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Aussieeeee has made a Ban Request

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Aussieeeee has made a request for Investigation, detailed below:


Name of Offender: inkytime
GUID: If you were able to obtain it (admins): Not available
Reason for banning:: Cheating/Hacks
Any admins on at the time:: Beerus
Date/Time of Incident (For log checking purposes):: 16:00pm 27-10-18
Proof:: Cheater.zip

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Quick run down of what happened,

I jumped into a few Tarkov Games with Inkytime. At first I thought maybe this guy is just a very very skilled player, but time after time, shooting blind  through 3-4 bushes and wiping entire squads, blind firing around corners I started to get pretty suspicious of him. I spoke with @cherryFox who said he knew him on discord.
Cherry just plain out asked him if he was cheating and as the file and PNG's show he admitted to it. 
Cherry then sent the files to me as I said I will send over a report to one of the Admins once they jump online.

Inky is not yet a member and just a pubber, but its very very obvious once having a game or two with him that there is something fishy going on.


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