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Damn, no extra girth....

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14 hours ago, Kragar said:

Damn, no extra girth....

Rip the girth

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Hotfix 25.2.4


  • Fixed 2 Kuria collectibles damaged by neuro-carnivorous memes in the Gas City tileset. Cat hunters rejoice.

  • Fixed performing a ground slam on a Cryopod while Wukong's Primal Staff is equipped resulting in the Warframe’s animation to get stuck in the air.

  • Fixed a spot in the Gas City tileset where players could become Tubemen, sliding down inside extremely narrow tubular machinery.

  • Fixed Fulmin's firing mode / appearance can become desynced if transition is interrupted by Wisp’s Wil-O-Wisp ability.

  • Fixed the Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger enemy highlighting not functioning if you aim at Gara's Mass Vitrify wall.




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Looks like Wukong, Zhuge, and Nikondi will be the next Primes coming

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So they decided to try and run wukong hype from rework and went out of order

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5 minutes ago, Kragar said:

So they decided to try and run wukong hype from rework and went out of order

Looks like it

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Wukong Prime: Update 25.3.0

Become the ultimate trickster-warrior with Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime by earning in-game through Relics!

Check out the official public drop tables here.

Get the newest Prime gear with Wukong Prime Access and Prime Accessories here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access  

Hydroid Prime, Ballistica Prime, and Nami Skyla Prime have entered the Vault!




Nora Night’s next broadcast follows the remarkable tale of Arlo. As the story unfolds, you’ll learn more about Arlo and his mission to soothe our deepest wounds.

Series 2 brings a brand-new set of Infested-themed rewards to earn! Rise through all 30 Tiers to unlock these limited-time rewards before the Series is over. 

Earn unique rewards like: 

  • Spore Ephemera (Tier 19): Leave a trail of filth with every footstep.
  • Umbra Forma (Tier 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon. 
  • Protosomid Shoulder Guard (Tier 28): Loathsome tendrils squirm from these hefty 
  • Chitoid Sentinel Bundle (Tier 29): Give any Sentinel a flair of Infestation with this pack.
  • Emissary Operator Collection (Tier 30): Become like Arlo's devoted with this Operator cosmetics collection.
  • And so much more!
  • Nightwave Series 2 Changes
  • Based on your feedback, Nightwave Series 2 introduces a suite of changes to reduce the time and tension of earning rewards. Some of these went live with Nightwave: Intermission, but let’s refresh our minds:

  • Playing Catch-Up! - We added a way for you to replay missed Acts from previous weeks, in case you have missed them!
  • De-grindification! - Less Weekly and Elite Weekly acts, but still giving the same amount of Standing as you would get from Series 1! In addition, we are looking to front-load Emissary Creds as an earlier reward for participating in the Series!
  • Act Changes! - We have lowered the Time and Wave requirements for some Endless Mission Acts, as well as lowering the cost of Ayatan Statues (this was implemented during Series 1). In addition, we have also removed the ‘with friends’ requirements from all of our Nightwave Acts!
  • New Acts! - Including the most important one... petting your Kubrow or Kavat! We also included some Acts for Kuva missions, Transmuting Mods, K-Drive Races and more!






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New Cinematic Intro (better quality than leak)


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Wukong Prime Drops

Axi G2: Wukong Prime Neuroptics, Common

Lith W1: Wukong Prime Blueprint, Rare

Meso K2: Wukong Prime Systems,  Uncommon

Neo S12: Wukong Prime Chassis, Uncommon


Ninkondi Prime Drops

Axi P1: Ninkondi Prime Chain, Uncommon

Meso N7: Ninkondi Prime Handle, Rare

Neo R2: Ninkondi Prime Blueprint, Common


Zhuge Prime Drops

Axi D1: Zhuge Prime Receiver, Uncommon

Axi M1: Zhuge Prime String, Common

Lith L1: Zhuge Prime Blueprint, Uncommon

Meso A2: Zhuge Prime Grip, Common

Neo Z3: Zhuge Prime Barrel, Rare

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Let's farm em up

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New Riven Disposition changes as per Update 25.3.0


Boltor: 0.95->1.05
Braton: 1.1->1.2
Cernos: 1.1->1.15
Dread: 1.1->1.2

Glaxion: 1.35->1.25
Gorgon: 1.4->1.3

Hek: 0.85->0.95
Hema: 1.2->1.25

Ignis: 0.6->0.55
Lanka: 0.85->0.8

Nagantaka: 1.05->1.1
Opticor: 1.15->1.05
Paris: 1.2->1.3
Quanta: 1.1->1.25

Rubico: 0.8->0.7
Simulor: 0.85->1
Soma: 0.75->0.85

Stradavar: 1.15->1
Supra: 0.85->0.8

Sybaris: 1->1.05
Tetra: 1.5->1.45
Tiberon: 1.1->0.95

Tigris: 0.5->0.55
Tonkor: 0.95->1.15

Vectis: 0.8->0.85
Veldt: 1.2->1.25


Akjagara: 1.25->1.05
Aklex: 0.85->0.8

Brakk: 1.1->1.2
Catchmoon: 0.8->0.6
Cycron: 1.1->1.15
Embolist: 1.45->1.4
Gammacor: 0.8->0.9
Hikou: 0.95->1.05
Lex: 0.7->0.9
Marelok: 0.8->0.9
Pandero: 0.95->1

Pyrana: 0.8->0.7
Rattleguts: 0.9->0.8
Sicarus: 1.15->1.1

Sonicor: 0.8->0.9
Spira: 1->1.1

Tombfinger: 0.85->0.75
Twin Grakatas: 1->1.05
Twin Gremlins: 1.3->1.2
Twin Rogga: 1.2->1.25
Viper: 1.45->1.35
Zylok: 1.15->1.25



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RIP.  Two of my favorite weapons got nerfed

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Hotfix 25.3.1 


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Hotfix 25.3.2 +


General Additions:

  • Added a new Plains Assassinate Bounty Bonus Objective of ‘Draw out the target within one minute for bonus’. More bonuses to come after further testing. 
  • Nightwave Changes & Fixes:

  • Right clicking on Nightwave rewards will now display its preview diorama.
  • Fixed inability to mark Mods dropped from containers in the Void for the "Mark a Resource or Mod" Nightwave Act.
  • Fixed the Glaive Prime Blueprint help text saying it's obtainable from Nightwave Cred Offerings.
  • Wukong Changes & Fixes:

  • Wukong’s Celestial Twin no longer utilizes Quick Thinking to fix the Twin living indefinitely. 
  • Fixed ability to replicate Wukong’s Celestial Twin multiple times by abusing Emotes.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Cloudwalk and Defy abilities turning off sprint toggle when used.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Immortality Passive triggering while in Archwing in Vallis / Plains which results in getting stuck in Archwing instead of being knocked out.
  • Further fixes to floating Armor on Wukong / Wukong Prime.
  • Survival Spawn Change:

  • Historically the number of concurrent enemies in Survival was related to where the mission was in the Star Chart; early missions tended to have less enemies and later missions tended to have more and this number did not change even when you stayed in a mission longer to face higher-level enemies. As an experiment we have changed the scaling mechanic so that staying in a low-level mission longer will also increase the enemy count as it increases the enemy level until it hits the same cap it would have for high-level missions.
  • Sabotage Changes & Fixes:
    These Changes & Fixes relate directly to if the Reactor Sabotage ‘magnetic’ situation is triggered:

  • Increased visibility of the panic button placed at the Reactor console.
  • Reduced hack time for enemies at the Reactor panic button to 1.5 seconds.
  • Increased 'Defend' time to 60 seconds from 40 seconds.
  • Fixed no enemies spawning to trigger lockdown at the Reactor console.
  • Fixed enemies unable to reach the Reactor console.


  • Objective UI markers now flash red to match red X attack markers.
  • Corrupted Vor is now marked with a red X marker if killing him is required to progress past the 'kill enemies' stage in Interception.
  • Changed Spy panic buttons in the entrance hallways of Spy Vaults to stop enemies using them and setting off the alarm when outside the vault in Gas City, Grineer Fortress, and Sealab tilesets.
  • Kuva Cell pickups now take priority over Life Support Tower activation actions to alleviate accidental Life Support activation in Kuva Survival.    
  • Increased brightness of the grey ABC markers in Lua Spy missions.
  • Improved an extraction area in the Gas City tileset to be a little more generous.
  • Changed the Venus Assassinate area marker so it matches the UI objective.
  • Removed ability to spawn Arlo Devoted Healers in the Simulacrum.
  • Removed Wisp footstep sounds when wall running.
  • Removed outstanding old Corpus Lockers and replaced them with the new Locker meshes.
  • Improvements to the Gear Spiral controller sensitivity.
  • Made Teleport Pits willing to send loot to a nearby spot as a last resort instead of letting it fall out of the world.
  • Made hundreds of micro-optimizations to numerous game and UI scripts.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to screenshots taken with F6 (particularly for 4K displays).
  • Optimized game startup time slightly.

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A compact four-barreled design packing a self-charging capacitor that discharges upon every reload from empty. Features auto hip-fire and aimed fire looses a four-shot instant burst.

*Quatz Pro Tip: start firing from the hip and aim while keeping the trigger held down to stay in auto mode!

This traditional staff weapon is making a triumphant return! Fashioned with Grineer materials and balanced for marine infantry use, the Amphis Staff has received a monstrous makeover that enables shock damage on jump attacks. 

Repurposed paramilitary dress, for a fast response to any situation.

A Syandana assembled from the scavenged internals of some unidentified mechanism, it is still dusty from the desert where it was found.

A sleek, molded bodyglove, enhanced with piezo-electric detailing.

A sleek, molded bodyglove, enhanced with piezo-electric detailing.

Pick up the Quatz Collection or any of the individual items by visiting the in-game Market today, and put Grineer technology to use helping the Origin System instead of conquering it!

Add one of five new Domestik Drone variants to your Orbiter for a little variety, or pick them all up for maximum Domestik diversity! Keep the Orbiter in spotless condition with the latest in Corpus sanitation technology. 

This antique Orokin string instrument once belonged to a great Dax. The ancient ballad, “Smiles from Juran,” is one of the few known examples of music composed for this instrument. 

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Attention Tenno! There is a Proxy Rebellion taking place!

Here are the different missions and rewards, they will last for 2 days (the weekend)

• Mars (Defense): 50,000 Credits + Exilus Adapter 
• Neptune (Interception): 50,000 Credits + Pistol Riven 
• Jupiter (Survival): 50,000 Credits + Orokin Catalyst and Reactor Blueprints 
• Europa (Defense): Rakta Syandana + Stratos Emblem


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Hotfix 25.4.1 +


Tekelu Collection II:

  • Akstiletto Tekelu Skin
  • Glaive Tekelu Skin
  • Nikana Tekelu Skin
  • Panthera Tekelu Skin
  • Redeemer Tekelu Skin
  • Tekelu Collection III:

  • Magnus and Akmagnus Tekelu Skins
  • Vasto and Akvasto Tekelu Skins
  • Baza Tekelu Skin
  • Gunsen Tekelu Skin
  • Stradavar Tekelu Skin


  • *We missed an important check-in that this feature requires, which we're currently building for a quick Hotfix to truly put this feature live. Sorry for the confusion! Added a highly requested ‘Toggle’ for Excalibur Umbra’s details to hide / show his details on Skins! This predominantly hides / shows Umbra’s scarf to allow Skins to truly shine!


  • Updated Chroma’s Vex Armor ability description to include nearby Allies:
    • When Shields are hit, Chroma and nearby allies' Armor grows stronger, when Health takes a hit, Weapon Damage increases.



  • Eliminated 20MB of RAM used by the User Interface.
  • Eliminated 5MB of unused UI textures loaded in many missions.
  • Eliminated 1.5MB of generated bytecode used by the script engine.
  • Optimized common script bindings to reduce script time by 13%.
  • Performed automatic optimizations to hundreds of gameplay scripts.
  • Optimized threaded rendering of the mini-map.
  • Optimized GPU particle effects.


  • Fixed Clients becoming stuck in the loading screen if the Host simultaneously aborts.
  • Fixed a case of Kuva Clouds spawning right beside the Kuva Siphon in the Gas City tileset, resulting in the mission being difficult to complete as the Kuva Cloud gets almost immediately sucked up. 
  • Fixed the Quatz’ reload ejected clip flipping orientation when released.
  • Fixed the Quatz’ Electric Discharge sound playing twice for Clients.
  • Fixed the Quatz’ special reload damage and VFX not displaying when a Skin is equipped.


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Devstream is happening this friday.  2pm eastern.  They are going to be showing off Gauss

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Hotfix 25.4.2 

  • Increased the drop rate of the Bloodshed Sigil from 1% to 3% from the Profit-Taker. 
  • Changed the Nightwave ‘Silent Exterminator’ Act to clarify its requirement. It now reads:
  • Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms.
  • Improved navigation markers in the Infested Corpus ship to help players navigate between floors. 
  • Removed hack doors from the Razorback boss tileset.


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Hotfix 25.4.3


  • Made a micro optimization to Ignis effect scripts.


  • Further fixes towards crashes that could occur when typing invalid characters in text boxes.
  • Fixed inability to confirm numerous text box situations even though the correct words were entered in non-English clients, such as:
    • Can MOTD
    • Dojo Room Messages
    • Friend Notes
    • Contributing Dojo Decorations
      • And possible some other scenarios 
  • Fixed Client's inability to progress the "Find X Syndicate Medallions" Riven requirement.
  • Fixes towards cases of mismatched Host / Client Dojo.
  • Fixed clipping doors in the Lua Sabotage tileset.


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Gifts of the Lotus are live!

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Update 25.5.0 +

Reborn in flame, Wukong finds enlightenment in the Wukong Samadhi Collection! 

From the cauldron's flame emerges the immortal Wukong Samadhi. 

Wukong Samadhi's signature Helmet. 

Wukong Samadhi's signature Whip Skin. 

Wukong Samadhi's signature Syandana. 

A collection of immortal Wukong items, including Wukong Samadhi Skin, Meteor Whip Skin, and the Subhuti Syandana.

*The Wukong Samadhi Collection also includes the Wukong Samadhi Iron Staff Skin that can only be applied to Wukong’s Iron Staff!

Wield Wukong’s awe-inspiring power on your own journey today!


Added the ability to view a list of items you own that a Riven fits into. This way you can know which stats you want, without having to flip-flop between the Arsenal to check:


Colour Picker Changes:

We have released substantial improvements to the Colour Customization of Warframe! 

  1. You can now view your Palettes in a redesigned screen that allows for more convenient browsing of your options. The old single-column design took a long time to scroll, and the new two-column cleaner design is much more streamlined. 
  2. Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!
  3. Any Legacy colours cannot be saved as favourite - this is to fix a bug that would prevent any and all customization saving. 
  4. +5 new ‘Favourite’ Colour slots! 
  5. Added new ‘drag’ functionality to the Favourites grid so you can move colour around! 
  6. Added focus sound to swatch grid, and select sound when toggling favorites!


Nightwave Fix:

  • Fixed previous Acts being visually marked as ‘Complete’ if the same Act was complete in Series 1. These Acts were also counting towards the 3 Recovered Acts, which prevented other eligible Recovered Acts if you had 3 of these affected Recovered Acts.

General Changes:

  • You can now Transfer to the Operator while Fishing / Conservation.
  • Upgrading a Relic while in a Void Fissure endless mission will now ask you if you wish to equip the upgraded Relic.
  • Any summoned allied Specters in a Nightmare mission will now have a reddish distorted glow to indicate that they have turned against you and you’ve made a huge mistake in trusting them.
  • Your chosen UI Theme is now applied to the Riven reroll screen!
  • Adjusted the holster position of Warfans, Polearms, Scythes and Staffs on Zephyr Prime.
  • Adjusted the Holster position of Sword and Shields on multiple Warframes so it is attached and rotated correctly.
  • Adjusted the default holster position of the Lenz Quiver so it sits closer to Warframe's backs.
  • Adjusted the Emblem offset on the Helminth Charger, Drahk Pattern, and Underbrush Pattern Kubrows to fix them disappearing completely.


  • Fixed new Clan members able to Research the Ignis Wraith in a Clan that does not have access to that specific Research. 
  • Fixed the Ropalolyst firing lasers immediately after it’s ‘bug zapper ground flop’ cinematic ends. As reported here:
  • Fixed using the Itzal’s Fighter Escort ability while in Submersible water resulting in immediate drone destruction and the infamous ‘Abilities In Use’ issue.
  • Fixed the Zenith sometimes getting stuck only firing one semi-auto shot before reverting to auto.
  • Fixed misaligned hitboxes on the Hyena Pack enemies.
  • Fixed Allied Shield Ospreys no longer providing Shield Buffs
  • Fixed Shield Osprey Eximus Specters not shooting at anything.
  • Fixes toward Drahk enemies performing Melee attacks but not actually able to hit their target.
  • Fixed Infested Crawlers freezing in place instead of attempting to attack when being rushed at.
  • Fixed Flameblade enemy variants often missing their first attack even against a stationary player.
  • Fixed enemies being overly reluctant to shooting at Frost’s Snow Globe from a longer distance. 
  • Fixed Melee Channeling toggling off when swapping to a Primary / Secondary.
  • Fixed certain charged weapons not working correctly with certain NPCs such as Executioner Harkonar and Spectres.
  • Fixed missing prompt when equipping an Echo-Lure that ‘This item will be automatically available from the Gear Menu while using the Tranq Rifle’. 
  • Fixed missing wipe-out animation when crashing into an obstacle while on your K-Drive. 
  • Fixed Garuda’s Arsenal Ability UI displaying Health Drain is modified by Power Efficiency. 
  • Fixed missing sorting Tabs in the Mod Manager screen when a filter clears all equipped Mods.
  • Fixed inconsistent text for the Capacitance Mod on Volt when looking at the Mod and in the stats page when the Mod is at Rank 0 and 2. 
  • Fixed the Itzal’s Penumbra Ability resulting in a ‘ugly insta stop’ animation.
  • Fixed Prime Toggle appearing always off to other players in a Relay, Dojo, or Town.
  • Fixed missing Codex entries for the MK-1 weapons, Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal.
  • Fixed metallic looking eye textures, predominantly seen in Cetus at night.
  • Fixed the Sonicor and Opticor having an overly bright FX.
  • Fixed misaligned Certus Brace and Propa Scaffold when building an Amp.
  • Fixed the Narvarr Prime Leg Armor clipping through Nyx’s Pasithea Skin skirt.
  • Fixed the Cryona Syandana clipping through Khora. 
  • Fixed misaligned Vetala Ankle Plate when equipped on Limbo Prime.
  • Fixed rocks that were suspended in mid air by sitting them down (literally) and telling them about physics and gravity.
  • Fixed Grineer Sealab water appearing in other tilesets.
  • Fixes towards Assassinate intro boss name not being visible for Clients.
  • Fixed an NPC in the Larunda Relay losing their head entirely when approached. 
  • Fixed wingless Drones in Orb Vallis. Reported from: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ck4a5a/where_can_i_get_a_hoveraddon_for_my_giant_space/
  • Fixed missing collision in the Grineer Shipyard tileset.

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Hotfix 25.5.1 + 25.5.2


  • Added Ability videos in the Arsenal for Trinity.


  • Added defenses against obsolete Raptr overlay injecting into Warframe and crashing.
  • Fixed a deadlock that could occur when de-streaming sections of the world with a player in it.


  • Removed high pitched ringing from the Denial Bursa’s flash bang ability and replaced with something less susceptible to fatigue.
  • Possible item drops / rank stats are now directly indicated on Relic and Arcane description text.
  • Streamlined purchase process for items that take different currencies (i.e Debt Tokens, etc), as well as disabled the gifting options for them.  

Amp Alignment Fixes:

  • More fixes towards the Klamora Prism appearing to be rotated in the Operator Amp building diorama.


  • Fixed the Ropalolyst boss fight never starting if a Host migration occurred during the elevator cinematic.
  • Fixed inability to Aim with a controller due to Channel bindings.
  • Fixed the camera becoming locked in place after exiting the Cyst removal chair in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed an issue where you could install duplicate Mods in loadouts using an exploit. 
  • Fixed the Operator appearing in the background during The Sacrifice quest when the spotlight should be on Umbra.
  • Fixed the Subhuti Syandana clipping through Equinox’s Day Form.
  • Fixed Fortuna Brace parts appearing to be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Fixed missing Warframe Ability Tips section when playing Warframe in Korean and Russian.
  • Fixed unreachable loot in the Grineer Forest tileset. As reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/ckm1k1/my_day_is_ruined/ 
  • Fixed another unreachable loot spot in the Lua tileset.
  • Fixed incorrect UI Marker borders when stacked.
  • Fixed Equinox having an incorrect Ability tip in her Abilities Arsenal screen.

Wukong Deluxe: Hotfix 25.5.2

Dog Days Tactical Alert Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a Host migration in the Dog Days Tactical Alert.
  • Fixed Clients able to cast Warframe Abilities that require no Energy (Garuda’s Bloodletting) after dying/respawning in the Dog Days Tactical Alert.


  • Fixed inability to install any Arcane in the second slot on your Warframe, as it would be auto removed after backing out of the screen.
  • Fixed the Warframe Ability screen breaking if a given Warframe didn't have any Ability hints.
  • Fixed Kubrow’s being a little more shy towards Roller Floofs compared to Kavats.
  • Fixed the width of the Passive button textbox on the Warframe selection screen being too small for some languages, resulting in text wrapping awkwardly.
  • Fixed invalid colour options being shown for Mesa Prime Pistols, Wukong Prime Staff, and Wukong Samadhi Staff Skin.


Edited by SgtSquirrel34

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