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UWS Exile Server Update

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The Velvet Gentleman



Come get some!

A large update hit the server today. There are some new mod requirements so make sure you get those downloaded before trying to connect. You're going to need RHS:USAF, RHS:AFRF, Project Opfor, and CBA. The full changelog is below.


Added both main branches of RHS, and Project Opfor

  • Tons of new realistic weapons and attachments added to traders
  • Dozens of new realistic vehicles added to traders
  • Helmets, uniforms, plate carriers, backpacks, berets, cowboy hats, etc.

All enemy AI have been replaced with Russian army soldiers with semi accurate kit

  • Pretty self explanatory... They don't look like CSAT bug men that went to an Arma jumble sale anymore. Now they look like Tanoans that went to Russian Army jumble sale. 

AI has been overhauled to move and behave more tactically

  • Enemies will no longer just lay prone and shoot back
  • Enemies will move to better cover and use covering fire to help their allies move
  • Enemies have a chance of falling over when non-fatally hit (instead of flinching / seizing), remember the double tap
  • Enemies may be drawn away from their map marker if they hear small arms fire
  • AI overall skill has been drastically reduced (no more aimbot), but you should still find them challenging
  • AI will no longer cluster at the center of their marker waiting for you to kill them, they will patrol and wander from cover to cover (hopefully not too far...)
  • Smoke grenades now serve a purpose beyond bombing your FPS as the AI can no longer see through them. Handy for tactical retreats and tacticool flanks. 

Basic Server Settings Changed: 

  • Reputation levels lowered to 5k, 10k, 15k.... etc
  • The number of missions available has been increased
  • Virtual Garage is available at base level 1 (just one vehicle)
  • Vehicles are allowed to be stored with their inventory intact
  • First aid is available earlier. Specifically bandages at level one for half the cost, and vishpirin at level 2.
  • Basic construction tools are available at level 1.
  • Better vehicles (HMMWV / UAZ) are available at level 1.
  • Construction tools are now sold by the construction guy. I don't know why this wasn't a thing already...
  • First aid is now sold by the food merchant. See above.  

Bug fixes:

  • Too many to list. The naked men are gone... The exploding hatchback has been shit-canned (use a humvee or UAZ instead). 

New and Exciting Bugs!

  • Yes, there are still quite a few. 
  • If you have trouble picking up a uniform from a dead body, drop yours and press "take all".
  • Exile doesn't like weapons that spawn with realistic muzzle attachments, I've ironed out a lot of the bug associated but there might be some more.


For those of you that don't like using third party launchers the official mod links are listed below:



Project Opfor


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