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I have purchased EFT for a Second Time

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Make sure to look at the Player Resources section as well. There are maps there with callouts and other resources. The best thing I did was to learn while I played. Take advantage of offline with and without AI mode. Focus on 1-2 maps first. I would play Factory first without AI and roam. Then with AI. Play until you feel some comfort with the player controller and how weapons feel and can adequately kill AI and not die too quickly. Be warned though, if I'm not mistaken the AI have been put on crack for this event to make them harder. I don't know what this entails, but I'd assume they're going to spot you very quickly and perhaps even aim better? Not sure on specifics, but be aware.

After that, Customs is the next step up to a more open map. Customs gives you more of a mid size map. It's a lot bigger than Factory, but not overwhelming like Shoreline. It's relatively linear and the path of going from left side to right, or right to left flows naturally and is easy to pick up.

It might be hard to jump back in right now, so don't discouraged. Between the beefed up AI and everyone probably running rsass and m4's, it could be a bit brutal. Nothing a solid squad can't mitigate for you though!

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