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How does one play aggressive?

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Hey, Im Frenchie, the not-so-French American

I've been playing Tarkov since the drop of the Closed Beta and have countless hours in, but the biggest problem I find to have is being able to handle myself once the fight requires me to be aggressive, especially when I need XP in game or i'm playing against more aggressive players. I know my callouts and tactical movements/teamplay but I still finding myself getting reemed sometimes because I play more passively. Plx help lol

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I suffer from the same problem so I may not be the best person to offer advice, but here it is regardless. 

I am a cautious player in EFT.  I sneak around and camp way too much.  However, EFT is the only game in which I play like this.  In Battlefield games I die a million times a round because I love running into a room full of bad guys knowing full well I'll take at least one or two with me before I die.  

I think most of it has to do with "Gear Fear."  You don't want to lose that new M4A1 so you rarely take it in and when you do you are always in the rear of the group, always the first to duck for cover and the last to rush.  Everyone feels the same way to some extent I imagine.  

It was eye opening for me when I went through Prapor's 6th Punisher task (25 PMCs in 3 hours).  Up until that task I had no idea of how much of a cautious player I was.  But over the course of that 3 hours, I lost damn near everything I had in game, half my money, and man was I stressed.  But I completed the task.  Since then it hasn't been as bad.

There are a couple of things you can do to get past the gear fear.  One way is to do aggressive hatchet/pistol runs where the objective is to either kill one person or grab something out of a marked room then go kill someone.  It is inexpensive/free.

On a side note, while Gear Fear is likely a big contributor to your problem the lack of direct engagements might be another.  I'll use PUBG as an example here.  For the longest time while playing PUBG I would always go to the medium to low level loot drop locations.  I would avoid the School and Apartments like the plague.  I did great, consistently making it in the top 10 most every round.  However, I rarely made it within the top 5 and hardly ever had a Chicken Dinner.  This was all because I rarely if ever shot anyone for 30 minutes at a time.  I'd play 5 or 6 games and kill 2 people over a period of several hours.  I simply didn't have the fighting experience necessary to win a 1 on 1 engagement let alone a 5 v 1 in the final minutes of a round.  I had a friend tell me the only way to improve is to go in with the plan to die within the first minute.  I started dropping hot and started getting more and more Chicken Dinners (up until Chinese hackers ruined the game).

The point with this is to occasionally go into a match with the intent to kill or wreck havoc and at no point will you be extracting or looting.  Tell yourself you want to lose what you have.  Perhaps your inventory is too full or you have some really crappy gear you want to sell.  Use it in a suicide run instead.  Anticipate where the early rush will lead and beat your opponents there, once you've killed everything in sight listen for more gunshots and sprint there next and try to cause as much havoc as possible.

Alternatively, go in a raid with one or two people max.  Ask them to let you lead and if possible take the first shots.  You want to avoid the large groups simply because you will use them as a crutch and spend more time worrying that you might teamkill one of them.  Duos are great ways to build confidence and focus on playing while still knowing someone has your back.

Also, don't forget about playing as a SCAV.  Use the hell out of that.  Don't just go to Factory to die instantly.  Use the SCAV to play aggressively in the maps you find yourself being the most cautious in.  Just tell yourself you have nothing to lose so why be cautious!

Lastly, when you get on a losing streak, walk away.  Take a break and come back when you aren't pissed or freaked out about how much you lost.  Too often I would make things worse by trying to get that last good round to end the night on.  That's the same logic gambling addicts use, don't fall into that trap.

Again, I am sure others have much better advice, but I hope this helps.



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Something I like to do which might indirectly help is having a ten minute warmup before the first game of the day or after having a break longer than an hour. This can be either against scavs in offline mode or another relatively similair game which is more fast-paced. Mine is Insurgency, also an rather competitive fps, only semi-realistic but bullets are just as deadly which makes that you require somewhat the same playstyle and decision making during encounters. Warming up in another game only works if your mouse speed and game's response to that are roughly the same.

In general it improves your muscle memory, connecting to the enemy quicker and more consistently, practice makes perfect. In regard to that I don't know if you played a lot of shooters but practice counts for nearly everything in these games. But in regard to warmup it also improves your confidence in your shots so to say, I find that if I have not warmed up I tend to double check more and more often wheter I am on target before I shoot which costs precious time. And besides that it definately helps in the sense that you are less likely to freeze or twitch when having to approach or are surprised by 'danger'.

I don't know how much shooters you played before EFT but if you did and noticed yourself having a similair playstyle in those too it may be hard to improve how you perform in those agressive situations. I'd like to add that it is good to play to your strengths, everyone has a preferred playstyle. Another person may get killed just as often by being impatient as you by being too passive. If get it too hot by being pushed on or are facing someone holed down it can be good to force them into playing your game if you can. Chuck a nade, pull back and hold another angle. Make some noise somewhere, rotate and watch if they push your last known location. Fall back and rotate to a path you think he will probably take when he thinks he lost you, push them from behind if you guessed wrong and hear him somewhere else. Just naming some options.

Good luck!

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If you are aggressive I have a list of guys to teach you. King reggin on Teamspeak.  I play slow so ya

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A little late but the reason most people play slow and cautious is mostly because they don't want to die. Dying means losing the gear that you were carrying. Gear fear is real and quite frankly you just need to jump in. I started two months before this last wipe. The first month I saved up a large inventory with a crap load of modded AKs and M4s, kivers, fast and forts. Soon, I realized one thing. Wipe was coming. Or so I thought.


I started playing super geared, talking Fort+FastMT and M4s. I blew through my inventory, which was full constantly, and my survival rate plummeted because lo and behold, more players were bringing in their gear and like me strictly looking for PVP.


Then the infamous 'event' happened. The first week was fun since I got to buy a lot of the armor and weapons I lost previously, but soon it became stale because while PvP was fun, the core value of the gameplay lies in looting. But I realized that because of the event, it made me lose gear fear. I haven't lost it completely, but I do take out my modded guns and armor and use it till I lose it. Lost my EoD fort the second day of wipe. It will all become easier the more you play because you realize loot is so easy to come by when you run shoreline or scavenge in Factory. Hell, as Scavs I've taken down geared players in Factory with leg meta Toz. A simple Scav run to Shoreline can easily be a 200k run. More if you run into PMCs and kill them.

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