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Changes being made to PUBG

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There are quite afew changes coming in the upcoming patches with the new map and leaderboard just want to point out afew things i noticed that are crucial changes to the game.


level 3 vest spawn more frequently

smoke grenades will spawn more than any other type of grenade.

New Vehicle: snowmobile,  2 seater kinda fast but dont drive it to the dirt areas of the map. on Vikendi only.]

New Gun: G36C replacement for the scar on Vikendi, Have not seen weapon stats posted yet, but seems to have slightly less recoil and slight slower rate of fire to the m4. a medium range AR. No stock, has grip slot same as the scar-l

Map info: Vikendi has a smaller first circle than all other maps, but circles after the first change less.

Center of redzone will always spawn outside of playzone.

Smaller the playzone the smaller the red zone. They actually change size now.

New survival title system, 

Current season will end on 12/12/2018, New season will start on 12/19/2018

Will be based more on survival rather than engaging with other squads and kills, because the Devs didn't feel the last leaderboards actually showed how good you actually were and more just how much you play. 

supposed to be faster gameplay than either of Miramar or Erangel, 

More survival focused with a top 1000 title "Lone Survivor", If you don't play for a week you will be removed from leaderboard standing.

As of now, New title system rankings include

Novice (1000 Survival points), Experienced (2000), Skilled (3000), Specialist (4000), Expert (5000), Survivior(6000). 

Being added to the test server on the 10th of December, 

Parachute system is being overhauled 

Improving falling animations, to look more realistic


Leftshift will put you into a dive twords the ground.

turning speed has been increased.


Leftshift will help drop to the ground faster.

Left Control will help you glide further distances, Not quite sure what that means for the distance if it will be increased or similar to what it is now. 

LANDING MATTERS! you will cause your character to roll if you come in too fast and it will take afew seconds to regain movement, the faster you go the more you roll. 

colliding with buildings and objects will instantly cut your parachute!

You can cut your parachute early now, and fall to the ground. you will of course take fall damage so be careful.


As of now there is no release date set for Vikendi but i think we can assume it will be around the time of the leaderboard resets, although sanhok was 2 weeks after. 



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Can’t wait to cut my parachute from 20000 ft and land in the ocean. Haha

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Played new map, loved the gun play, can’t wait for it to be released to live servers.

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