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Hollywood Challenges Day 1

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Kally's tips for today's challenges:

#1: EMP pulse and sticky bomb do not give credit for this. TBH I don't know what EMP ability we have that does damage, and I'm pretty sure there are no other EMP abilities, so I hve no clue wtf the devs are talking about with this, so it's grenades! Recommend grouping and doing missions for this; hit mobs coming out of doors.

#2: Self explanatory. Recommend Demolitionist grenade launcher since it's easy to aim and has a good radius on instant shot.

#3: Easiest I found for this is seeker mines, but ya'll skill build folks may find something else more to your liking. FYI, firefly doesn't give credit for it. Additionally, shooting weak points on mobs that explode gives credit, such as mobs with grenade packs.

#5-7: self explanatory

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