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New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to Warframe!

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"For generations you've slept, no purpose, no call to wake you. But now, something has risen from the ruins of the Old war..."

Warframe is a game grounded in familiar ideas permeated with distinct style and flair. You, a mysterious warrior with an unclear past, wield gun, blade, and the spectacular power of your Warframe. You contend with a totalitarian clone military, a high-tech merchant cult devoted to profit, and an ill-fated bioweapon designed by a fallen super-civilization. In your battles and adventures, you become a savior of the weak, a saboteur of the wicked, and a survivor against immense odds. Uncover your past, unlock the power of your weaponry, and unite with other players against the game's villains and its difficulty.


Here are a few important resources to get you get started!

The official Warframe Quick Start Guide will get you playing in no time!

Fortuna Map and comprehensive guide to the cold Venusian surface will help you brave the largest open world expansion yet!

Plains of Eidolon Map and getting started on Plains of Eidolon, two helpful resources written by the community for the community!

Unofficial Warframe Handbook  Whether you're new or returning it’s highly recommended you give this a look.

Fennyface's Beginner's Guide ! the most comprehensive and robust explanation of the new player experience in the community.

Mastery Calculator,  A useful tool to help you become one of the most experienced space ninja's to bullet jump through the world of Warframe!

Beginner's Gun Modding and Melee Modding Guides, A how-to on the basics of weapon modding.

Community Tier List Perfect for seeing what is regarded as "good" or "bad" in the world of Warframe. Please remember that everything can work if you put time into it! Alternatively, you can try searching for recent tier lists.

Community Guide to Farming Resources A perfect place to find out where to efficiently farm for the materials needed for that gun you've had your eyes on since the start!

Looking for streams or creators? Check out the Official Warframe Partners page, as well as the Warframe Partner's Program if you're interested in joining them!

The Warframe wiki, a fellow official fan site, is the premier information hub for all things Warframe. An index of everything in the game, it's the first place and the best place you should go to figure out what anything is!


@Warframe Players

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