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Good Morning 😁


So last night on TeamSpeak, I've noticed 2 things...

1, Everyone loved a status effect build

2, Everyone is running a different status effect build


The point of this post is I am wanting all of us to compare notes so that we can come up with a really kick ass status effect build.


I want to hear YOUR thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recommendations and builds in regards to status effect builds.

So PLEASE post what your doing with status effect builds and why... what is better and why?

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-=Eclipse Status Effect=-

(Taking advantage of spreading status effects)

Specialization = Survivalist or Demolitionist or Technician

Gear = Vile Mask | 4 Eclipse Protocol | 1 Golan Gear backpack

Gear Stats = Skill tier | Priorities 1st status effects, 2nd skill damage and 3rd skill haste

Mods = Skill haste

Talents = Eclipse Protocol for chest and Creeping Death for backpack

Weapons = Everlasting gaze | Harmony Rifle

Skills = Airburst Seeker Mines (or chem launcher Firestarter) and Stinger Hive



Ok, so the above was my personal idea of making a really good solid status effect build right before the eclipse gear was released.

Now I want you to hear your ideas on how to make this better and why?



Survivalitst = Giving your entire group 10% damage bonus to all those enemies with status effects

Demolitionist =  10% explosive damage bonus, this adds to the vile mask effect

Technician = This gives you a free skill tier so you could add either weapon damage or armor to the build



Exotic = Vile mask, kind of a no brainer with the special effect. Imperial dynasty is nice with the automatic burn. Go-go bag because it will charge your stinger hive back to 18 in about 3 seconds.

I am going with Vile mask + Golan gear backpack (+15% status effect) with creeping death (see below) + 4 pieces of eclipse protocol (as eclipse is needed for a status effect build).


Gear Stats

Everything with max status effects, 2nd priority being skill damage and then 3rd priority being skill haste


Gear Mods

Skill haste as there really is not a better option here, I don't think skill duration has any effect on status effects


Gear talents

The chest being the Eclipse talent then for backpack I went with creeping death due to the buff it got with TU10

I was told last night that creeping death is bad and to use shock and awe... my thought is that creeping death now spreads %100 of the status effect to all enemies within 8m of the target, this is FN awesome! shock and awe will only give you 10% damage to your skill damage and 0% to status effects. But this build being all about status effect and not skill damage. Besides I enjoy seeing all enemies running around with multiple status effects LoL



Everlasting Gaze and Harmony, maybe the pestilence LMG? at the moment the pestilence is effected by status effect and spreads to even mechanical dogs and tanks.



Stinger hive, omg this is the best thing ever and is 100% required for a status effect build! (personal opinion)

2nd skill = hard choice... on paper the Air buster seeker mine is the top pick but a pain in the butt to use during game play. Sticky bomb burn is so/so because it does not do area effect that well and does not really help with spreading status effects. chem launcher fire is a decent pick for obvious reasons.

What about riot foam? yes this spreads. What about blind? yes this spreads too. But personally I'm more about damage. Does the shock trap shock spread? Does the oxidizer spread as a status effect? Does the scanner pulse spread? What about the bombardier drone for fire spread?

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-=Fire Damage Build=-

(1 Blue, 2 reds and 3 yellows)

Specialization = Firewall

Gear = Vile mask | Firm Handshake gloves | Eclipse chest | Eclipse Back pack | Ongoing Directive holster and knees

Gear Stats = Everything with max status effects | 2nd priority will be skill haste

Mods = Skill haste

Talents = Both from Eclipse Protocol 

Weapons = Everlasting Gaze | Pyromaniac (main weapon)

Skills = Burn Sticky Bomb | Chem launcher Firestarter




-=Pestilence Damage Build=-

(1 Blue, 4 reds and 1 yellow) (Applying 3 status effects per one hit)

Specialization = Technician (must have for the +1 skill tier)

Gear = Anarchist's cookbook backpack | Vile mask | 4 pieces of Ongoing Directive

Gear Stats = Everything with max status effects, then improve weapon damage and critical hit/damage, then add some survivability

Mods = Skill haste

Talents = Chest Ongoing Directive and Backpack Perfect Wicked

Weapons = Pestilence | Everlasting Gaze 

Skills = Healing Drone/Revive Hive | Chem launcher Firestarter OR Scanner Pulse | Blinder Firefly



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