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Blu's Ban

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Posted (edited)
Name of Offender: Blu (BLUEDREAM)
Reason for banning: Cussing out JayJay
Any admins on at the time: HornyHornet
Date/Time of Incident (For log checking purposes): 7/7/2018  approx 2pm EST
My 2 cents: What i did was wrong. I should not have spoken to another player as I did, I full well understand that and am not here asking for any appeal or to be let back early.. however long it is, I'll do the time because I did behave offensively. I am hear to say its just too easy to point the finger and say thats the bad guy. I was IRATE with JayJay and I feel its unfair that nobody has asked why. Why was I yelling at JayJay? Is it because JayJay  was following rule # 1 ? ( Please respect other players and don't be disruptive to their play space. This is a gaming community, and individuals who disrupt other players will be removed. )
Did I yell at JayJay because he was being a respectful player???????
Rule#1. Please respect other players..
Did JayJay respect me when he stole my vehicle without any word because he parked his vehicle worse than a Chinese woman and got it stuck.
Did JayJay respect me or my play space when he left me for dead and then proceeded to declare to the rest of the team how i suck and that my vehicle was his and that i got mine stuck (1000% false). And then when I asked him to explain to everyone what he did, the sheepish little coward continues to lie and wont admit he basically killed me for his own selfish end because he himself cant f&%^#$ing park a car..
I understand this is game conduct, but when somebody is disrespecting me and i call him out and then I give him the chance to explain why I may be upset, he then continues to disrespect me by lying and making fun of the situation by saying that its my fault.
point blank i felt disrespected, and THENNNNNNN only THENNNNN did i make MY MISTAKE and REACT disrespectfully
2 wrongs don't make a right, like i said what i did was wrong.. but because of his actions i will never play with him again unless he acknowledges the following:
1. JayJay cannot drive a vehicle for shit, and he parks worse than a china woman.
2. JayJay had ZERO team ethics when he stole my vehicle without any warning and saved himself without any care of his teammates (trash move by a trash player)
3. JayJay continued to disrespect me by saying i suck and lying that i got my vehicle stuck.
When circle started to close and i had no option to survive because of JayJays selfish disrespectful act of stealing my vehicle because of his own TRASHY driving  he laughed and mocked me on top of lying to everyone how it was my fault..
so sorry for being upset but what did he expect
i bet thats why he told hornet NOT to ban me, but at the same time wouldn't explain his disrespectful behavior, so I'm here to call him out as the trashy player he his and wear my ban, no prob
i was wrong
but so was he
he did not respect me at all both in game leaving me for dead selfishly and out of game lying about vehicle ownership and saying i suck 
and that's not excuse for me to behave that way but i was instigated by jayjay
Proof: Bikes & Aggro as witness (Hornet conveniently showed up as i was already cussing out JayJay)
BTW i dont hate, JayJay, will never play with him again, I dont hate BioShibby for telling an admin, thats what we're supposed to do, and i respect Hornet for banning me for being irate
summary: I was wrong and shouldnt have reacted as i did, JayJay sucks at driving, team ethics, lied, disrespected me both in game actions and by saying i suck. Insert my reaction of cussing @ jayjay and Hornets timely entry to the channel and you have a recipe for Blu bans, just heat and serve with your favorite beverage. enjoy :]
JayJays parking 7/7/2018
Edited by bluedream
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Your ban was based on how you spoke in Teamspeak. As I came into the channel you had already started cussing out JayJay to the most extreme manner I have heard in a very long time. As I sat there listening to you for a good 5 mins it was obvious you had lost your head. Your attitude towards another member was inexcusable and outright appalling. Not only the cussing with your rage but the threats dished out by yourself. Yes they probably were idle threats but still no excuse to do so. Other members asked for you to calm down on numerous occasions but you wouldn't have any of it. The poor behaviour in game doesnt give you a excuse to act the way you did.  

I banned you for only a week. Due to members not wanting to take action, you have been saved from been banned permanently.  With the explicit nature of your insults, if anything you should thank JayJay for not wanting take this further. To be honest the whole channel is due an apology. 

Take this as a let off and last warning. If this sort of behaviour occurs again you leave me with no choice. 

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Maverick V6

To be honest,  it is one thing to rage and lash out on someone for a dumb, pointless event that occurred in a VIDEOGAME.  We all get upset from time to time and some find comfort/resolve with lashing out at others. It happens....is it appropriate  - NO! Unfortunately, this behavior is something we accept all too often as a part of life within the gaming universe; however, if it happens seldomly then I think we all can all understand that it is a situational thing and wont be blown out of proportion (within reason). To be fair it is time to grow up and remove yourself from a situation rather than unannounced come into someone's party to harass another member-- REGARDLESS if they are right or wrong.  

What is really sad, is the fact that you acknowledge your ban and admit that you are in the wrong...but then elect to make a ban dispute and continue the harassment of that member.  Some people just don't learn their lesson. 

I think you will find that here at =UWS= we are more than patient with a lot of members. Yet there are some things that we just cant tolerate.  You are walking a very fine line Mr. bluedream. If it was up to me (and I will confide with @HornyHornet) based on your actions here and continued harassment, I would extend your ban for 1 month. Any further disrespectful behavior whether directly related to this event or not will lead to your permanent dismissal.  Remember, it is a privilege to be a part of our community and not a right. Grow up. 

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Trunkz Jr

If you notice every channel (or near every channel) has a clickable link to report a player. If JayJay disrespects you (or another member) or even if you just happen to play with someone new and they bother you to where you think they are going to cause problems for members here I would just let the round end, tell them your taking a break and then fill out the report and never play with them again.

The only thing better is to record in channel their disruptive behaviour and provide it as evidence in the report. JayJay will be on the radar as while your behaviour afterwards was not appropriate it’s not good for UWS members to behave in a way that will create an environment that singles out a player in the group. So please blu next time just keep calm and report on, it’s the best way to protect yourself and the community. 


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