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WFinfo is a tool that tells you how much prime items are worth. It pulls data from the warframe market to tell you how much platinum the prime part is worth. It is being actively developed and is being updated constantly. This tool is allowed by DE so you will not be banned for using it.

Link to download it: https://wfinfo.warframestat.us/



To get WFInfo working properly, you need to verify 3 settings:

1. Scaling

2. Activation Key

3. Rewards Display


How to set Scaling:

1. Open Warframe

2. Go to Warframe's Options > Interface

3. Copy the value of "Custom Scale"

4. Open WFInfo

5. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window

6. Change "Warframe UI Scaling" to the value of "Custom Scale"


How to set your Activation Key:

1. Open WFInfo

2. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window

3. Click the box next to "Activation Key"

4. Press the Key you want to use


How to set your Rewards Display:

1. Open WFInfo

2. Click the Cog to open WFInfo's Settings Window

3. Click the text or the radio button of the Rewards Display you want


What are the different Rewards Displays?

Overlay: Displays the part information on top of Warframe ONLY WORKS WITH BORDERLESS OR WINDOWED (I prefer Overlay)

Window: Displays the part information next to the main window WORKS WITH ALL DISPLAY TYPES


How to see how much items are worth in your inventory:

CTRL + <activation key> now activates a "Snap-It" function 

This will allow you to trigger OCR on any item you want 

After hitting CTRL + <key>, just drag a box around the text you want to check 

It only works in game when there is a menu name at the top left, such as Inventory/Void Trader/etc 

Just drag a box over what you want to do OCR on, and it'll popup an Overlay/Window with the part info


Auto Mode

Auto is a new thing they added, to enable it click the cog wheel on WFinfo then check the "Auto" box.

What this is supposed to do is when your team opens their relics it will automatically show you how much each item is worth (Platinum and Ducats).  So that you can choose the best item that sells for the most.

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15 hours ago, Jannick said:

Seems very useful for warframe platinum market, how much is it?

$0.00 🙂

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