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May Event Poll

What Division 2 event for May?  

11 members have voted

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  1. 1. What Division 2 event for May?

    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Purple Gearing
    • Fashion Show
    • Range Game
    • Hide and Seek
    • Running Man
    • Pixel Peeper
    • The Wacky Races
    • Red Circle Dance
    • What friends are for

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Doing a poll because the April event only had 6 people enter 🙄

Not sure if the event was to hard, to silly, not worth the time or what happened so would like to get your feedback please.

I like doing events for us but if only one or two people are doing the event, I am not sure if it is worth while.


Please take a moment, leave some feedback for me, recommendations, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, complaints or anything! Please!


What Division 2 Game Event would you like to have???

@The Division Players


Scavenger Hunt = I did this for our Christmas event, I name ten things and you have to find them inside the open world, for example (Hot Dog Cart, Firetruck, Blue Sofa and etc)


Purple Gearing = Must have all purple gear, no gold or exotics. I pick a heroic mission and then the top 3 highest mission scores win.


Fashion Show = Take a screenshot of your character and one player is picked and one player is picked at random


Range Game = A random number is picked between 1 and 1 million, the first two players to screenshot that random number as their damage on the range wins


Hide and Seek = 4 player group, all using flashlight mods on pistols, in the darkest place in Division 2 we play flashlight hide and seek. If you shine your flashlight on a player, they are out and the last person moves to the next group like a ladder tournament.


Running Man = NO weapons, NO grenades, NO skills, NO healing and NO revive hive.  At a designated legendary mission, you run as fast as you can to see how far you can make it, the two players that make it the farthest wins.


Pixel Peeper = Screenshot contest, either Division 1 or Division 2. Can be anything you want, one is picked and one is picked at random


The Wacky Races = Foot race from point A to point B, no rules and no designated course, open world on heroic, fastest two times are winners


Red Circle Dance = Manning zoo, at the mortar stage, see how long you can last out in the open.


What friends are for = Inside the dark zone, 4 man group enters and last person standing moves up to the next round. You must get your teammates killed but you cant go rouge.




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there was nothing wrong with the fashion even other than i didnt win. clearly i had the best fashion with the hywiian stuff lol, maybe its the whole coming to the forums thing that people isnt doing often enough. maybe some in-game things would be more successful? something like a quiz where you say the question, we have 5 seconds to type an answer and then you make a note on the correct answers and who said them then you move on to the next question. sounds time consuming but it isnt. ask question, count to 5, then do this " ..................." to show the time is over, screenshot or phone pic, then move on and count at the end.

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Will keep this poll open until April 30th, last day of the month.


After that I will announce our Division 2 event!


Make sure you get your votes in before the end of the month!!! 😁

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