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Changelog of hotfix

  • Fixes of the Interchange location
  • Fixed Object reference error
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill progress
  • Fixed Mag Drills skill bonus
  • Adjusted damage absorption of armor while using tactical vests with armor plates
  • Fixed ammo counter display upon check of remaining ammo
  • Fixed loyalty level display. Now correct level of loyalty is reflected for items that are unlocked during quests
  • EOTECH sights’ reticles now have no “noise” effect
  • Correct fire lighting at the Interchange location
  • Jumps are not counted for Strength skill upgrade
  • Strength skill bonuses reduced 25%
  • Fixed visual hyper lighting at spawn at the Interchange location
  • The rain sound indoors at the Interchange is now more quiet
  • Shoreline swamp spawn is moved to a safer place
  • Customs spawn at the accommodation unit by the fuel storage is moved to a safer place
  • Spawn adjustments at the Interchange location
  • Face hit box corrected according to community feedback
  • Fixed bug that allowed to remove negative limp effect by reentering the raid
  • Now all open container windows are closed when switching between tabs
  • Fixed notification about amount of cash required at the paid exit zone of the evacuation was already paid for
  • Unrealistic scav behavior is fixed
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no more getting 1/2 shoted by a makarov while wearing top grade armor helmets? Sweet, lets see.



Edited by Drones200

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