, we have prepared text notes, carefully collected by Emissary Jan Kakovkin aka @Sova13. Enjoy! There will be more streams like this in the future.

Friends, I must point out that this is not a literal "synopsis", but rather my retelling of the Nikita Buyanov replies from the stream. You can watch the record here.

Initially, I’ve planned to just list the answers in the order of appearance on stream, however, over the course of editing, we decided to make everything more readable and easier to follow.



  • Anti-cheat operates on the client level, you can even add Skype, and in addition to everything else it will track macros as well.
  • There will be no spectators or patrols, possibility of spectators tipping off their comrades contradicts the concept of the game and, most importantly, there is no need in that, because the system tracks 100% of cheaters and works with zero level of mistakes. Only at the system deployment we have encountered several errors, consecutively refining it to become completely trouble-free.
  • It is possible that we will add ability to report cheaters.
  • For each violation there is evidence, and if someone decides to sue us, this evidence will be presented to the Court, after which the plaintiff will be held liable to pay the legal expenses.
  • At the moment, the anti-cheat collects information, which is reviewed before setting bans; later, after testing and tuning the system, bans will become automatic.


Interaction with other players

  • Scav spawn mechanics will be remade, exit points changed (to anywhere, maybe even PMC spawn locations).
  • The gameplay will be further adjusted in order to ensure the greater extent of players’ interactions with each other without not restricting the freedom, but only after optimization and other technical aspects are ready.
  • These adjustments will also include works on loot, doors and keys with focus on connecting them to the quest system and the storyline.
  • Friend-or-foe recognition will be carried out by means or armbands automatically assigned to the group members on spawn in the location. These armbands will be visible to all players, possibly, the group leader will be able to choose their colors (Note: yes, apparently will be a chance of same same color being selected by different groups, that will be quite interesting).


Quests and clans

  • There will be an elaborate and diverse clan system, taking into account the wishes of the clans themselves. Clan leader, possibly, will be able to hand out tasks to the clan, for example, for the extraction of certain items. Maybe, however, this feature won’t be provided by the game mean (but no one can stop the clan leader from issuing an order, e.g., for stashing batteries).
  • Most likely players will have the opportunity to give out quests and assign rewards for them through the trade system.
  • Story-related quests, on the other hand, will be as close as possible to "singleplayer" quests, rather than the usual online find/kill/fetch, and they will be hidden, so it will be hard to figure out which quest is being solved by the player, though, if the player, for example, hangs around the armored vehicle, there is a chance he’s placing a beacon there.


Economy and loot

  • The economy system will become more alive, realistic, pixel-hunting will be eliminated due to implementation of shipment chances, system messages from merchants depending on loyalty and other conditions. Currency exchange is 100% sure to be introduced.
  • Loot on the maps will be generated with probabilities depending on the location (food in the dorm, tools on the Factory).
  • Cash will get devalued, with barter coming to take the first place.
  • Sweetened condensed milk is a food. Someone has just decided to have some fun or made a mistake and set it as a valuable item and not food. That will be fixed.
  • The sort button that was once there and got removed, will be turned on back again. Possible, an alternative inventory layout will be introduced, listing items with their number or visually reducing cell size to half of the current one.


Modes and arena

  • Initially, a total of 3modes were planned: normal, free roam and arena.
  • The first standard arena will be in the mall lounge, the second in a sports complex.
  • Arena will offer use of both player-owned and handout equipment. Moreover, the arena is not a place, but rather an event staged by people who are willing to bet. Demand creates supply. You can have yourself a team-based arena, on any map, with any mode. In theory, even Battle Royale scenario can be made realistic and incorporated into the story (for example, APCs close the trap and shoot anyone who gets in their sights). It can evolve, additional arena modes can be added in DLC.


Russia 2028

  • Russia 2028 is to be!


Weapons and customization

  • To feel comfortable with EFT customization you really need to have knowledge of weapons and modifications.
  • Uncommon weapons such as flamethrower are very hard to do and not as widely used in conflicts nowadays (except for the Middle East, they use everything they can get), and their concept is dead-end, causing much argument and many doubts. However, there will be RPGs with anti-personnel projectiles, wiretraps and flashbangs. Essentially, even RPO-A SHMEL is doable. By the way, there is going to be mine-planting of corpses, your own body, and containers. Accidental explosion during mining/mine disarming is not planned.
  • Belt-fed machineguns are also extremely tedious to implement, and hardly anyone will use it, considering the lack of ammo in the context of the game. We’d rather do more different revolvers and other weapons than to spend all these efforts at the single machinegun.
  • No caseless weapons either, since there are no mass-produced models yet.
  • Personal weapons are not so hard to do, we only need to change the textures.



  • Before implementing of all the features, content and other components we should first do technical, so to say, basic part right. Therefore, some of the things it is too early to discuss, since the base is not quite finished, but will be very much different features.
  • Studio personnel at the moment: 50 persons + 30 outsourced
  • Posts with models of weapons often get comments like "make the game rather than weapons!". Comments like these lack rather obvious common sense, since these are different tasks performed by different people.
  • It would seem no problem, doing a weapon. e.g. a regular axe. There is already a Tomahawk, just take its animations and combine with a model found as an element of location. But weight and width of Tomahawk and axe are different and, therefore, all animations should be remade, and location item model lacks quality required from a weapon in first person.
  • Console ports are possible, but only if we manage to secure Unity assistance with it.
  • If there is a need for ideas, Nikita himself addresses the appropriate people. Also, we’ll practice brainstorm calls - the question is passed to the Emissaries, they collect ideas on a particular topic, these ideas are passed to developers, and authors of the successful ideas get rewarded.
  • Offopic: The idea is not as important, generating it is a relatively minor task. The main problems are the costs, supervising, work plan, etc. For instance, an idea of APC with RF control module which, if powered up, could have been used to, e.g., provide a cover to the group with its cannon.


New Unity, optimization and Closed Beta

  • We are currently moving over to the new version of Unity It has, above all, the new physics, so fixing any related bugs now makes no sense, because the transition will change everything. But bugs with walls, heads in the doors, getting up through the roof will be fixed in the upcoming patch. Bug with unfinished animation is either in the works or fixed in coming patch.
  • Almost all of this work is hidden from people, so visually and it may seem that there is no progress.
  • By the way, the new version has significantly higher (30-40%) performance. Moreover, optimization won’t have ill effect on the graphics, which will be continuously improved and refined. So Tarkov will run smoothly.
  • Why not start the Closed Beta now? The game has made a serious break in development that will allow implementing many planned ideas and there is no point releasing a beta without including them. Besides, even the Unity developers themselves admit that their engine is hard to work with, this is one of the major bottlenecks causing updates to release so rarely and sometimes late.
  • DX11 is the next stage. Builds with Vulkan API crash too often. Interface scaling will be in this patch.
  • Player characters mutual passthrough will be removed in the closed beta, the real issue is with AI who are not yet capable of avoiding collision with each other.
  • After the closed beta it’s the home stretch to release. Beta date itself is unknown yet, but as soon as it’s determined, we won’t hesitate announcing it. Even before the closed beta, there will be plenty of interesting stuff.


Health and medicine

  • If we manage to do what we planned, there will be a state of unconsciousness, interaction with the living, unconscious, and the dead bodies; the ability to evacuate a partner’s body or, if he’s still alive but with broken legs, give him a shot of adrenaline, empowering him to get to the exit, despite the pain.
  • Medical supplies will be plentiful, but EFT uses certain conventions too, for example, medkits do not heal appropriately to their contents, but restore health points instead. This is due to the fact that Tarkov is still done with a focus on battle simulator, not survival. Exactly right super hardcore and realistic medicine system will be introduced in Russia 2028, which will be unrelenting (in the words of Nikita). However, if there is an opportunity, EFT will also get continually improved in this aspect.
  • Radiation and bio-hazardous contamination, pressure, temperature - these will be the influences of the environment, and all of them could be countered with drugs. Overdosing, addiction and other effects will be there too, just as alcohol, and even little something beside it.


"Campers", karma and grass

  • All sorts of mice crawling up in the pants, lice, bouts of diarrhea, and stuff like that are unrealistic. The only method of dealing with camping is the counter-sniper work.
  • However, karma will affect diseases and other unpleasant things.
  • There is an idea of how to emulate lying in the grass to avoid the legal wallhack in the form of the short draw distance of the grass.
  • We are conducting a research on the possibilities of moving the grass asunder, stamping it flat, etc.
  • Communication and nicknames:
  • Very many phrases have already been recorded, there will also be AI PMCs who will use them as well. Phrases will be selected through the radial menu.
  • You won’t be able to know who was in the raid with you, but you’ll see the nickname of a person who killed you, his weapon and caliber. Nickname of the killed can be learned by looting an looking at the dogtags.


Equipment and appearance

  • Soon-to-be-added 2 chest rigs with new configuration - 2 compartments for magazines of up to 45 rounds (3 cells).
  • There will be equipment customization: you can change the pouches, move them using Molle strap system, armor plates can and must be changed, because it will be them that shall deteriorate, not the vest itself The idea of body armor protection in a backpack is interesting and not difficult to implement, it may get done. Armor plates can also be fit into the chest rigs that have this option.
  • Dependency of the speed of reach on the location of the pouches is doubtful, because, again, it’s hard to implement.
  • Character faces can be selected.
  • Camouflage cloaks are likely to be set into a chest rig or a hat slot.
  • Clothing is divided into two sections - top and bottom. There will the merchant dealing in clothes, but it will have purely visual difference. It would be great to make a full customization (gloves, boots, jackets, pants, hoodies, coats, etc.), but yet again, this is very difficult, technically.
  • There is also an issue with the facial hair, which is now in the works. Beard, hair, etc. - everything is coming. Scavs will generally have some really savage looks.



  • Leg wounds causing quite a quick death is realistic. However, legs will get more adjustments (dying from a thorn due to 0 health in the legs won't happen).
  • Soon, we’ll reveal how the stash can be expanded. Maximum stash is provided in the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition pre-order package, and it can also be expanded to this size by the game means. In addition, there will be a variety of options to "expand" the stash even more. By the way, EoD Limited Edition will be taken off as closed beta comes.
  • The ability to climb the ladders will be added. Knocking the door down by foot was initially conceived as a kick of another character, and there is a possibility that will be done as well.
  • Charging mags will get longer and dependent on the skill, but not as long as in reality (30 seconds for 30-round AK mag).
  • There will be a compass in the watch.



  • Working with domestic companies is easy - they often directly provide their products for scanning and adding it to the game. With foreign companies it’s harder, more red tape, contracts, papers, etc. - a lot of time and trouble.



  • There will be Easter eggs, for example, Half-Life crowbar (it was a secret until now).
  • Nikita himself will not play until release, does not want to play what is not yet finished. However, when everything is ready, getting him out of the game is going to be impossible.
  • Games without keeping the loot (training mode) - there is a problem with hardware, because it requires a separate pool of servers. Theoretically, this can be implemented, it’s not a No yet, the issue is in technical limitations.
  • Coop PVE is unrealistic, this just can't be in real life, and therefore it has no place in EFT.
  • Tarkov is not a game for everyone. The audience is older, and it's cool, the initial aim was on people aged around 30. Online medium is rather small, peak is 4500-5000 servers (not players, servers!), but what matters here is not the quantity but the quality of the audience.
  • It will be very many mods, stocks, mags, kits, etc. (Note: kit is a base weapon for attaching the rest)
  • Working phones are redundant for EFT. In general, different "mini-games" like working phones, etc. are an awesome idea, but it is really a secondary thing, for which we just don't have the extra people.
  • A meet with developers is, in theory, possible - bar event, for example.
  • Two thirds of the office staff works weekends. (Note: while you relax at the BBQ, the guys at the office keep pulling the game together....)
  • It is quite possible to make a 12/24 time format switch time, why it is the way it is now - Nikita no longer remembers. It was in the project documentation from the start and left that way...
  • The DLC will cost circa RUR 800-1000 or USD 15-20. EoD Limited Edition will be removed as closed beta draws near. After the release the game will come in absolutely different packages (possibly two of them).
  • Alpha testers will be encouraged.
  • Only today Kiba has mentioned that it would be perfectly feasible to do melee, although previously he was saying that it is very difficult.
  • Gold bullions that fell from the aircraft and got scattered in the Woods is a cool idea, could be implemented.
  • Planning special stands that will make the game even more realistic.
  • The Customs location features 800 000 objects.
  • Sound will keep being updated.
  • Lekha the Brute - Nikita now will try to add the handle upon streamer request, if there is no problems.
  • You can suggest your own version of the Scav name. Emissaries get a task collecting Scav names (Note: already done, here's the link)
  • Wishes to players from Nikita: Don't go crazy, not to make hasty conclusions, more harmony not only when it comes to the game, but in life too, more calm and confidence, patience.
  • Nikita feeling a bit under the weather, so he’ll now go home and, and unlikely to watch the Champions’ League Final. All the more so because of the defeat of Russia in the match with Japan he prefers hockey now.


2017-04-29[18-15]_-72.6, -11.2, 45.3_0.0, -0.1, 0.0, -1.0 (0).png

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