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Hey guys and gals,

I just wanted to do a solid post about how to be better at PUBG. I'm not the best and I do make mistakes.
Most of this stuff a lot of you may already know but I feel it's good to share anyways.
Nobody likes hearing 'you fucking suck' or 'I don't want to play with that fucking retard' so I put together this post of fundamental things I have learned and am improving on to help everyone get just a little better.

The numero uno thing is mouse sensitivity. There is definitely a wrong when it comes to sensitivity, which is too low.
You should be able to make aleast a complete circle with your player with one complete draw across your mouse pad.
perfect for those 360 no scope head shots!!! Too high is also an issue. If you have trouble snapping your cross-hair to an object roughly 50m away then your sensitivity is too damn high.
Find yourself a good medium, go in a game, land away from everyone, get a gun, practice aiming at an object and snapping to it, move and repeat, test out your settings till it feels comfortable for you.

Control your spray!!! Drag the mouse down slowly when you are spraying and try to maintain a 5 round or less burst to really control that recoil.
When you spot a target try to call him out to your team. Don't shoot until you teammate has eyes on or says to open up. He might even see something you don't.
Anything less then 75m you should be able to burst or control spray, Over 75m I would suggest switching to semi and making those shots count!
Learn to judge distance, the big squares on the map are 1km and the smaller squares are 100m.
Any shot less then 200m don't apply for bullet drop. Aim for the face and you will hit face/neck. do not aim slightly above head this is a bad habit and you will miss popin' tops with a more powerful rifle. Change zeroing instead and use your distance markers. The 4x has been changed in a previous update and you can no longer zero it. Anything over 200m use the reticle (that's why its there)
Learn to zero your scope for distance. its easier to control/hit your shots if you have less distance inside the scope to correct. Spot a target, call him out, check map for distance, adjust scope zero, make that shot count.

Now that you have your aim down you are ready to pop heads. Hold on a second though its not that easy...

You cant go out in public dressed like that you scrub.
Shoes or no shoes? It makes almost no difference. Some areas you are loud with shoes and some you are not. Same applies with bare feet. I prefer no shoes because I like pat pat pat pat over clunk clunk clunk clunk and the feel of sand between my toes is amazing.
Don't wear those big nasty coats or that purple jacket, it makes you a big dark moving mass to the naked eye. Wear colors that match surroundings. Urban/green colors on Erangel, sand/tan colors on Miramar
Forgo grabbing the lvl 3 backpack(especially in TPP). When prone it's just like having a target on your back saying shoot below this line. BOOM! there goes your eye hole.

You can parachute up to ~2km if you pull immediately. (tap W to keep your descent ~35)
~1.3 km if you don't pull till it forces you.
Learn to loot fast. The less time looting means more time watching your surroundings. Don't stand in the same spot too long, you sould be stutter stepping while looting.


The rest of this post is suggestions to make you a better teammate:

It's just a game and the 'grab-assing' will happen but by mid to late game cutting coms is a must to hear those far off shots or close up sneakers.

Calm the fuck down. When under cover you don't need to move every second and if you found good cover inside the circle just stay put and observe.

What is your teammate is doing? If they are moving quiet, move quiet with them. DON'T run up to them because they may have intel and you will blow their cover.

Always try to cover your teammate, they will do stupid things and will need you to cover fire or to pick them up.

If teammate is down on the edge of circle inside of 15 seconds before it moves and it is smaller then ~2km he is a goner. Don't waste your time/meds unless you are on the short side and have cover. Short side of circle is slower, long side is faster.

If you don't need a vehicle then don't use one. Don't drive around your teammate because hes smart and not using a vehicle and you want to be a dick and make noise. Likewise, if your teammate is not in a vehicle don't drive up to them unless they want you to. If using a vehicle and you jump out before it stops it will continue to roll. You can use this as a moving blind to confuse enemies or you can stand in-front/behind of it and get ran over. It's up to you.

Pop tires on parked vehicles when ever possible, silent is better.
***you can punch out tires***


Am I covered from the back?
Can my head be seen?
Is my primary sticking though the wall?
Is my secondary gun sticking out?
Do I have a quick way out?
Could I have been spotted moving to this position?

Listen to the world around you.
Peripherals use them.
If you hear shooting off in the distance assume its not the best way to go (even if the shooting was 5 mins ago) unless you are looking for engagements
If walking in with the blue circle imagine another team in-front of you and where they would have gone. Proceed with caution if you have to go that way.
Do not run in blind.
Look and listen from a cover and use TPP look if you have it. If in FPP move to a corner and lean to get a glimpse before walking around it. This should take a matter of seconds to preform and can save you from getting your head blown off.

Don't give away intel unless you have to.
*Make noise.
*Throw grenades.
*Break glass or jump in windows without knowing other players locations.
*Shoot guns at enemies that are unaware and you cant down or kill.
Try to move shortly after shooting to hide your exact position from other enemies

Don't make bad call outs:
BAD: I hear a car / car car CAR CAAAAAAAR!!      GOOD: Car at 147 heading left to right 150m out.
BAD: I see a guy over here                                     GOOD: Enemy NW of me 200m / Enemy SW of me, your left 75m.
BAD: dude behind the tree in front of me            GOOD: enemy at 300m NW left most tree in the group

Hide inside a house whenever possible. Find one with suicide stairs that create a skinny corridor for enemies to come up.
Don't engage solo, use your team and set up crossfires or counters. If you want to go Rambo, go play solo queue.
Try not to separate too far from your team, If you have an idea to counter or move a different direction just tell them. Always stick together because the squad that makes it to the end will win the game. Unless they are complete shit.

LEARN TO COOK GRENADES. please. do it for me....

Watch the blue fuck circle and time limit constantly. Don't hurry when the circle is coming , You will make mistakes that will cost you the game.
Don't be a cocky fuck and run into every gun fight, try to take it slow and tactically.
Stay low and quiet when possible.
Don't cross open areas unless you have to.
Remove possible angles that you can be shot from, always find cover.
Stay close to buildings when possible.
If you think and enemy is there they probably are and if you think an enemy is not there they still probably are.

Practice switching between an empty gun to your secondary instead of reloading. Comes in handy when you start squad wiping kids...

When advancing on a corner where are your cross-hairs? Imagine an enemy at the corner of the wall you are advancing on and aim at center to upper mass of where he would pop out on you. Then as you round the corner maintain this distance off so you have the first chance to shoot if an enemy does pop out.
Shoot from your right shoulder whenever possible. Left is your weak side and 1/2 of your body sticks out when you left lean around the corner. You will lose the fight every time because your left is going to be their right when corner killing. Bikes likes hairy sweaty men.

If you are engaged and have little intel, don't do what you normally would or do what the enemy would expect you to do.
Shoot from a window and move to another, Don't let them focus on the same window and expect your head to appear in their cross-hairs.
In a house break a few windows before the fight so you can jump out silently if you need to. (If you leave a few windows solid you can punch one out to confuse an enemy to thinking you jumped out. Then go jump out an earlier broken window on the other side to buy you a few seconds.) <- next level shit right there.
Pulling the pin on a smoke grenade or throwing a smoke at an enemy location can sometimes give you a few vital seconds to escape or give you some much needed intel.

This is all I got for now. Sorry for the long read but its all good rules and information to follow...


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