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Found 1 result

  1. RenegadeRebel

    Upgrade Transfer

    So I have a couple things to put here. Link to EFT Forum Post: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/41810-black-friday-sale-is-back/ Black Friday is coming up and as such, the packages are gonna be cheaper. Now I am not sure if this is allowed or not, as well as being unsure if there are community rules here to prevent people from turning around and fucking you over. Basically, I wanted to transfer items to someone else who has a gamma/epsilon container, upgrade to the next package, then rinse and repeat until I got the EOD package. Generally this would feel kinda like cheating, but given I would need to undo all of my progress. I would of course have a predetermined payment for the one who helps me do this given it would be a tedious task and they'd be doing me a huge service in this. Anywho, that'd be it. TL;DR is it against the rules in EFT to do this and is it against the rules in this community to fuck people over in doing stuff like this?

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