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Wake Island Returns & More - BFV Data Mining

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Well it looks like for the first time since BF3, the iconic Wake Island map is returning to Battlefield!  Here is what Temporal has data mined from the latest patch of whats coming with Operation Underground and the Pacific:

First up, Operation Underground related stuff:


Hey guys,
finally a patch with a good amount of content to share on Reddit.
This post covers everything related to Operation Underground and the time between Chapter 4 and 5 since we're getting more than just a map.
A second one will feature a few new U.S. and Japanese weapons for the Pacific theatre (Chapter 5) and some related updates on cosmetics (no images because models are still missing) and weapon sets.
Here we go...

Operation Underground Weekly Challenges
The launch of Operation Underground seems to be accompanied by four additional weekly challenges including new weapons and a gadget as rewards.
These weeks could a standalone bundle without any chapter connection (and therefore no ranks and chapter rewards) or just an addition to Chapter 4.

Operation Underground Map Description:
"Within the narrow tunnels of the German underground railway, passenger and supply trains are halted when artillery fire ruptures the ground above causing both sides to navigate through the confined space to reach the other side." (Ingame)

Week 1
Reward: Jungle Carbine / Lee Enfield No. 5 (Bolt-Action Carbine / Medic)

Post image

"A shortened version of the ubiquitous Lee Enfield No. 4, this carbine was originally developed for use by paratroopers requiring a compact weapon. It was in wartime service for decades after World War II and variants of the design see civilian use to this day." (Ingame)


VISIONS OF THE END: Play 1 round on Operation Underground.

WHAT ONE CAN DO: Resupply or heal teammates for X score in one round.

FUEL THE FLAMES: Earn X score reviving, healing and resupplying teammates.

GET UP AND GET GOING: Revive X teammates in one life.

SHAKE THE FOUNDATION: Inflict X damage using explosives.

DAMAGE DEALER: Inflict X damage.

REVERBERATE: Inflict X damage in one life.

A LINE IN THE SAND: Capture X objectives.

REAPER: Kill X enemies.

UP TO THE TASK: Complete X squad orders in one life.

LIKE RATS IN A MAZE: Earn X score on Operation Underground.

CONCRETE JUNGLE: Kill X enemies with headshots using the No. 5 Jungle Carbine.

Week 2
Reward: unknown

Note: Maybe we'll get the C96 Trench Carbine in this week, maybe not...feel free to assume the worst.


TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE: Make it to the last 32 in a round of Firestorm or win a round of any other game mode.

SERIAL RUMMAGER: As a squad open X strongboxes or safes in Firestorm.

GEAR UP: Equip armor plates in Firestorm X times.


LET THE SUNSHINE IN: As a squad, open 1 vehicle lockup in Firestorm.

WHAT IS MINE IS MINE: Capture 1 Resupply Point in Firestorm.

KEEP MOVING: Capture X objectives.

NO TIME TO BLEED: Heal yourself or squadmates for X points of health in Firestorm.

MUTUAL SUPPORT: Revive squadmates or be revived by squadmates X times.

WRATH: Kill or down X enemies.

Week 3
Post image
Reward: Dutch Madsen / Madsen Mini (LMG / Support)

"The Madsen machine gun saw service in both world wars, having been the first light machine gun in the world when introduced in 1902. A particularly compact variant of the weapon was used by Dutch colonial forces in the inter-war period." (Ingame)

Madsen gameplay on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTzwEFuLSXc


WHAT A RUSH: Play 1 round of Rush.

BUNKER BUSTER: Win 1 round of Rush on Operation Underground.

WORTH DYING FOR: As a squad kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.

FIREBUG: Arm 1 objective.

DOUSED: Defuse 1 objective.

ADRENALINE ADDICT: Earn X score in Rush.

GLORY HOUNDS: Earn X score as Recon or Assault.

DIRTY WORK: Earn X score as Medic or Support.


BIG LITTLE GUN: Suppress or kill X enemies using the Dutch Madsen.

Week 4
Post image
Reward: Fliegerfaust (Gadget / probably Assault)

"A German prototype man-portable anti-aircraft launcher. Fires two salvos of unguided rockets." (Ingame)

Fliegerfaust gameplay on Twitter: https://twitter.com/temporyal/status/1138198863024656384


WHAT REALLY MATTERS: Earn X objective score.

THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES: Kill 1 enemy from a distance of up to 15 meters.

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Inflict X damage using the M.95, MAB38, or M28 con Tromboncino.


KING OF THE HILL: Kill X enemies while attacking or defending objectives.

SANITÄTER! SONNY TATER?: Revive X teammates in one life as a Medic.

PARAMEDIC: Revive X teammates.

FALLSCHIRMJÄGERWAFFEN: Kill or down X enemies using the MP40, Kar98 or MG34.

A GAME OF NUMBERS: Heal teammates or damage enemies for X health.

FAUST THAT FLIEGER: Destroy an enemy airplane using the Fliegerfaust.


"Halloween" Epic Weapon Set
I've included this weapon set because of the obvious timing (end of October) between Chapter 4 and 5. Currently the Halloween set can be applied to the Lewis Gun, STEN, StG44 and Lee Enfield No. 4.
Post image
Halloween weapon set on a Sturmgewehr 44

Private Games (RSP)
Patch 4.4 included a few self explanatory strings for the hopefully upcoming Private Games (RSP) system.

  • SELECT GAME MODES & MAPS: Here you can configure the number of rotations the game has. A rotation consists of a Game Mode and a Map. You must at least configure one rotation before you can create the game.
  • PASSWORD: Select a 4 digit passcode for your Private Game.
  • Select the minimum number of players that need to join to start the game.
  • Changing the game size will reset selected game modes & maps.

Additional Weapons & Gadgets
A short summary of (former) 5v5 weapons and gadgets that weren't showcased in the past.

Soviet LAD LMG

"An experimental Soviet light machine gun devised in an attempt to provide the firepower of an MMG in a more mobile form. It accomplishes this by firing the Tokarev pistol cartridge." (Ingame)


  • Magazine Capacity: 150 (7.62x25mm Tokarev)
  • Rate of fire: 670 (830 with specialization)
  • Muzzle velocity: 470
  • Reload time: 5.8 (1+ bullet left), 6 (empty) (15% faster with specialization)


  • 14.3 up to 15m
  • drops to 12.5 at 37m
  • drops to 11.2 at 50m


  • Improved Cooling or Quick Reload
  • Improved Hipfire or Improved Stationary ADS
  • Mag Dump Hipfire or Reduced Vertical Recoil
  • Rate of Fire Boost or Reduced Horizontal Recoil

LAD gameplay video on Twitter:

Swiss K31/43 & Barbed Wire

Swiss K31/43 Bolt-Action Rifle gameplay video:

Barbed Wire gameplay video:


New Playlist: Extreme Weather

The string "ID_M_MIX_EXTREMEWEATHER" could be a sign for a playlist containing map versions with extreme weather conditions.


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Now for the Pacific related items:


Hi guys,

today I want to share with you a lot of new details about the upcoming Pacific theatre in Battlefield V. This time it was a real pain to gather all this information for various reasons so I hope you like the results. Patch 4.4 analysis part II - Here we go...

We know DICE is planning to release three maps during Chapter 5 before the end of 2019. I've come across a few code names and a fourth map for this theatre of war.
Post image
Artworks just for visualization

Internal map list for the Pacific:

  • Wake Island
  • Iwo Jima
  • Jungle
  • Tropic Islands

"Wake Island" - an absolute classic. It's a map that takes place on the Wake Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, and has appeared in many iterations of the Battlefield Series.

"Iwo Jima" was already announced at EA Play in June 2019.

"Jungle" and "Tropic Island" give us only a small hint on what to expect in general on these maps.

Unfortunately I've no more information about them but I think this is a very nice start.

Post image
Type 97 MG (LMG)

"The Type 97 Light Machine Gun was the standard machine gun used in tanks and armored vehicles of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, a light machine gun by infantry forces." (Wikipedia)

Post image
M3 IR Sniper Rifle

"The M3 features an infrared scope for improved sighting in low-light situations, as well as a suppressor for reduced muzzle report." (Ingame)

Post image
Nambu Type 2A (SMG)

"The Experimental Model 2 Submachine Gun was a pre-World War II submachine gun of Japanese origin chambered in the 8mm Nambu round and was issued to Japanese Naval units, and used through until the end of the war." (Wikipedia)

Note: The client explicitly mentions the "2A" variant so expect it to look different from wider known versions like the one in CoD WWII (I think I got the image right).

Post image
BAR M1918A2 (LMG)

Note: Already more or less confirmed during EA Play and since patch 4.4 briefly mentioned in the client.

Post image
Type 94 (Sidearm)

"Manufactured in Japan since before the war, some viewed this pistol as being unnecessarily complex in its design while others admired that it was compact and lightweight." (Ingame)

Minor updates on already known weapons
M1 Garand (Semi-Automatic Rifle): A few new snippets confirm that this weapon will be a semi-automatic rifle and therefore available to the Assault class (as many of you already predicted).

Type 99 Arisaka (Bolt-Action Rifle): A few weeks ago we just had the "Type 99" string which can be associated with the lmg or bolt-action rifle. The new update confirms the Type 99 Arisaka without any overlappings which (currently) eliminates the Type 99 LMG as a datamined weapon.

Katana (Melee): New description: "Many swords were produced in the years leading up to the war as Japanese officers were required to wear them. The quality varied dramatically due to the amount that was needed in the short period of time." (Ingame)

Burned Plank (Melee): New description: "In a pinch anything that can be picked up with one hand can become a weapon. Even if it may be on fire." (Ingame)

Friendly reminder: M3 "Grease Gun" (SMG), M1919A6 (MMG) and Type 100 (SMG) were already found in the files.

Soldier Sets
The patch didn't bring new soldier cosmetics but I've got some details on the number and "structure" of sets for the U.S. and Japanese faction.

  • Currently each faction has eight base sets of common or uncommon quality (not sure but doesn't really matter anyway).
  • Every set gets a dedicated [rare] and [epic] variant - so we're looking at 24 sets in total for one feaction.

The following soldier set image is a good visualization of this concept:

Post image
Interesting: The already released sets (G.I., Yankee, Wild Eagle) and the ones on the image above seem to be part of this summary (otherwise certain numbers don't match but as usual I can't guarantee anything here). It's therefore not unlikely that we already know six of the 24 U.S. sets.

Here are a few additional U.S. set names (probably ordered by common, rare & epic rarity):

  • Crewman, Warden & Overlord
  • Leatherneck, Mariner & Searcher
  • Trooper, Bruiser & Commando
  • Enlisted, Brawler & Warhorse

Please keep in mind that some of these items will probably be part of chapter rank rewards, armory updates and CH5 booster packs.

Epic Weapon Sets for the Pacific
To round things off, I made some screenshots of three Chapter 5 epic weapons sets (on a M1919A6 and M1928A1) for you.

Post image
"Fossilized" / M1919A6

Post image
"Jungle02" / M1928A1

Post image
"Dragon" / M1919A6


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Lets just hope it doesn't take forever for this content. pls dice

  • Haha 1

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Everything but the weapon skins looks good to me. I am glad to see wake island making a return, though I have a feeling it wont be the same without proper naval units. 

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Trunkz Jr

Wake Island?


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On 9/9/2019 at 8:32 PM, Trunkz Jr said:

Wake Island?


The first Battlefield map ever finally returns. Finally.

And the Japanese are probably going to be running around with StGs and Kar98s just like the good old days.

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I swear if the japs come at me with a samurai sword, i'm gonna start using my cricket bat again. 

Also does that mean we might see full on navel combat in the future? 🤔

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If DICE bring in a katana its gonna be tied to some Elite, I can practically guarantee it. And as for Naval combat... who knows? I'd rather them fix their shit before naval combat. But I'm also a vehicle hater so.....

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57 minutes ago, SecretSquirrel43 said:

If DICE bring in a katana its gonna be tied to some Elite, I can practically guarantee it. And as for Naval combat... who knows? I'd rather them fix their shit before naval combat. But I'm also a vehicle hater so.....

Katana was listed above, and even if it is tied to an Elite, all Elite melee weapons can be used by any soldier in your company after being unlocked.

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Although Battlefield V has been a roller-coaster of emotion, I am looking forward to some possibly game saving updates and have enjoyed the recent performance gains (I can revive in smoke without lagging/FPS drop, gasp!). Are we still looking at getting a server as a UWS division with the upcoming RSP update? @Trunkz Jr @4F73RM47H@SecretSquirrel43@Zer0Wulf I imagine a few of us wouldn't mind starting a BFV fund for the, to quote the dataminer, "hopefully upcoming Private Games (RSP) system."


Edited by ranchitup

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Trunkz Jr

Yes we'll be getting a server. Hopefully can host some 1v1 tournaments again

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11 hours ago, ItsCripz said:

Also does that mean we might see full on navel combat in the future? 🤔

One would hope but that isn't actually going to fit the type of maps that are named so far.

Iwo and Wake have been Conquest-Assault in every iteration of BF. Only Midway and Guadalcanal (and technically Coral Sea) had full fleets in a Conquest-Head on map. Jungle could be code for Guadalcanal though so that might be a thing.

Tropic Islands looks like Invasion of the Philippines from the original:

It had small PT boats you could use very similar to the ones in BF1 as well as the Japanese destroyer Hatsuzuki which was the IJA's only spawn on map load. If you were smart you'd immediately U-turn the destroyer and beach it at the USMC airfield but that's off-topic.

Basically the original Battlefield did have naval ships in all of the pacific maps (Shokaku/Hatsuzuki for IJN, USS Enterprise/HMS Prince of War for USMC), but they primarily served as spawn points and artillery more than combat vehicles in the Conquest-Assault maps.

While my favorite has always been Wake Island, Midway holds the record for the largest battle in the entire series IMHO. It's the only map where you need absolute supremacy in Air, Land, and Sea or you can't win.


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