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BFV Data Mining - Things Probably Coming to the Game

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Found this list on reddit, these are all things currently found in the BFV files (note a few items are already released like the LS/26 and Tromboncino M28 or are already coming, like the Boys AT Rifle, or maybe left over from BF1, like the Arditi Knife and Broken Bottle) Will add more in new posts as it comes.


US Equipment:

  • M1 Garand
  • M2 Carbine
  • M1919A6
  • M1917 Enfield
  • M1A1 Bazooka
  • M60 Mortar
  • EGW Survival Knife
  • M2 Paratrooper Switchblade
  • US Trench Knife
  • Model 27
  • Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout

US Vehicles:

  • M4A3 Sherman
    • Calliope Rockets also found in files (These were in the single player)
  • Ford GPW
  • T17E3
  • Staff Car

US Aircraft:

  • F4U Corsair

US Navy:

  • LVT
  • PT Boat
  • LCVP (Beach landings anyone? 😄 )

British Equipment:

  • Sterling
  • Lanchester
  • Welrod
  • Welgun
  • Boys AT Rifle
  • Jungle Carbine
  • British Naval Dagger
  • Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

British Vehicles:

  • Bishop
  • T17E2

French Equipment:

  • Chauchat
  • French Nail
  • French Hunting Knife

French Customization:

  • Elite Soldier: Hanna Delacroix
  • Soldier Set: Armee Secrete

Russian Equipment:

  • RMN-50 Rifle Frag Launcher
  • Russian Combat Knife


German Equipment:

  • MG30
  • Panzerbuchse 39
  • Goliath Tracked Mine
  • Panzershreck
  • P08 Artillery Luger
  • P08 Model 2?
  • C96 Carbine
  • Fallschirmjager Switchblade
  • Fliegerfaust
  • PPK
  • Stationary MG34
  • Kampfpistole
  • Model SLd Flare Pistol

German Vehicles:

  • Marder III
  • Sd.Kfz 251/17

German Customization:

  • German Paratroopers/Ju-52 Cockpit

Japanese Equipment:

  • Type 89 Knee Mortar
  • Katana

Japanese Vehicles:

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha
  • Type 3 Chi-Nu
  • Kurogane Type 95

Japanese Aircraft:

  • A6M Zero

Japanese Navy:

  • Type 2 Ka-Mi

Italian Equipment:

  • Breda PG
  • M91/28 con Tromboncino
  • MAB 38
  • Arditi Dagger

Italian Vehicles:

  • Grille Ausf. H


Misc Equipment:

  • Madsen
    • Danish
  • Lahti-Saloranta M/26
    • Finnish
  • Sjogren
    • Norwegian
  • Karabin 1938M
    • Polish
  • Astra Model 903
    • Spanish
  • Machinenpistole M1912
    • Austrian
  • Frommer Stop Auto
    • Austria-Hungary
  • MLE 1903 Extended
    • Belgian/Ottoman/Russian
  • TN-17 Radio Jammer
  • M-80 Firecrackers
  • Tripwire Smoke
  • Shaped Charge (AT Mine)
  • Lever Pipe
  • Sabre
  • Scout Knife
  • Folding Shovel
  • Barbed Baseball Bat
  • Quartermaster Knife
  • Machete
  • Fire Rake
  • Fire Iron
  • Escape Axe
  • Fire Poker
  • Sythe
  • Mountain Axe
  • Broken Bottle
  • Garrot Wire


  • Buff Syrette
    • "Stab yourself or a teammate with a buff syrette and enhance the target's capabilities for a while."
  • Demolition Grenade
    • "This bundle grenade heavily damages nearby structures and fortifications, but it has a long fuze time." (Ingame)
  • Breaching Charge
    • "Highly-concussive directional blast that can knock enemies down."
  • Commando Flare Gun
    • "The Commando Flare Gun shoots a high altitude spotting flare projectile which reveals moving enemies in a large area on its pulse."
  • Recon Plane
    • "The Recon Plane will scout all enemies in the direction you're facing. "
  • High Altitude Recon
    • Spots both teams. No further details known

Misc Vehicles:

  • Dinghy
  • Dodge Scout Car
  • Ju-52 Cockpit

Misc Customization:

  • Advanced Vehicle Customization

5V5 Competitive:

General Idea:

  • Objectives in this mode are usually Capture Flags, Raid Caches, or Plant or Defuse Bombs
  • Respawns are often limited (depending on the game mode) but you can always squad spawn in by spending your team's requisition
  • Medics are able to revive squad members even if they were taken out by a melee attack from behind
  • Only two traits for the scout commandos grant "unrevivable" kills (Ambush Kill / Stopping Power Headshot)
  • Spotting will play a more essential role as it is (alongside with other general things) taught by a tutorial mission
  • Blinding enemies with flashbangs (Captain) or tear gas (Panzerbüchse 39) are a new gameplay element


  • Attacking Team: "Take the objective or eliminate the enemy. The defenders have limited respawns and earn points while they hold the objective."
  • Defending Team: "Defend the objective until the end. You only have one life and you earn points for holding the objective as long as possible. "


  • Provence
  • Norway
  • Libya
  • Casquets
  • Rotterdam


  • Unranked
  • Bronze I-III
  • Silver I-III
  • Gold I-III
  • Sapphire I-III
  • Diamond I-III

Internal Sub-Game Modes

  • Extraction
  • Breakthrough
  • King of the Hill
  • Holdout

Other Game-Modes

  • Conquest - Grind
  • Tank Superiority
  • Squad Conquest Tournament


  • In 5v5 each team has to choose Doctrines / Special Forces which come with a focus on Objectives, Teamwork or Aggressive Tactics and unique bonuses
  • All players then select their preferred subclass (called "Commando" or "Kit") which features two unique traits
  • Doctrine and Commandos should, therefore, complement each other
  • You can change your commando at any time during the game and rank each one up (Proficiency I-II, Mastery I-II)


  • SAS Raiders (Great Britain): "Who Dares Wins"
  • Army Rangers (USA): "Rangers Lead the Way"
  • Devil’s Brigade (USA / Canada): No details
  • Volksgrenadiers (Germany): "Tapfer und Treu"
  • MSK (Germany): no details (MSK seems to be the "Marinestoßtruppkompanie")
  • Decima Mas (Italy): "Memento Audere Semper"

Each Doctrine Comes with 3 Bonuses (Ones we know):

  • Blast Armor: Incoming damage from explosives is reduced by 33%.
  • Tenacity: Health regen is faster and heals to full.
  • Recon Plane: A recon plane that spots enemies it flies over can be purchased with requisition.
  • Bipod Expertise: Bipods can be deployed while crouching.
  • Increased Throwables: Starting number of grenades is increased by one.
  • Expert Tracker: Spotted enemies remain marked on the map for two additional seconds after breaking line of sight.
  • Increased Munitions: Starting ammunition for all gadgets is increased.
  • Fast Fortifications: Fortifications can be constructed with the build tool in half the usual time.
  • Intestinal Fortitude: The last living squad member gains the ability to squad revive regardless of chosen kit.
  • Supply Drop: Airdropped ammunition and medical supplies are available for purchase with requisition.
  • Squad Deploy: Squad spawns can be purchased with requisition.
  • Artillery Strike: Artillery Strikes can be purchased with requisition.
  • Vehicle Incendiary: Tanks purchased with requisition are equipped with incendiary weapons.

Commando Traits:

  • Raid Leader (Captain)
    • 357 MAGNUM: Specialization Tree unlocks on your Sidearm that makes it accurate, powerful, and quick to draw.
    • ON MY MARK: Allies near your flashbang gain an agility boost for 5 seconds after it detonates.
  • Control Leader (Captain)
    • SIXTH SENSE: Sixth sense alerts you 3 seconds after you have been detected. Can only alert you once every 20 seconds.
    • SHARED SENSE: You grant allies within the radius of your spotting flare the sixth sense ability.
  • Support Leader (Captain)
    • No Data
  • Range Assault (Assault)
    • GAS BULLET: Panzerbüchse 39 bullets contain a tear gas capsule that blinds enemies in a small radius around the shot's impact.
    • MINEFIELD: Deploying a mine deploys four mines in a circle around the initial mine
  • Saboteur (Assault)
    • OUT WITH A BANG: Detonate a dynamite charge on yourself when man down ends.
    • Note: the Second trait is missing.
  • Shock Assault (Assault)
    • HEAL ON KILL: You instantly restore 30% of your health when you kill an enemy.
    • FIVE BULLET DEATH PUNCH: When you have 5 or fewer bullets in your weapon, your melee attacks will always perform a takedown.
  • Combat Medic (Medic)
    • HEALTH STASH: Your allies are able to retrieve Medical Pouches directly by interacting with you.
    • NEEDLE SHARPSHOOTER: You revive players instantly when using the Syringe.
  • Trauma Surgeon (Medic)
    • ADRENALINE: After reviving an ally, you and the revived ally sprint faster for a short duration.
    • INCOMING MEDIC: Your smoke grenades will slow the bleeding of downed allies within their radius for the duration of the smoke.
  • Combat Engineer (Support)
    • SPECIAL BLUEPRINTS: You can construct searchlights and reinforced doors.
    • COOL CALM: Kills or Kill Assists reset the overheat on the Deploy-able MMG.
  • Grenadier (Support)
    • TWO FOR ONE: You throw an additional grenade when you throw back grenades.
    • HOMECOOKED: Grenades can be cooked and you start with 2 additional grenades.
  • Gunner (Support)
    • LINKED AMMUNITION: While deployed your reserve ammo pool is added to the ammo in your weapon.
    • ADJUSTABLE BIPOD: The bipod can be deployed while crouching in addition to while prone or on cover.
  • Combat Sniper (Scout)
    • STOPPING POWER: Your headshots with Bolt-Action rifles leave your victims un-revivable.
    • STRAIGHT PULL BOLT: You do not need to zoom out between shots, allowing for rapid follow-up shots.
  • Infiltrator (Scout)
    • AMBUSH KILL: Players killed from behind or the side are unrevivable and are not marked on the enemy's map.
    • MAKE THEM SQUEAL: Melee takedowns are replaced with interrogation takedowns which mark the enemy's entire squad on the map.
  • Tactician (Scout)
    • TWO PLACES AT ONCE: When you are spotted, the last place you were spotted is also marked on the enemies' map.
    • K BULLET: Your weapons have increased bullet penetration and damage to enemies behind objects.

Upcoming Limited Time Modes:

Fortress (64 Player)

  • Variation of Breakthrough on three maps (so far)
    • Devastation: Take or defend the Cathedral
    • Hamada: Take or defend the Fort
    • Rotterdam: No data available right now


  • Appears to be a form of "Conquest" but without flags
  • Instead, you have to build and defend "Radio Towers" to earn recruits, score, and requisition
  • Radio towers can be upgraded for faster point accumulation but (in contrast to flags in Conquest) don't serve a spawn locations
  • Scouts and their spawn beacons are therefore a very nice asset for your squad
  • If you want to conquer an Outpost you have to destroy the enemy radio tower and build your own after that
  • Exact winning conditions are unclear so far (recruits)
  • Available for a limited time beginning June 6th


  • "All out warfare: Defend your resources and destroy the enemy resources. Destroy enemy resources while protecting your own. Eliminate enemy troops and resources to win."

New Gamemodes:

  • Grand Battlefield (8v8, 3 Rounds)
  • Frontlines (which will introduce MComs as objectives)
  • Defuse
  • Squad Conquest Tanks (8v8)
  • Tank Conquest (2 Squads Each Team)
  • Tank Battles
    • "Tank Battles is a tanks-focused custom map rotation with shorter tank respawn timers, consisting of Conquest and Breakthrough played on large maps."
  • Pacific Air Combat
    • ? Found in files, unknown what it means

New Maps:

  • Mercury
  • Marita
  • Urban Combat
    • ? Said to be a nostalgic map

New Maps for Squad Conquest

  • Devastation
  • Fjell
  • Narvik

New Player Tutorial






































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Looks good to me! 

Can't wait for the Americans to get into the game. Hopefully, everything listed gets added in quickly.  One of my biggest problems is drip feeding all the content. I think if they added guns and equipment to short 2 or 3 assignment branches and not tide 100% to tides of war. I'm enjoying the new medic gun though so this gives me hope they can add a few more like it or better!

Thanks for posting @Col-Squirrel

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Sorta agree with you there @4F73RM47H

While I definitely like Tides of War and earning rewards and whatnot each week, maybe remove weapons from the week rewards and put them out all at  once with assignments like previous BF's.

Also if we could either get a lvl cap increase or some way to FLEX with our Tides of War rank, cause what is the point of levels when we all 50 anyway.

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Trunkz Jr

Hopefully some better weapons for Medic, that Commando Carbine was poop... 

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17 minutes ago, Trunkz Jr said:

Hopefully some better weapons for Medic, that Commando Carbine was poop... 

This weeks, the trombone or whatever you want to call it, is like the commando except not suppressed and more dmg. Less falloff, and comes with a grenade launcher. While still sorta gimmicky it feels better than the commando.

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Please don’t fuck this up dice, I’m really looking forward all this stuff. 

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33 minutes ago, Zer0Wulf said:

Please don’t fuck this up dice, I’m really looking forward all this stuff. 

Let us pray 🙏

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Posted (edited)

Alright, its a monday, and a holiday for those of use in the US, so here's some more info found in the files of the latest patch! Including separate factions for the pacific, and dolphins! Also if you haven't seen the trailer yet for the Mercury map, it's been posted here: 

Now to the new info:


US and Japanese factions arrived (secretly)

DICE took first steps towards individual factions for the Pacific and implemented the US and Japanese as seperated parts in the company. Take a look at this image to understand what happened behind the curtain:


Before the patch we had just Allies and Axis depicting UK and Germany. These parts were internally renamed to "Allies - UK" and "Axis - Germany". Though not visible DICE additionally added "Allies - US Pacific" and "Axis - Japan" next to the existing factions.


We'll probably get separate soldiers / loadout options for the new factions (not surprising but quite a few feared that DICE would stick to a big "Allies" and "Axis" pool).

Restricting models, weapons, gadgets or vehicles to certain theatres of war is now (of course) an option - feel free to speculate to which extent this is going to be the case.

It is interesting that they've added the "Pacific" suffix to the US faction. Probably necessary because one "big" US faction for both Pacific and Europe would allow you to use all of their equipment in both theatres of war.


Firestorm: A Respawn System is being worked on

The recent patch shows some significant signs in various files that DICE is working on a respawn system for the squad and duo (yeah I know...) version of Firestorm.

It is connected to a public event (location) so you have to go there and capture it

Players get a message on their screen that Respawn is available

"Squad Spawn" sounds like you just spawn like in regular multiplayer (so no advanced stuff like getting back into the game via an additional airdrop)


Mercury: Combat Zone & Assets

Mercury Named Locations


I've read a lot of questions about the actual combat area of Mercury after posting the complete minimap a few days ago.

While I am not able to exactly track it down I think the named locations give you a pretty good idea where you will be engaging other players.

The image features roughly 85% of all location names (I skipped some roads for example and a few places overlap)


Mercury Game Modes:

  • Breakthrough
  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Frontlines
  • Outpost
  • Squad Conquest
  • Team Deathmatch


Mercury Assets:


Ingame model of the DFS 230, a German transport glider operated by the Luftwaffe in World War II. It played a significant role in the Battle of Crete and will therefore be featured as a non-usable asset on Mercury.


A dolphin model straight from the files for the new map. Maybe we can even swim with them...


Grand Operation Greece

It is no surprise that we'll get a new Grand Operation with the launch of the second greece map ("Marita"). Here is the structure:

  • Day 1: Marita (Frontlines) -> usually we should expect Airborne here so maybe just a placeholder...
  • Day 2: Marita (Breakthrough)
  • Day 3: Mercury (Conquest)
  • Day 4: Mercury (Final Stand)


Game Mode "Invasion": A Grand Operation Alternative?

"All out warfare: Defend your resources and destroy the enemy resources. Destroy enemy resources while protecting your own. Eliminate enemy troops and resources to win." (Ingame Description)

  • Classified as an "Overall Gamemode" like Grand Operation
  • 32v32 players and two rounds per map
  • Airborne seems to be part of it (maybe round 1 / day 1)
  • Second round / day features a conquest-breakthrough mix where you have to capture objectives and (after some time?) they're permanently yours
  • Seems to have a "carry over" mechanic (like Grand Operation) to get a bonus for round two if you do well in round 1

I don't know if this is just another temporary game mode or (just speculating here because it's a "meta" game mode) an tighter alternative for Grand Operation coming to the Pacific maps in Chapter 5.


New Squad Reinforcement


A new squad reinforcement is called "High Altitude Reconnaissance" and "Spots both Teams". It's probably a call-in airplane (non-usable) with a spotting camera flying over the target zone and it surely has some "recon plane" vibe which we'll get for 5v5 mode.


Models of unreleased equipment - because why not?


  • Type 89 Knee Mortar
  • TN-17 Radio Jammer
  • Hawkins grenade
  • Model SLd Flare Pistol
  • The remote controlled Goliath Sd.kfz 303 (unfortunately with unfinished tracks)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldV/comments/btlcny/bfv_data_mining_us_japan_arrived_secretly/


Edited by Col-Squirrel

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