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I don't understand how this is rap...

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With the internet there are tons of sub genres that formed such as mumble rap that don't care about lyrics. It is about a hook and/or beat with no meaning that includes money, sex, and drugs. I grew up on 90's hip hop so it isn't my taste but I am guessing the guys in the early 80s of jazz and the beginning of hip hop (dj kool herc, grandmaster flash,etc) didn't care for artists like NWA or Notorious BIG that I like. With that being said I think it is complete garbage lol 😛

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I remember watching this comparison between a song from Drake and one from Biggie Smalls.  It really gives you an idea on how much mainstream rap has changed for the most part.  More people today care more about catchy beats then lyrics.  That's not to say there aren't talented rappers around still.  Because there definitely is, Joyner Lucas, Kenderick Lamar, J. Cole, Tyler the Creator, and Eminem still make songs that have a meaningful message with lyrics.  I personally don't really like "rappers" like Lil Pump, Migos, 2 Chainz, etc.  Most of, if not all, of their songs have no message in their song and instead just a good beat with "lyrics."  I put lyrics in quotations because most songs are incomprehensible or consists of a few words only which is laughable.  


I do think though that mainstream still appreciates actual rap.  Eminem's recent album highlights that.  It's been all over mainstream media.  I haven't listened to the entire album yet, but just a few songs, "The Ringer", and "Fall" really show you how much better a rapper like Eminem is when you compare him to someone like Lil Yachty or Lil Pump.  And Eminem even calls out some mumble rappers in the album which I thought was awesome.  Hopefully, more rappers in the future care more about lyrics and a message then just a nice beat with some mumbling in between.

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17 hours ago, Minos said:

Pretty much sums up his new album.  

Yeah I agree with em but think he's way past his prime. Few good new artists I like are logic, nf, miguel, childish gambino, and mgk. Although I think I have 20 albums of current artists and probably 200+ of old stuff 

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