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Boost your FPS!

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After watching this video I boosted my FPS from 40-120


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I'm going to thread necro here since I found a highly valuable nugget that may help others, especially those with ultra-widescreen monitors.

To determine what the optimal settings for you will be I recommend going into shoreline offline and running to the power plant at the middle of the map.  Inside the powerplant fenceline looking up towards resort with the river on your left and the building to your right is the best place to test these settings.  For whatever reason this location hits my rig harder than any other place in the game.  To give a comparison, when I spawn in I am getting 75-80 FPS when I go to the power station my frames drop down into the 40-50 range (optimized) and 20-30 (unoptimized).

For the most part my settings are similar to the settings Praise has in the video above, with a few differences. 

  1. FOV: Yes, FOV affects your FPS and this is the big reason I wanted to necro this thread, simply because it was an unintended find.  I have an ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio.  Tarkov does not support ultrawide yet so they "stretch" the screen to fit.  While you can tell it is stretched, it isn't horrible, the devs did a pretty good job in this regard.  However, that stretching comes at a cost in the form of FPS.  How so?  For anyone rocking an ultra-widescreen monitor shift your FOV slider from 50 to 75 and back again to see for yourself.  I gained 15 FPS by going from 50 FOV (the default after the patch) to 75.  Essentially the 75 FOV reduces the stretching effect.  This can help the non-ultra-wide crowd as well, though the effect won't be as extreme in terms of FPS savings.  Long story short the FOV seems have the same effect as someone aiming down their sights with a red dot, for any of you who have noticed that sudden drop in FPS right as you zoom in on a bad guy, this is related.
  2. Native resolution: I have no idea why but I get better performance when playing at 3440x1440 resolution than 2650x1080.  I think this may have something to do with the fullscreen setting more than anything.  Since I stream I try to have all my games in windowed fullscreen instead of just fullscreen as the app switching throws everything into chaos.  But when I tried to reduce the impact of the higher resolution I ended up making things worse.  It shouldn't be this way, in fact the opposite should be true, but I got 3 FPS from using my native resolution and not having the fullscreen checkbox checked.
  3. The G-sync settings, confirmed by devs, should be everything detailed in the video above with one minor change: enable vsync in game.  I saw a difference of about 4-5 fps on my system when making this change.  
  4. With the changes with the .8 patch SSAA is now an option as part of a drop down that includes FXAA as well.  SSAA looks better than FXAA but has a high FPS cost while FXAA does not.  FXAA is better than nothing, I recommend going with FXAA.  However, should the game ever offer TXAA I recommend everyone go with that option, it is an Anti-Aliasing option best suited for high/fast movement scenes and isn't as costly as SSAA/MSAA.

On a side note I need to talk about Shadow quality: I lose about 2-3 FPS between low and Ultra shadow quality settings.  However, if you go to the location I specified above you will see why the ultra setting is the only way to go.  Chain link fences become strobe lights on anything below ultra, very distracting.

When I first played shoreline I was bottoming out in the 10-15 mark.  The options identified in the above video and the few additional ones I added have made it so I don't go below 45, even when zooming in.  Typical FPS at the location I specified above is now 55-60, a huge improvement.  Considering fire rate is directly tied to FPS it is in your best interest to give these settings a try.

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