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Maverick V6

Future of EFT

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Maverick V6

In a comment posted by Colonel Twerkins on this community video (seen below) we got some interesting new information regarding the next patch and some other stuff as well.

I can't link the comment directly, so either find it in the comments section of the video above or read the full text below.

My name is Colonel Twerkins and I am one of the Jr. Community Managers for Battlestate Games and EFT. Just thought I would leave you guys with some info you will probably enjoy.

  • We have only one developer from STALKER.

  • Stash space has been increased across all packages in 9.0

  • Any edition below Edge of Darkness can match the EoD stash space through the upcoming hideout feature by leveling/building it up

  • Currently, new servers have been added and lots of people are trying to get on so desync has been an issue--but we are actively working on it almost 24/7.

  • We have fixed it for some players and working hard to solicit video for the freezes and desync for an upcoming patch--which will be technical only and will bring the next iteration of fixes and optimizations

  • Due to the animation and occlusion culling system, EFT is more CPU heavy. This is optimized over time with the biggest optimization happening once the majority of implementations have been done. Read more about the technical side if EFT, HERE: http://bit.ly/2nshlnJ

  • 0.9 Brought in the prep stage for optimizing the animation system

  • 0.9 Marks the sixth anti-cheat patch/update in the last two months--with more to come.

  • We have turned down the blunt damage, and aimpunch mechanics in order to balance and test ammo along with armor.

  • The test build may seem like it, but it will be nothing like PUBG and is not meant to be a competitive game. Arena mode, might be.

  • In the release, you must complete story mode, starting with only one map, and upon completing it, the next map will be even harder. You will need to complete the portion of story objective in that map to pass it. After completing all 10 maps, you will unlock Freeroam Mode. It will be all ten maps together with no loading screens. There will be areas that you could not previously enter that will be available and in no way inferior. There will also be hidden quests that you can figure out--even key cards to secret rooms with loot stashes.

  • There will be cinematics in story mode, and even events happening like mortar strikes, dynamic weather, and more.

  • The game was designed as a team based game...you are welcome to run solo, but we don't recommend it. (In the release) The final game difficulty will be ramped up and even harder and you will lose gear. But, there will be a clan system, clan stash, and even clan wars. Between the clan stash, the flea market and auction (those last two are not in yet) you have lots of options to obtain or sell/trade what you want.

  • We do not have level or loot based matching and will not have it. Mainly, because of the realistic nature and bullet physics and parameters. Basically, IRL, no one would tell an enemy with a pistol, "Meh, pistols are useless, you can't kill me with that!". In Tarkov, a bullet is a bullet. Level and gear do not stop a smart lower level player from shooting a high-level player in the open area of his helmet or on his legs and killing him. Cause bullets do real damage here. Also, joining a team means your odds are increased. Because of the fact that everyone will only start on one map, have to complete the story objective for that map and discover their exit (some exits will only work once, while some will require you to have something specific or even more than one player in the exfil) hatchet runs won't be as useful. The current adjustments to stamina have made it even harder outside of the factory map.

  • The traders are on a menu now, but will be found in-game and fully AI. They can also leave, get sick and even die. - You will have loadouts that you can save so that every time you go to the traders, you can auto-buy that loadout.

  • Make sure to read the agreement carefully and note that it is in a testing stage and not early access. The testing is for servers, clients, network, anti-cheat (in-house), mechanics, and optimization. Building a foundation for the game to stand firm on.

  • Please, test for errors and report bugs through the launcher. Include video/pics, descriptions and log. This is the only way we can get the data necessary to fix issues. (use print screen button for screenshots...it labels it with the coordinates to where you were when you took it)

Thank for your support and I hope all this info helps. There's no pressure, EFT is not for everyone. We did not intend it for a wide audience, and our definition of fun is gritty, hardcore realism--not at all what some may be used to, or ready for. So, consider everything before preordering, we do not want you to feel obligated at all.



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