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Raid Tank and Healer Builds

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Vanguard Tank:


This is an example of what you would want for the vanguard tank build. Ideally both the chest and backpack are Gila. Pointman is preferred over normal vanguard but both work. 

Backpack needs Protector.

Secondary stats to focus on are Armor regen and Hazard protection. 

Best in slot mods are Burn Resistance. 

*Do note for those farming this that this best in slot build might change on Tuesday with TU10.1*

Other options might include 3 gila and 3 golan. 


Healer Build:


This is an example of what the Healer for the raid needs. Talents are Emphatic Resolve on chest and Safeguard on Backpack. 

Secondary stats are Skill haste and Repair Skill

Best in slot mods are Skill haste. 

You can easily swap one of the Alps for a Hana U but this is preferably done on the holster.

Other considerations: 4 piece Future Initiative 1 Alps 1 Hana U (do note that this loses the BTS U gloves utility and is therefore weaker for the raid overall.)

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