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Armor Bug Workaround from Klean

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I like that they've been working to figure out what to do while they're fixing it. But, damn dude, am I really expected to believe that I can do this and protect myself from spawn rushers? And that's assuming that I won't have my fort/fast glitch through the floor after throwing it on the ground?

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Every two steps of improvement seems to be another step or two back when it comes to BSG. Every patch seems to be the host to a multitude of problems (usually older ones). Hopefully they REALLY fix it this time with this new promising patch. Tarkov can be a great game when it wants to be, but an absolutely infuriating buggy POS when it doesn't want to cooperate. 

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If the game is going to make it to gold status they need to fix netcode and devote serious time and effort to dealing with hackers/glitching.  I've pretty much given up on playing the game until these things are addressed.

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