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Donate to the Bikes is still a cuck foundation

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I just wanted to let you guys have the opportunity to donate to the bikes foundation. For those of you who do not know this unfortunate young man was stricken in the rectum by  a cactus as a small boy, and ever since then hes been trying to fund a mix tape about sticking random objects in there. He needs a few choice objects for his upcoming live action photo shoot, if you guys could donate to the cause that would be great. He needs a menacing cactus, obviously, to recreate the incident and film in HD video and audio, the largest actual dildo in existence,  and a series of multicolored balls roughly the size of tennis balls. After the photo shoot hes going to distribute the balls autographed by the cuckmaster himself from the anus. If you get there first you get to choose your color. Included are his qualifications and his main website page. He doesn't normally take money under the table but if you've got 20$ he'll do that thing with his tongue and it will light you up.


new bikes.png

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