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PUBG Announcement

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Hi everyone

I will be coordinating the following within the PUBG branch:

  • Monthly twitch tournaments events - There is no prize pool for these events however allow the streamers to possibly build up viewership during such events.   Format to be provided at later time.
  • Small PUBG Tournament in early October with prize pool.  Played on custom server, DUO teams.  If we get enough interest then possibly do 4 man squads.  This will be a trial run before hosting our bigger event and the prize pool will be smaller.
  • Larger PUBG Tournament early December with a bigger prize pool.  Played on custom server, DUO teams.  If we get enough interest then possibly do 4 man squads.

I have ask to add a new category for the donation section called "PUBG Tournament Prize Pool" where members may donate to support our PUBG prize  pools.

Other considerations:

  • Will also be looking at building a TPP and a FPP semi competitive teams as well.   Don't worry, I didn't make the cut but will help support these 2 teams in whatever we can do to make them successful.
  • Playing in some twitch competitive tournaments - most likely from the 2 teams we build for competitive play.


  • I will be working on filling the void with our captains and  looking for more in the UK region.

I encourage our existing members to recruit new PUBG members and to be active on TeamSpeak and on the forums.

I hope we can build some excitement again within the PUBG branch.

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