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(Community Tool) Steam ID, BattlEye ID, Bohemia Player ID - Lookup & Converter + Discord BOT

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You need to lookup or convert a Steam ID, BattlEye ID or Bohemia player ID?

Here's a responsive tool just for you:  https://devt0ols.net/converter/

The tool will convert any Steam URL, Steam ID, BattlEye ID or Bohemia player ID.
(incl. Steam Vanity URL, Steam ID 3, Steam ID 64)

You can use the tool in any browser and on any mobile device.
Enjoy our unrestricted and ad-free service!


You are a programmer? Great!

Our tool includes a powerful and lightwight REST API to work with.

Documention:  https://devt0ols.net/converter/?inc=help/api




curl https://api.devt0ols.net/converter/?id=76561197960265729


  "error": false,
  "result": {
    "steam_url": "https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960265729",
    "steam_id": "STEAM_0:1:0",
    "steam_id3": "[U:1:1]",
    "steam_id64": "76561197960265729",
    "battleye_id": "74ae012b5407e0a3cc2cd82ec1f8ba7d",
    "bohemia_id": "ccuWIpEIrX_wmD5VsthErf1qNQbEK7IdG6fL1Il4KuA=",
    "requests": 1



Discord BOT

Our brand new Discord BOT will allow you to use our service on your Discord server.


Get your BOT now:  Invite now

Reference:  https://devt0ols.net/converter/?inc=main/bot
Documentation:  https://top.gg/bot/756928506327466085


We appreciate any feeback!

How to contact us?  Legal notes



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Maverick V6

We will consider. Thanks 

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