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Reanimated Global Event - Day 2 Recommondations

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Regarding the more difficult challenges of Day 2:


Burn re-animated hostiles

I recommend using the Firewall specialization and just burning mobs after you refill your special ammo. You could also try a fire turret at a door where mobs pour out after killing them, but I'd gamble my recommendation is faster time wise overall given that mobs don't re-animate every time.

Eliminate Outcast hostiles with corrosive headshot damage

I recommend doing Outcast activities in free roam on Normal Mode. A corrosive cloud is not enough damage by itself to take down an entire red mob's health bar, so you will need to damage mobs a little bit and THEN head shot something near others so that they die to the cloud DOT. It's difficult to get them lined up like that, but i'm almost half done after roaming for about 30 minutes in Outcast territory. If you can find a few close together and are accurate, you can head shot two of them and that double corrosive cloud WILL be enough to kill a red mob.

Eliminate hostiles with weak point kills

You can kill Hyena and Outcast mobs with death weak points like the bombers or RC chicks while you do the other faction specific challenges or you can do an easy rinse/repeat method. Go to Stranded Tanker in NYC on normal mode. In the first fight, there are 3-4 red mobs with flamethrower tanks on their backs. Hit these to get them to start leaking and they will die for a weak point kill. Kill the mobs in that fight, exit, and reset. Do this until completed. I did that method for the last Global Event and it took me about an hour because I am a shitty shot with my Liberty lol!


Unfortunately, this event is only giving credit to the person that gets the kills/shots, so it's a solo event. Good luck all and please let me know if you have other questions! I already completed Day 1's challenges.

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