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Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge E3 Reveal

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Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge coming July 2nd


It's a bit long, for those who don't want to watch, I took some notes:


New Weapon: L-STAR


Gold Weapon (Like Mastiff and Kraber, it's only in SupplyDrops with limited ammo)

3x 60 Round Mags

Fully Automatic

Can Overheat

Can Open doors


Weapon Balancing


They generally want to make the weaker weapons better. Hinted that perhaps the Mozambique will now be usable.


2 New Weapon HopUps (Did not say what they do)


Season Pass

Season 2 pass will be challenged based instead of time-based

Daily and Weekly challenges (Will stack so you'll never lose them, could do all of the challenges on the last day if you wanted)

Leveling will be quicker

Removing Banners and Stat Trackers from Season Pass

3 new types of content (Didn't specify what)

Adding more Skins

Will earn enough crafting metals to craft a legendary by the end of the pass

4 new Legendary skins (Caustic, Spitfire, 2x R-301)


New GameMode: Ranked

Progress through 6 tiers (Bronze to Apex Predator) based on skill.

Skill based Matchmaking

Rewards at the end of the season based on tier


New Legend: Watson


Q - Perimeter Security (12 noDes can be placed how you want to create a fence, deals damage and pings when an enemy enters)
Ult - Interception Pylon (shoots down bombardments, grenades, arc stars, charges teams shield, supercharges Watsons Q when close, permanent structure until destroyed)
Passive - Ultimate Accelerants charges Ultimate 100%


Possible Map Changes

It has been teased (and ties in with Watson's lore) that Repulsor will break, which was responsible for keeping the giant Leviathons outside of the arena. Players have noted in the last day or so, they have moved the Leviathons significantly closer. It's likely at some point this season, the Leviathons will come onto the map, how it will affect things is still unknown.



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