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Just return to EFT after a long time

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So just got back to playing after a month or two, is there any thin g I should brush up on?

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Just the things on top of my head. 

Ammo count is now a thing and it takes a while to reload the magazine. (No longer instant) Carry 3 mags minimum (total) if you are paranoid.

Scavs, at least the ones on night time, are more responsive to instantly blowing off your head. (They see better at night. Although it could also be that I'm wondering around without night vision.) 

Face hit box now exists. (Making visors essential if you want to have your handsome face intact after a pistol round hits it) 

The new map interchange for the moment does not have any scavs.

New variety or armor and helmets for your dinning needs. (Probably two new merchants if you've been away a while) 

Bag system has been changed as in the good old 4x4 is not available at level 1 and you have to rely on a horrifying 2x3 bag.

Possible (I have bad memory): Skills no longer degrade. (For beta at least) 


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