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  • Starting right now, our Halloween event is underway


  • On October 31st (Halloween) one winner will be picked at random and one winner will be picked for best screenshot


  • I will have a list of video games up for grabs, will post those soon


  • You must post one and only one screenshot here, this screen shot must be in some way Halloween related. So take a screen shot of you wearing a costume, or take a screen shot of something spooky/scary or anything Halloween related (pumpkins, candy, costume, spooky, scary, etc) and then post it here.


  • You must post one screenshot to enter this contest


  • Deadline for posting screenshot is October 30th at midnight


  • Only reply to this post with your screen shot entry


  • Captains and higher rank not eligible for winning prize but still welcomed to post



What: UWS Division 2 Halloween Event

When: Starting NOW and ending October 31st

Where: Division 2

Why: Because its Halloween plus every one likes contests and prizes

How: Take one Halloween related screenshot and post it here, but only one screenshot!


Winners will pick one of the following:


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