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Maverick V6

PSA - Cheaters and EFT

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Maverick V6

Hello Escapers,

This is a public service announcement to remind you that our gaming community has zero tolerance for any use of cheats/hacks with any game. Keep in mind that you represent our community as a member and must abide by our rules and code of conduct. As of late, Escape from Tarkov has been treading in a cesspool of cheaters and those that have decided to buy into professional ‘non-traceable’ programs. We recently have had the pleasure of banning (permanently) a handful of our own members based on reports and evidence brought to us by both our members and those from outside of our community. We treat each accusation seriously and will continue to investigate any reports of members and guests of our community using cheats as well as use of in-game exploits.

Also, keep in mind that we now have an open dialogue between our community and Battle State Games.  You not only risk your membership, loss of friendships and permissions to use our =UWS= services but also access to playing EFT in general. We will do everything in our power if you are caught cheating to make sure you lose all rights and access to the game. I understand that at this present time it appears that BSG’s anti-cheat software is lacking, yet they wholeheartedly feel that it will get the job done. They recently (over the last month or two) have changed their development plans to address some much sought after issues with the game – poor anti-cheat is one of these items.

If you have the technical knowhow or understand these processes and think you can help BSG with them, then you should contact BSG directly and work with them to get some of these items fixed. If not, don’t partake as you will eventually be caught, and we will show you the door.

Nowadays, many of us are recording all our matches or streaming live through twitch or other social media outlets. It won’t take much of a slip up to find out that you are speed hacking or using ESP. It is obvious to us.

If you don’t hack or cheat or exploit in game mechanics, then you have nothing to fear from us. If you know someone is cheating, let us know. We issue clan defender awards to those that help find these cheaters and rid them from our community.  Remember, Escape from Tarkov is in early development. Many issues will be fixed, anti-cheat will be updated, and many new issues will be discovered. Enjoy this genre defining game to its fullest but understand that things will change, and issues will be fixed. It takes time. If you need to take a break until some things are polished or fixed, then please do so. Thank you all for being honorable members/guests to our community. Please report to myself or our EFT captains/Sherpas with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

See you on the streets of Tarkov,




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