Battlefield 1 matchers being very one-sided these days

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What are your opinions guys?Do bf1 matches suck most of the times being one-sided?What could be the solution then?

These days whenever I play a bf1 match 75% of the times I end up winning or losing a match by a margin of 300 to 400 kills , this has started to happen after Christmas and it is quite frustrating as it ruins such a beautiful game , I feel bf1 should get its matchmaking revised where a player should not be picked on rank instead he should be picked on is k/d ratio.

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I think that one of the major causes of this is the team balancing after a round. I feel like it may have been changed in the winter update but I'm not really sure. What seems to happen often is that lots of people will leave at the end of a round (for whatever reason) and at the start of the next round one team is always imbalanced. When you start a game and its 15 vs 20, those first few minutes of the match can be heavily swayed to favor one team. Even if the match fills up within a few minutes on some maps it can be extremely difficult to make any kind of comeback or headway. As a result even more people from the team that was short players tend to drop out of the match within a few minutes. 

There are tons of other factors to consider, but I feel like this one heavily contributes to the issue. I also think that there are a small handful of maps that a ton of people just hate and will drop out when the come up in rotation, leaving teams imbalanced for the first few crucial minutes of a match.

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The team balance mechanic is mostly to blame for this I feel. What happens alot of times is you will have one squad who is playing together in communication and leading their team greatly in points, now if their team loses it usually doesnt make much of a difference in the auto balance but if their team wins it will balance the teams based on the points acquired from the previous round. I have seen this many of times, the leading squad of the winning team will be "compensated" by the lower scoring players in the next round. The flaw with this is that the leading squad was able to dominate not just because of their skill but because they didnt have to carry the whole team. Once the server gets balanced however it usually results in that squad having to do all the work to gain ground as the average players as we will call them all get on the other team. Now 5 great players are good if they have a decent team behind them but 20 average players working together can easily dominate 1 good squad. You will see the game mechanics try to handi cap the good players by mixing them with low scoring players in the next round. In theory it sounds good but in application it has proven to become near game breaking. I think the auto balancing system they had in BF4 was much better and they should also keep all players who join a game in the same party on the same team. For example my clan tried to play some Dom tonight, we had 10 guys on and after the 1st round got split up even though we were all in a party together. This little change in the system would not only make games more challenging, not to the point of unbalanced, but also encourage players to group up to win. Battlefield has always been a team oriented game and although BF1 plays as a team oriented game the balancing system tends to prevent this from happening when playing multiple matches.   

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