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Discounted Starter Packs

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If you're looking to get into Star Citizen for a cheaper price, now is a good time. Hurry before the pack you desire is sold out!

Follow the link above to check out all the starter packs that they have available for a $10-off discount. If you plan on upgrading your ship at a later point, I recommend buying the Mustang Starter packs while they are available due to it being worth $5 more than its RSI counterpart, the Aurora MR (Mustang Alpha -$30 base value, Aurora MR-$25 base value). Keep in mind that these packages are Warbond Only, which means they cannot be purchased with store credit.

*These Starter Packs only come with access to the Persistent Universe: the online multiplayer version of Star Citizen. Access to the game's singleplayer storyline/campaign, Squadron 42, must be purchased separately.*

Aurora MR Pack - $45 $35

Mustang Alpha Pack - $45 $35

Advanced Starter Packs:

Avenger Stalker Pack - $75  $65

Reliant Kore Pack - $80 $70

Arrow Pack (Concept Sale - No Discount) - $80

Specialty Starter Packs:

Cutlass Black Pack - $115 $105

Freelancer Pack - $125 $115

Hornet F7C Pack - $125 $115

Prospector Pack - $170 $160

Constellation Andromeda - $255 $245


@Star Citizen Players

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For those looking -- Avenger is likely the most rounded and best starter ship in the game.  Cargo, fighting, living space.  

For those who have played Elite, its going to be similar to a viper/cobra in nature.


Also for those watching... these package discounts are for 'Warbond' purchases... which mean only with fresh cash from newer recruits (and not store credit from us vets of the SC verse)

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