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Found 9 results

  1. RogueAssassin

    Community event Ideas EFT

    I want to host an event for EFT but I'm not very creative in what it should be. I'm willing to pay the rewards and even starting weapons if needed for this event. Let me hear your ideas! Thanks for your time, RougeAssassin
  2. xkoolade1312

    looking for EFT BETA KEYS

    im looking for eft beta keys asap
  3. Tax

    EFT - Game Guide

    Escape From Tarkov - General Guide Hello all, I’m proud to introduce to you my EFT guide. This guide focuses on strategies and tips to improve your gameplay. The guide is split into 5 parts, but has been designed to allow you to easily switch from one topic to another. If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, simply find the section that you need. I’ve put down the best of my knowledge in this guide. Should you feel that I’ve either left something important out, or that there’s something incorrect in the guide, you can contact me through the EFT Forums or UWS Forums. Separate from the guide itself, I’ve also put together some reference sheets to help with quick questions such as “What’s the best ammo for the AK?” or “What does this key go to?”. Enjoy the guide, and if you’ve found it to be useful leave a comment down below. Donations are always welcome too. Thanks, - Tax You can get the guide and reference sheets using the links below. Reference Spreadsheet EFT – New Players Guide v1b.pdf For those of you who want to donate, it's much appreciated but by no means a requirement. These donations go to me (Tax) to help with my basic M4 expenses and pay my computer rats their cheese salary. If you'd like to donate to UWS, go to our homepage and look for the donation link there. Good hunting! Donate Here
  4. Ninegenerals


    Possible Armor fix confirmed by kleanupguy who has been experimenting with it. coming from the dev team. WATCH FULL VIDEO!!!!!
  5. Sp3cOps

    EFT help to a newbie

    Hi all, Really need some help getting started in this game. Bought the Standard edition after watching some Twitch streams of the gameplay - I really think the game/concept is nice. Read a lot of the info's here on the forum and google - but feel like I need to squad up with somebody to really get the "hang" of the game and all the great tip's I know some of you have :) Anyone willing to spend some time in-game with me? And/or should I just jump on TS and hook up there? Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks. / Morten
  6. I like watching EFT videos on youtube or livestreams on twitch but I don't want to buy it unless it comes out on steam... Title explains all. Leave your comments.
  7. EFT – Reference Spreadsheet Hi Guys and Gals, I've put together this Excel document with all of the vital information I've collected from Escape from Tarkov. This is to help newer players, but includes plenty of reference information for everyone. I’m uploading this to save my own sanity, since I feel like I answer the same questions everyday. I may continue to update this, however no promises. Most of this information was either taken from the EFT Wiki or was taken from the extracted Tarkov ItemTemplate (not included, but available if anyone requests it). Other pieces are taken from my own games/testing. Lastly, the maps are not my work, we can thank the UWS community for them. Anyone with suggestions for this spreadsheet, or any updates should PM me. It includes: · An item value chart to help you decide whether you should keep that pack of Wilston cigarettes or if you should drop it and pick up that gPhone. It includes a chart that shows you the most value an item gives per slot it takes up. · A chart that shows you the best ammo for each weapon, and shows you the data I used to reach that result. · A list of each of the most important barter items and what they’re used for. · UWS Maps with callouts taken from the UWS forums · A Partial Key-Guide Enjoy, Tax EFT - Reference Sheets
  8. I'm writing this, not to undo my current ban but to make suggestions for EFT as it stands now to keep this from happening to anyone else who enjoys/enjoyed playing with the community as much as I have. I believe as it stands now the pistol glitch and scav glitch should not warrant a ban from the teamspeak community especially with it being a laid back fun teamspeak. I feel as it stands now these 2 exploits in question should be minor offenses not major ones. The way I see glitches as 3 separate categories Minor,Medium, and Major. I feel small things that only benefit you and don't really give you a In game advantage over your opponent are Minor. The pistol glitch and scav glitch for example only supplement your income and allow you to not run out of weapons as quick especially if you suck and get 360 scaved constantly. A medium offense would be such as bringing a pistol glitched klin or Keter into a match, as you still cant lose it but it gives you some advantage over people and could cause some frustration. Major would be game breaking suck as lagging yourself to not get hit/ kill easier or something that gives you a huge advantage over your opponent or making you invincible all together. As the game is right now A bunch of people believe it not to be a big deal in both the communities for EFT in general, and UWS TS, as it doesn't really harm anyone in the process, and most use it. I would say at least 70% of the UWS players have been/are using the pistol glitch at least, and at least 60% or more of the EFT community as a whole use it. I understand it bothers a few in the TS and I feel they have a right to say i don't want to play with a glitcher. I also understand the concern about it making UWS look bad, even though I have seen TAW and some other clans using it as well. I would propose that instead of bans for minor things such as this in the beta stage with scavs and d-sync being a topic of issue with EFT all together, that instead when/if people decide to do said things they must take off UWS tags while doing it as no association happens. Maybe have a channel devoted to NO glitching that would be bannable due to broken rules instead of a minor glitch, or if you intend to play with a legit player who wants to run legit you must abide and not glitch or play with someone else. That way everyone could play, have fun, laugh, be a community. This way people can play legit with people when they want and when they dont they just aren't associated with UWS to tarnish the name. I've seen stuff similar in other large ts's before for arma and stuff before that worked. I feel the little effort it would take for a legit tag or something to help sort it all out and keep people in the community playing together and having fun would be worth the hassle, as a game is meant to be enjoyed together as a group with laughs fun and an easy going attitude. If it doesn't hurt someone something should never be an issue-unknown Again This has nothing to do with my ban or ban request this is just my view and thoughts based on what i've seen,heard, and done.

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