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PUBG Client Server Sync Issues?

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I'm still on a journey getting better over time.  Most recently I've noticed a few cases where the action on my client avatar are not matching up to the outcomes of battle.  Not sure if this has always been the case, and I'm just more aware of how it should be situationally, or if it's really a recent issue?

In the most recent case, in Camp Bravo, 2nd story, moving past a window, and there's an enemy approaching the window from the exterior deck.   We're both squared off each about 3 feet from the window.  I keep moving past the window to the corner, he seems to take evasive action and moves in the same direction so that neither of us are in front of the window anymore.  He moves the same direction I do, so theoretically we're back to back with a concrete wall between us.

However as soon as I hit the inside corner, shots are heard and I drop dead.  I think I must have been hit from another player, inside or from another window.  But having these things happen recently, I decide to watch Deathcam.  Turns out, it's the same player in the window that shot me and killed me, but when watching the Deathcam, he is opening fire while we're still in front of the window and drops me there, while from my perspective during actual gameplay shots weren't heard and hit until I was well past the window and into the corner, where no shot could have hit.

Makes me wonder how whacked the client server sync and lag are.  Another time I never saw the player at all, saw an open doorway in plain sight in front of me, but when watching the Deathcam to figure out who the hell hit me, saw the guy move clearly into the doorway in my full frontal line of sight and drop me - but from my client, he was never there before I died.

Anyone experiencing these things?  Makes for some whacked out gameplay.

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Trunkz Jr

He could of been from a far away county, was it like a huge delay? I don’t normally get that problem aside from just getting behind a wall then dropping right away when that happens I know the person was most likely in an Asian country. 

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