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DayZ Server plans ahead

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Hey everyone, I'll be performing an increase of quantity on the loot per building later today as currently by default the loot per building is set to around 2-4 but mostly it's occupied by trash, Instead of removing the trash which is a way of balancing the loot tables we will increase the min and max amount of items that can spawn in a building. This will resolve low loot numbers per area and enable people to get a chance making it to the north.

I intend to See what can be done with vehicles so it's easier to find them. If possible for now i will try to remove their damaged spawn so they are pristine and people don't have to experience the walking simulator all over again. If that doesn't work i intend to increase the spawn rates for car replacement parts and tools.

We will add more features as we go and hopefully when mods come out we can do even more such as adding better weapons and vehicles and other functionalities.

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