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Maverick V6

**Read First** - EFT Trading Outpost Instructions

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Maverick V6

Welcome to the =UWS= EFT Trading Outpost

This sub-forum is designed to allow members/guests reach out to others in our community to request/sell/barter/give away items within EFT. We understand that there is a desire to trade with others and we wanted to help you all find an easy way to do so. We strongly encourage you to treat each other reasonably; this is a community after all. Thus, we do not approve of outrageous trades/sales. The best practice IMHO is to give items to fellow members for free and they will pay it forward; however, we all don't think this way.  Be kind or see this feature removed. This will likely be replaced in the future with the in-game Clan system and other game markets. For the time being - Enjoy!!


Please follow the following format:


  • Willing to Buy:    "WTB - 'X'"
  • Willing to Sell:    "WTS - 'X'"
  • Willing to Trade:   "WTT - 'X for X'"
  • Free:   "Free - 'X'"
  • Looking For:   "LF - 'X'"


Either leave blank or put the following:

  • WTB, WTS, WTT, FREE, LF, etc. 


Keep this short and to the point. Also, make sure you instruct members how to reach out to you for these items (such as 'poke on TS' or 'reply to this thread' or 'send me private message on forums', etc. )  

Example: Willing to trade 2 flash drives for a Marked Room Key, pls poke me in TS. 


**All post will be deleted about 5 days from their published date. This will hopefully keep things neat and easy to sort through**

If you have any issues please report to a  @Sherpa

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