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Kia Ora

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Hi All,

I'm Blut otherwise known as "That git", "The odd sounding one" or what ever moniker best comes to mind.

I've been gaming since the dark ages of Atari, Commodore and my personal favorite, the Amstrad. I'm 36 and hail from New Zealand.
I've been hanging around in online gaming for far too long, and as long as my wife doesn't have her way will continue to do so. I first started in BBS (Bulletin Board Service) playing LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon - for those who remember how amazing that was)

I've spent a wee bit of time in the NZ Army (Infantry) and then progressed into my career in the public sector as a Onsite IT Engineer. Basically, the IT Monkey who fixes all the broken things with the power of magic and google.

I've played far too many games over my gaming career, but find myself constantly returning to the holy trinity of RPG, FPS and RTS. Bring on Diablo IV and Cyberpunk!

I'm currently playing mostly EFT, and working solidly on my progression to Kappa. My original groups have all split up due to ping limitations, however have found that I can still manage to play with friends on Seattle servers (And obviously those local) and would love to find like minded players to not only assist one another in their Tarkov journey, but also with a bit of luck, make some new friends and potentially a family.

I find my playstyle in Tarkov to be best described as a "Chat". I come to raids fully geared as a Chad, but play with the mentality of a Rat. I don't seek fights, but if one comes my way I will be fully equipped to deal with it. I typically take the lead in squads that I play in currently (Purely due to experience and said gear) but more than happy to follow another if there is a plan in place.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Cheers for having me, I'll have a look about the joining section after I've read through Rules and CoC further.
Look forward to chatting with you, and please, do feel free to ask about anything. I will promise you an answer, may not be the correct one, but I'll have it 😛


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Trunkz Jr

Good to have ya @Blutkind were pretty much the same age (I'm turning 37 next month), but yeah the older gen consoles are a great nostalgia fix if you still have them working, once in a blue moon I'll hook up the old Coleco lol Sorry to hear about your friends, but as far as EFT goes you should have someone to group up with 🙂 just make sure to click Join Us at the top of the Forums when you do wish to become a UWS member.

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Welcome to UWS  - we enjoy gaming with folks from all over with all different kinds of backgrounds! There is always someone to play some ETF with most if not all hours of the day...hope to do a raid with ya sometime!

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