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How to end Battlefield Packetloss once and for all.

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From what I have read, you shouldn't use Jumbo Frame for gaming.

" In short, jumbo frame should only be ON or enabled when you have implemented some sort of internal network storage solution. It should be disabled where you have any sort of internet access "

" Game generally are latency focused and most gaming developers minimize the size of files or packets transmitted. These game related traffic will almost always be much smaller than the standard MTU size. Thus having jumbo frame enabled will not improve gaming performance. "

" You should only use Jumbo Frame feature when you have a network storage attached to your network. For example, you have a external media library where you have stored large chunks of video or image files. Or if you simply have a external storage where you transfer large files often such as backing up of files on a regular basis. "

"When a component or a node within the network does not support Jumbo frame, many issues and problems can arise from the setup.

These network issues included dropped frame and result in overall lowered performance because of frame re-transmission"

Reference: https://routerguide.net/jumbo-frame-on-or-off/

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In win 7 at least , it is disabled by default. I just checked . Thanks for the information .

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