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Jpl187 has made a Ban Request

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Jpl187 has made a request for Investigation, detailed below:


Name of Offender: Ruthlesss1
GUID: If you were able to obtain it (admins): Unknown
Reason for banning:: We were in a 4 man PUBG channel, all insulting and making fun of eachother for roughly 20 minutes. Apparently once i made an age comment, ruthless began to freak out, screaming profanities and calling me a "fucking retard degenrate" multiple times. Then began to try and justify himself saying everyone hates me, and that he doesn't know why i'm in this clan. While screaming at me i calmly told Ruthless multiple times that if he was uncomfortable with anything, he could simply ask others to stop. Ruthless continued to call me a fucking retard, and moving me out of the channels. Grinning Zero, Hxen147, and myself were in the channel with him. Hxen147 spoke with me and told me Ruthless was just throwing a fit and that he was acting like a giant child. Ruthless has been temporarily banned for the exacty same type of actions, and is ruining time in the game. Ruthless is happy to insult others, but resorts to flaming and screaming incoherently and trying to get others to gang up with him.
Any admins on at the time:: Raingod, he wasn't in the channel but told me to lodge a forum complaint.
Date/Time of Incident (For log checking purposes):: 09/16 @ 0730pm CST

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I have spoken to the 2 of them and in the end, they apologized.  Also told them if they cannot get along then they shouldn't play with each other.

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