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Installation/Pathway Error?

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Hey everyone,


I really need some help here. I re-installed EFT after the new .12 patch and I ran into a bit of an issue. When I was attempting to install the game from the launcher I was prompted to 'set the path to the existing game installation.' Well it appears that no matter what pathway I choose, it's the incorrect one. I can download the game just fine. But upon attempting to launch the game from the launcher I get an error - 'Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item.'

Now I've been working on this for some hours now and I keep hitting a dead end. I've uninstalled, re-installed, selected multiple pathways, turned off my antivirus software, I've gone into the program security to make sure all of the boxes were checked, I added an 'everyone' group with all of the security boxes checked, etc. I attempted to launch the game from the EFT folder through the EFT.exe file, which worked, it booted the game up but of course I received an error stating the game client wasn't approved. So it seems like the game is there, but for some reason the pathways aren't connecting? I don't know, I've looked up youtube videos, read forums, and I'm just at an impasse. 

I mean, damn, Everything worked without any problems when I first started playing last patch. Now I can't even get in to play. 

Looks like I also noticed when re-installing that I get this error message as well: " Unable to load the file  Client"  - Maybe this is the real trouble maker. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Buff Commander

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Updated information on the errors

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Use your search bar near start menu.

Search add, should bring up add and remove programs

Press it.

Use it search bar within this function to find and uninstall Escape from tarkov then the launcher.

Now install Launcherfrom efts site.


Run launcher as admin. right click the icon and press "run as admin"

Before you install. Go to settings.


Change your game directory to your prefered area. Mine is in my gaming M.2. I suggest at least an SSD (not on the same one as your boot if possible)

Clean your temp folder and change it to a seperate file with in your new install folder you selected.

setting change.jpg

Hope this works. 🙂

If not post in the technical section on EFTs forum for direct help from devs or tech team.



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