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First let me welcome you to the family! 😁👍🥳


Second please read our clan and game standards found here https://forums.uwsgaming.com/topic/25178-clan-standards/


Third please review and read up so that you can know UWS a little better, you will find the 'information' link up on top of the website.


*I'm AgentSerro (Call me Zero on comms) and the Game Admin for Division 1 and 2 so if you have any complaints, troubles, questions, need help or anything at all massage me and I will get back to you ASAP. I am available to all members 24/7.

About myself: Good natured, easy to get along with, since of humor and little over protective of our members. I live in Seattle WA, work as a maintenance manager at a property I also live at. On emergency call 24 hours a day so always have a tiny chance of having to leave the group in a hurry to go deal with water shooting thru a ceiling somewhere. Prior to this I was a General Manager for a barbecue restaurant in Virginia.

Likes: Anime, camping, Harleys, foodie, table top miniature gamer, avid video game player since pong, barbecue and preferred drink is Vodka & Redbull.

Dislikes: Toxic people, drama, people how drive 35mph in the 65mph zone, talking about politics and pineapple on pizza

How I run the Division 1 and 2 group: Relaxed, chilled, good positive attitudes towards playing with one another. All members having an equal say, all members being welcomed in our group and all members being like family. I have zero tolerance for toxic, drama and bad attitudes. I want out group to be a safe and fun place for all members to escape the real world, someplace to call home and a place that is always fun for everyone. No one is forced to do something they don't want to, not forced to play any certain hours or times, honestly don't really have many rules. My rule for this group is simple... Don't be toxic, be friendly and get along with all members, no members left behind, always come to me for any problems, keep the mood happy and have fun!

*Our group is really laid back, relaxed, helpful, fun and you wont have any problems here with us. With that being said, I will not accept any drama, negativity or toxic behavior within our group. Please make sure you read up on the rules and don't forget to connect your TeamSpeak UUID with your forum profile. Ask any questions, make yourself at home and have fun!

You are welcomed, you are safe and you are part of our family so please treat the next player the same way. We are all one single group, one family and we must have one another's back. Seriously, I wont stand for anyone mistreating any of my members, plain and simple. We are all of equal standing and importance. Also, please keep politics and religion off TeamSpeak as they will always start an argument.



Captains: We have two captains for our group, I will always back them up so if they say something and you come to me, I will say the same thing. Come to me first but if I am not online and its important then please go to my captains. They are here for all members and here to help me so please give them the same respect that you give all members. They are here to keep the peace and to help all members.


Captain LionKiller73: Introduction


Captain Sneaky: Introduction



Helpful Links:

All About UWS

UWS Rules

UWS History

UWS Steam Group

If your having troubles with doing the UUID for TeamSpeak

Connecting your forum profile with TeamSpeak (how to animation)



If you are new to Division 2, here is a quick guide to being a new player in Division 2:

*Leveling 1 to 30

Do the story missions the moment you hit the recommended level, they are the highest exp points. then only do your side missions to get to the story mission recommended level. then if you have too take control points and open world events if no side missions available.  story mission = highest exp / side missions are 2nd highest / open world events are the lowest.


*Gear score 250 to 500

Once you are level 30 and complete the main story line, you will go to world tier 1 and no longer have a level but a gear score instead. the moment this happens, have other players drop you gear score 450 to 500 items for you. Loot in this game is all over the place so they is always tons of left overs. the game will drop items based on your gear score, this includes items in your stash and your inventory.


*Gear score 500 to level 40

Once you are gear score 500, head to New York and complete the story line. Once you go to New York you cant go back to DC until the story line is finished. There is a settlement in NY where you can craft, clan vendor, recalibrate, specialization, stash and etc.

Follow the story in any order you want, then you will need to be level 40 to complete the very last mission. After you are level 40 go anywhere you want, play anything you want and start making your go-to build for yourself!


*End game, legendary strongholds and the raid

We do raids often, all members are welcomed in the raid and we will get all members thru the raid.

You need to first watch a video or two about the raid, its super hard and very complex so watching videos first is a huge help.

Your best build at level 40, is not going to be good enough for the raid, sorry.

You will die super quick, do almost no damage and the chaotic madness of the raid will over take you.

With that being said, we are here to help you, train you and get you to the point of being able to do the raid with no problems. Our best completion time is 30 mins. We will get you to the point of being a confident raid player.


*What to save and what to build and what to use

If you are under level 40, don't even worry about saving items in your stash or trying to put together that kick butt build you want... you level way to fast for it. if you pick something up that's better, then use it and if its not better then sell it or deconstruct it.

if you find a 'D50' pistol, save it! you need it to build a exotic pistol and its a rare drop. 

The AR, LMG and rifle are the go to weapons, depending on your playstyle.

Skills, use the hive reviver and for your 2nd skill... something you think is good or fun to use.


*Making your first build

Honestly I would not worry about this to much until you are level 40, then by that time you already know of a fun and cool way of killing enemies. Then start making your build around that. YouTube is your friend for builds, we also have lots of build information here within our forums for you! Don't be shy about asking other players for build help on TeamSpeak.


*Daily routine

That's up to you but I would say, do projects, seasons, manhunts and do some farming each day for both components and loot. Solar farm control point is a wonderful place to farm each day. Farm keys in the underground tunnels. DC tunnels has keys for DC factions and NY tunnels has keys for NY factions.


*Hints, suggestions and recommendations

  • Read our forums, there is so much information here about the group and about Division 2
  • Turn off DirectX 12, it will cause game crashes
  • find the orange crates hanging around, they have gear skins and sweet loot
  • find the green weapon crates laying around, they have weapon skins and sweet loot
  • Open suitcases as they will drop around 80 free apparel items
  • go into game settings, then controls and change 'move around corners' from slow to fast
  • go into game settings, then UI and then customize HUD, make your mini map radar bigger
  • go into game settings, then gameplay and change units to imperial if your in the states. change on call status to friends and clan only. change your recital so you can see it. bump up field of vision.
  • where to go to farm clothing items until you are maxed out, video for the location but in the upper left corner in the 4 block area.
  • after you have your gear score, do all side missions for the blueprints.
  • to farm blue prints, make a control point level 4 and then take it.
  • make at least one other character and get their inventory to 100, you will need the space!


*My two biggest recommendations!

1- Join us in TeamSpeak as playing in a group is always better and please ask us any questions!

2- Have fun playing and also make sure to explore the open world!

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