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1.0 Is Here

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Beta is here for DayZ.  If you do not own the game, Steam is having a free to play weekend, so I highly suggestion you all give it a shot.  The patch notes for beta are as follows:


  • Added: Crafting wooden plank from wooden log with hacksaw
  • Added: Camera misalignment during movement in iron sights
  • Added: Sounds for prone injured animations
  • Added: Impact sound for Hatchback
  • Added: Destroyed engine sound
  • Added: Sounds for base building
  • Added: Speaking animation connected to VoN
  • Added: Heat haze/shimmer
  • Added: New UI icons
  • Added: Additional sounds for animals
  • Added: Additional sounds for jammed weapons
  • Added: Horticulture (limited to garden plot and still WIP)
  • Added: Ability to see lights from a distance, outside of the shadow rendering distance
  • Added: animation for interaction with wire while having pliers
  • Added: gag action to rags
  • Added: New sounds for road flare and power generator
  • Added: New server browser
  • Added: Localization to Launcher
  • Added: Field shovel, farming hoe and ice axe can now be used to dig a garden plot
  • Added: Bleeding from infected
  • Added: New character scenes for the main menu


  • Tweaked: Infected AI (WIP)
  • Tweaked: Global light config
  • Tweaked: Temperature effects on hunger/thirst rates
  • Tweaked: Vehicles simulation
  • Tweaked: Input system (WIP)
  • Tweaked: Vehicles damage zones
  • Tweaked: Melee damage to animals
  • Tweaked: Engine damage icon
  • Tweaked: Damage system
  • Tweaked: Base building
  • Tweaked: Hunting jacket camouflage
  • Tweaked: Handling sounds for weapons
  • Tweaked: Responsiveness of the cloud system (clouds should adapt to the overcast values much faster)
  • Tweaked: Thickness of the cloud layer (should help visual quality on lower details)
  • Tweaked: Angle of rainfall during windy conditions
  • Tweaked: ghost slots made a bit more visible in inventory 
  • Tweaked: base building (updated geometries, construction kit spawning, positions of material proxies)
  • Tweaked: UI (order of indicators, tendency arrows)
  • Tweaked: vehicle simulation
  • Tweaked: campfire animations
  • Tweaked: animals behaviour (alert level)
  • Tweaked: sounds for advanced placement
  • Tweaked: Sound of reloading for AKM
  • Tweaked: Increased size of base building attachments and construction kits
  • Tweaked: Weather
  • Tweaked: Some item sizes
  • Tweaked: Size of vital zones
  • Tweaked: Weapons sounds
  • Tweaked: Horticulture (user actions, grow time)
  • Tweaked: Light config
  • Tweaked: Unconscious state
  • Tweaked: Damage system for vehicles
  • Tweaked: System message
  • Tweaked: Metabolism and regeneration
  • Tweaked: Stamina and quantity progress bars
  • Tweaked: HUD icons
  • Tweaked: Server browser


  • Fixed: Client/server crashes
  • Fixed: Client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Time persistence after server restart
  • Fixed: Able to walk through base building elements after a restart
  • Fixed: Gunshots not being heard properly
  • Fixed: Client can be terminated upon selecting Play button in Main menu
  • Fixed: Inventory cannot be closed by pressing ESC button
  • Fixed: Handful of client/server errors related to in-game actions
  • Fixed: Environmental issues (wrong/missing roadways and collisions, incorrect textures/occluders, misplaced widgets)
  • Fixed: Fireplace in a barrel could disappear after closing a lid
  • Fixed: Attaching a headlight box to a car
  • Fixed: Injured crawling animation
  • Fixed: Swapping items from infected inventory could break a hand slot
  • Fixed: Hatchback windshield transparency
  • Fixed: Heat pack not heating up
  • Fixed: It is not possible to jump over a landmine without detonating it
  • Fixed: Missing recoil animation for the BK-133
  • Fixed: Quick bar may get stuck under some circumstances
  • Fixed: Player cannot be restrained while having burlap sack
  • Fixed: Infected do not react to another gunshot if already chasing after one
  • Fixed: Infected attempt to attack the player through wall instead of walking around it in some situations
  • Fixed: Infected climb stairs slowly
  • Fixed: Attached attachments for Plate Carrier Vest have the wrong position
  • Fixed: Clouds not affected by the fog
  • Fixed: Vehicle fluid and gear state is not properly registered by server 
  • Fixed: Bullets do not register character standing in the bush/tree 
  • Fixed: Headlights can be turned on while missing 
  • Fixed: Base building sound synchronization issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Barrel can be moved via vicinity tab in inventory 
  • Fixed: Canceling or finishing eating animation while in prone on back results in glitchy character movements
  • Fixed: Player can simultaneously block and perform melee attacks
  • Fixed: Having a perfectly flat surface is required to dig a garden plot
  • Fixed: Vehicles might be spawning above the ground
  • Fixed: All levels of construction are visible (base building)
  • Fixed: Unable to exit ladder when there is a zombie standing under it
  • Fixed: Weapon position is not the same if the object is approached while ADS
  • Fixed: Power generator has a small area to switch on/off
  • Fixed: Reddening of the screen sometimes taking on other color shades
  • Fixed: Inconsistent functionality of "enter" key in menu
  • Fixed: Missing sounds for gas lamp and gas stove
  • Fixed: VoN not working when 3 or more people talking
  • Fixed: Infected are having trouble navigating stairs
  • Fixed: Player can make level_3_wall_3 parts on Watchtower disappear
  • Fixed: CPR with barrel in hands causes characters hand to glitch
  • Fixed: It is possible to ruin watchtower/fence with single shot
  • Fixed: Power generator looks and sounds on even if its switched off
  • Fixed: Hidden stash can be visible in vicinity
  • Fixed: Strange facial animations that sometimes happen in vehicles
  • Fixed: Issues with planting seeds
  • Fixed: Bottles and canteens can be filled with fuel
  • Fixed: Desync in car's gearbox state
  • Fixed: Infected might teleport towards players
  • Fixed: Player is stuck in gesture animation if his character is restrained
  • Fixed: Restraining player that is looking at a map will break the map, his animations and kill him
  • Fixed: Selected server moves out of page (server browser)
  • Fixed: Player's left hand might extend upon disembarking a vehicle
  • Fixed: Wheels might be shaking/twitching
  • Fixed: Missing material/textures
  • Fixed: Some cases when a Torch was ignitable while it should not be
  • Fixed: The Torch not being possible to ignite from a burning Fireplace
  • Fixed: Seat can be moved while a player is sitting on it
  • Fixed: Faulty fire geometry components
  • Fixed: Connection to the last played server
  • Fixed: All servers have Official shard
  • Fixed: Client termination when in server browser with friends playing


  • Added: Scripts are now able to write files in the directories "$profile:" and "$saves:"
  • Added: Limitation to the file writing capability of the scripts (as security measures)
  • Changed: The Mod.cpp definitions are loaded only when the launched with -filePatching
  • Changed: The content of the mod.cpp must be included into the mod configuration
  • Removed: scrAllowFileWrite startup parameter


  • Server crashes can cause a persistence wipe. So especially for server owners, try to work with regular persistence backups and if you encounter server crashes, report with your crash dumps to our Feedback Tracker.
  • Clothes cannot be taken off restrained/unconscious characters.
  • This update is connected to a complete character/map wipe.


  • Changed: It now is the default option when the game is started from Steam


If anyone wants to play, add me on Steam (same username) and I will try to hop on TS when I can over my winter break (internet is very hit and miss where I live).

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@dragonslayer0531 I have owned the game since 3 years and had a total play time of  3 hours in those 3 years.   Last night, I played the most, maybe 5 hours straight with @Trunkz Jr.

Big improvements, still need to fix some stuff however it is definitely more enjoyable now. 

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Trunkz Jr

It was pretty fun even tho we didn’t get into much pvp action we were tailing a group just from them leaving behind their bones lol had s guy join us ingame I took the chance and gave him 7.62 ammo for his gun and he still remained friendly so it was worth the gamble, was able to add him on steam. Tho the first person I met in electro wasn’t so lucky and I popped the guy 1 shot near the centre of town, still wearing his vest and camo jacket lol 

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I had one guy when I first joined the game, same one trunkz is mentioning, who said he was friendly only to have him attempt to knife me with his stone knife...too bad for him, I then pulled out my butcher knife and ended his sorry life!  Not sure if my knife is considered better than his stone knife, would image it is.

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Trunkz Jr
1 hour ago, raingod said:

I had one guy when I first joined the game, same one trunkz is mentioning, who said he was friendly only to have him attempt to knife me with his stone knife...too bad for him, I then pulled out my butcher knife and ended his sorry life!  Not sure if my knife is considered better than his stone knife, would image it is.

not to mentioned you scared the new guy when you started eating human meat like it was nothing and told him that story lol like no problem he tried to kill me so now I’m eating him lol 

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DayZ... DayZ never changes...

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