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Second Annual Community Charity Raffle

Which Charity would you like to see us donate to?  

36 members have voted

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  1. 1. Which Charity would you like to see us donate to?

    • autism research institute
    • doctor's without borders
    • world cancer research fund
    • Brain research foundation
    • citizens united for research in epilepsy

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Alright everyone the time has come! I'm posting this poll to see where you guys would like to see the money we raise.

Below are links to the charities we've chosen. Feel free to check them out. Make sure your comfortable with your decision. 

We have five options. Two from the US, One from the UK, and two international.


autism research institute



doctor's without borders



world cancer research fund



Brain research foundation



citizens united for research in epilepsy



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While all of these organizations are a good cause, I think Doctors Without Borders can do the most imitate good with the money we donate.

Just my thoughts anyway, and any of them would be deserving of our, or anyone's funding!👍

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Alright guys the numbers are in so now I'm going to lay out the event guidelines. 

When: Dec. 15th at 4:00 PM EST 


Where: well be streaming the games we play throughout the event. (The link for viewing will be added below this heading ahoetly) if you would like to join in and play games with us we will have a designated channel just for our raffle.


Prizes and schedule: so how well do it is at the top of every hour one winner will be selected from the list of current donation participants. As we get further in the night and the more people donate the list will get bigger. We will do this till all prizes are given away. PRIZES WILL BE UPDATED THE WEEKEND OF OCT. 6th. keep your eyes peeled.

(8-6) (3) $10 steam gift cards

(4-5) (2) $20 steam gift cards

(3) custom UWS clothing item (one item of clothing with the UWS gaming logo printed on it)

(2) Winners pick of a set of gunnar glasses (up to $80)

(1) 1TB Solid State Drive (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147673)


Charity:. we will be splitting the total of whatever we raise between the world cancer research fund and doctors without borders. Both organizations had major support so we will also support both of them. It's completely up to you guys.


How to enter and win:

Entering is simple and easy. Once you've signed into your account, or register and verify your account, you'll be able to donate to our charity collection goal. Any amount is welcome, but to participate in the raffle the below guidelines will be used.

- for every $5 USD, the donating party will receive  (1) one ticket into the raffle. 


- for every $25 USD, the donating party will receive an extra ticket. This simply means at all the 25 dollar increments, you will receive your regular tickets along with am extra (1) ticket totally free. 


We've had people spend 5 dollars and win a set of Gunnar glasses so it's always possible to win even with just one ticket. 


ticket entries will start being counted as of the day and time of this post. 


For any questions feel free to reach out to me or any member of our staff. We'd be more than happy to help in any way we can. 

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We need to get this thing rolling people! There's only 2 donations into it!

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everyone is waiting for the updated prize pool haha 

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if anyone has questions please feel free to ask.

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