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Found 2 results

  1. dasake

    Money Guide on Shoreline

    Hello Everyone, I'm Known as Dasake on the teamspeak chat, And I mainly play EFT, and for those who regularly play with me knows me for Playing only Shoreline and Woods. I'd like to present to everyone a money making guide for you people who struggle, or just those who wants to make some money, a quick, easy and efficient guide on the shoreline map. The method itself is pretty simple, but there are some requirements, so lets start off with those. Requirements: West wing key: 216,220, 221 OR 218. key spawn locations Now with the requirements out of the way lets dive into the method itself. Gear requirements: Container, Sling, Shoreline map in your container. Yeah, you read that right, you only need your container and a sling. The Method: So once you have chosen Shoreline, you choose the time which is closest to Nighttime (or nightime if its currently anything between 20:00-06:00) We do this because this is when there is almost nobody playing on that tick, and its so dark that being spotted before reaching the resort is extremely rare. Now this is where the map comes into it: You Spawn Village side The reason we spawn on the village side is because thats the spawn Side closest to the West Wing. I have Spawned, What do i do now? Run too the resort like your life depends on it. heres a map: Shoreline Map I'm at the West wing at the resort, what now? Before you keep reading, keep in mind that by default, your goal is to rush to the most valuable items that takes the least ammount of space, and you secure them in your container, thats why you head to 220, before any other room. Okay, now you enter the second floor and you start by Unlocking Room 220 Here is some photos of the room itself: Looted 220? Great! lets head over and unlock 216. For 216 I Advice all players who cannot buy IFAKS or Morphines, to grab them. Here is Some Photos of 216: And after looting these 2 rooms, your container and sling should be fu... no you say? Somebody already looted it, or some crates were empty? Well fear not! Just head over and unlock room 221 OR 218 both keys cover this Area Here is some photos of the Rooms: ROOM 221: Room 218: Once you've filled up your container and sling, perhaps even a weapon or two on your character, you simply jump off the balcony on the second floor, and you head over to check if rock passage too see if it is open, if there is no smoke coming from there, head over to road to customs. Note: I highly advice exiting the same way you came after you jump down from the second floor. Usefull links: Loot price List Key spawn Locations And some words from me: All 3 keys are not required, but adviced. You can do this just fine with 2 of the 3 keys, or just the 220 key alone. Going Solo is highly adviced, but you can at best go as a duo. else profit will be lowered too much. This my first time ever creating a guide, so i hope it was not too difficult or messy, for questions feel free too hit me up on the teamspeak server, you will usualy find me in either "solo raids, team 16, or in a duo with dharkshyde on the locked channels" - Dasake


    Man if you guys speak Spanish it's such a great show to watch. What blows my mind this stuff really happen and to an extent it still does. I have friends with who live in Columbia and they seen these drives bys in front of them

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