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How to kill Lag/Rubberbanding/Packet Loss on BF1

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If it's low FPS, make sure your drivers are up to date and you're not running everything on ultra. I have all my settings set to low with mesh quality on Ultra, my video card has run alot cooler since the change. 

Okay, so I tried a lot of different methods of killing the lag on Windows 10 for BF1 and this is what I came up with. 

Before you get started, do a packet loss test in command, to see if you're getting packet loss in general. 

Windows Key + R type in cmd
Type ping -n100

Allow it to run through all 100 pings, at the end it will show a report and will tell you if any of the pings failed. Mine didn't show any loss so I moved onto the next step. 


Make sure your lan drivers are up to date. 

Windows Key + R type in ncpa.cpl

Right click on your network connection, click properties, click configure, click on the driver tab. 

If it's outdated, update it. 


Kill all Microsoft applications running the background that are totally unnecessary.

Quit all applications.

Windows Key + R and type msconfig in the Open box. ...

Click the Services tab.
Click the checkbox next to Hide all Microsoft services so that a checkmark appears.
Click Disable all.
Click Apply.


Assign yourself a static ip.

Windows Key + R type in ncpa.cpl

Right click on your network connection, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click properties. Fill it in exactly as shown, changing your preferred DNS is optional.



Access your router.

I access mine by opening a browser window and typing

Make sure NAT is enabled.

Find port forwarding and add the following ports shown below.


TCP: 5222,9988,17502,20000-20100,22990,42127

UDP: 3659,14000-14016,22990-23006,25200-25300


This is how it looks on my Arris.













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i like the packet loss, it is like a simulation for being malnourished so my reactions are a bit off like ww1 soldiers :P 

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